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24.06.2008, 20:04
Silver Delivery "Delays"

By: Stephen Kovaka, CPA


For many years, silver commentators have warned us that someday supplies of silver would dry up, inasmuch as net industrial use plus investor demand have long exceeded new mine production. At this point we could expect to see some combination of shortages and price increases, and probably chaotic market conditions. We should not expect anyone to ring a bell or make an authoritative announcement when this point is reached. Far from that, those involved could be expected to do all in their power to deny and disguise the shortage of deliverable silver, for two very strong reasons:

Powerful interests in the government/banking cartel community do not want the price of silver or gold to rise because this amounts to a fall in the value of debt money around the world. It is visible, undeniable evidence of decades of past monetary inflation.
The amount of promises to deliver silver greatly exceeds the amount of deliverable silver. Shortages of deliverable silver bring the credibility of these promises into severe doubt and may disrupt the market in promises.
I understand that there is such a thing as an innocent, temporary, local delay. But judge for yourself whether the recent delays in delivery at the Perth Mint, or the outright rationing of Eagles from the US Mint are of this innocent and temporary sort, or symptoms of something more serious.

My own personal theory is that silver has long functioned as a choke collar on the price of gold. This is because prices of the two monetary metals are firmly linked, and silver is a much smaller market, much easier to control. When real silver shortages begin to appear, this choke collar effect will go into reverse, and gold prices will be dragged higher by silver price increases.


25.06.2008, 17:45
Posted On: Tuesday, June 24, 2008, 9:35:00 PM EST
The Crime Of The Century
Author: Jim Sinclair

Dear Friends,

This is the Jim Puplava's webcast presentation titled “The Crime of the Century.” Please click the link below to download the presentation in MP3 format.

http://netcastdaily.com/broadcast/fsn2008-0621-3b.mp3 (http://netcastdaily.com/broadcast/fsn2008-0621-3b.mp3) (Approximately 17.7mb)

You know that I do not read other blog sites so if I go off the mark you will have only one person to blame - me. Here is an exception, thanks to the CIGAs that demanded I listen. It was good advice.

I suggest you make the time to do the same.

Chart painting is a major tool being used now against you. I am not suggesting TA be ignored. I am, as always, suggesting that if you know the plot, you will know when you have to weigh in on the fundamentals to balance your thinking.

Many juniors are worth more dead than alive. That means you could market the pieces for more than the cap value.

The shorts seem to now be driven more by ego and power trips than brains. Brains would give them the ability to know when enough is enough, if only from a functional profit standpoint.

If a junior is shorted in a situation where it would take 3 months to cover at 50% of the legal short on an average daily volume and that company could be sold in pieces for more than the quoted value, TA might be rendered less important in the equation with fundamentals becoming more significant.

The short depends on your FEAR of the UNKOWN. Call your company and be in the know. If you prefer, try Mike Martin at 1-800-426-3987. He worked for me for years as a metals equity analyst. I have great respect for the depth of his knowledge.

Unlike a manufacturing company you can only put a junior on hold, you cannot break one. The reason is that they have no debt. All you can accomplish is make them sit on an appreciating asset which might actually be to doing them a great favor.

The game has now exceeded the parameters of reason as the shorts seem to be power tripping, having lost their grip by ignoring common commercial sense. Don't lose your grip by letting them paint a TA condition at a level at which TA is only a modest part of the total equation. I am assuming you are all not on margin.

Respectfully yours,

25.06.2008, 18:49
RBS chooses gold to beat inflation in new expatriate fund

-- Posted Wednesday, 25 June 2008 | Digg This Articlehttp://www.goldseek.com/images/diggit.PNG (http://digg.com/submit?phase=2&url=news.goldseek.com/GoldSeek/1214373960.php&title=RBS%20chooses%20gold%20to%20beat%20inflation%20in%20new%20expatriate%20fund&bodytext=%20By:%20Peter%20J.%20Cooper%20The%20Royal%20Bank%20of%20Scotland%20has%20given%20gold%20a%2025%20per%20cent%20weighting%20in%20its%20latest%20Autopilot%20capital%20guaranteed%20deposit%20account%20targeted%20at%20expatriate%20customers.%20Performance%20is%20weighted%20equally%20across%20four%20sectors:%20emerging%20equities,%20developed%20equities,%20property%20and%20gold.%20The%20role%20of%20gold%20in%20this%20new%20account%20is...&topic=business_finance) | Source: GoldSeek.com

By: Peter J. Cooper

http://goldseek.com/news/2008/rbs_logo1.jpgThe Royal Bank of Scotland has given gold a 25 per cent weighting in its latest Autopilot capital guaranteed deposit account targeted at expatriate customers. Performance is weighted equally across four sectors: emerging equities, developed equities, property and gold.

The role of gold in this new account is bound to raise eyebrows and comes as the bank is warning customers to expect turmoil in equity and credit markets over the next three months, an unusal statement for the second largest UK bank. The new fund will track performance of the four sectors when rising and divert to cash when a falling trend is identified......

....The problem now is that the financial sector is raising mortgage rates and keeping the profits from low interest rates to repair its own tattered balance sheet :rolleyes Indeed, banks are not keen to lend to a sector that has just gone bust, and are instead providing money directly and indirectly for commodity speculation......

.....A big price spike like that seen in the late 1970s is perfectly likely. How high could prices of precious metals go? The Schroder Alternative Solutions Gold and Metals Fund launched last week predicted $5,000 an ounce for gold in the next few years. Silver has arguably greater potential for price gains, with the largest short position and tightest supply situation and could top $100 from $17 an ounce today. That is why more and more smart money is choosing precious metals as an asset class. The cycle will later turn and real estate and shares recover their appeal once a recession has beaten inflation. But that is a several years away and not yet even on the horizon.

By: Peter J. Cooper, http://www.arabianmoney.net (http://www.arabianmoney.net/)

full story: http://news.goldseek.com/GoldSeek/1214373960.php

25.06.2008, 19:55
Gold futures fall more than 1% as oil drops sharply

Traders await Federal Reserve's decision on interest rates

By Nick Godt (http://www.marketwatch.com/news/mailto.asp?x=110+103+111+100+116&y=Nick+Godt&z=marketwatch.com&guid=%7Ba6f17bb6-2038-43f6-8ed9-e07c8eb91116%7D&siteid=mktw), MarketWatch
Last update: 11:55 a.m. EDT June 25, 2008
http://i.mktw.net/mw3/community/images/btns/icons/site/comments.pngComments: 23 (http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/gold-futures-fall-more-1/story.aspx?guid=%7BA6F17BB6-2038-43F6-8ED9-E07C8EB91116%7D&dist=msr_2#comments)

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Gold futures fell more than 1% Wednesday, tracking a drop in crude-oil prices, with traders awaiting the Federal Reserve's decision on interest rates this afternoon.

Gold for August delivery dropped $15.10 to $876.50 an ounce on the New York Mercantile Exchange.
On Tuesday, the contract closed up $4.40 at $891.60 an ounce on the Nymex, boosted by a weaker dollar.
Gold's decline is "a combination of crude falling out of bed (:dumm ist ja jetzt spottbillig) and pre-Fed jitters," said Jon Nadler :rolleyes senior analyst at Kitco Bullion Dealers......
full story: http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/gold-futures-fall-more-1/story.aspx?guid={A6F17BB6-2038-43F6-8ED9-E07C8EB91116}&dist=msr_2 (http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/gold-futures-fall-more-1/story.aspx?guid=%7BA6F17BB6-2038-43F6-8ED9-E07C8EB91116%7D&dist=msr_2)

25.06.2008, 22:17
Posted On: Wednesday, June 25, 2008, 1:47:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan
Author: Dan Norcini

Click chart to enlarge today’s 6 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.
http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58337_June2508Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6305_June2508Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)

25.06.2008, 22:20


Das 'wording' http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/smilies/haha.gif braucht noch etwas Feinschliff.

Das Theater der Finanzwelt um Bens 'wording' erinnert doch stark an Monty_Python (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zP0sqRMzkwo)


26.06.2008, 01:33
Bob Chapman mit dem Zweihänder unterwegs zum Einstein DeSitter Radius. :ek

With the yen being relatively weak compared to recent highs and precious metals holding strong between 850 and 900, the cartel is boxed in. If they strengthen the yen to hit precious metals, the stock markets will breach their recent lows and go down in flames like the Hindenberg into a bottomless pit. If they weaken the yen even further to support the stock markets, the newly found liquidity will be plowed into precious metals as a hedge, as a safe-haven and as the only profitable market left on the face of the planet along with other industrial and agricultural commodities as hyperinflation destroys everything in its path worldwide, sucking economies around the globe past its event horizon and into its black hole singularity where nothing can escape its crushing gravitational pull. Only gold and silver can survive the black hole.



26.06.2008, 13:27

Seit Einführung des Euro kann man sich mit Güldenem bisher gut vor der ausufernden Geldmenge schützen:


Zum Original-Beitrag (http://showthread.php3?p=1160556#post1160556)

26.06.2008, 13:35
June 25, 2008 Elaine Meinel Supkis

Japan's export surplus continues to grow at a very high rate. Ever since their 'depression' began, they have enjoyed nearly totally free loans for export industries coupled with huge profits in export trade due to the cheap yen underselling rivals like the US. Vietnam is having inflation problems and is now the #1 importer of gold. The government is trying to cut back on gold buys because now Vietnam has a trade deficit due to gold. And we discuss the connection between inflation and deflation and why they can run neck to neck.....


26.06.2008, 15:57
Gold's decline is "a combination of crude falling out of bed (:dumm ist ja jetzt spottbillig) and pre-Fed jitters," said Jon Nadler :rolleyes
Zum Original-Beitrag (http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/showthread.php3?p=1160434#post1160434)

26.06.2008, 16:16
...einfach mal fürs Auge ;):D

26.06.2008, 18:45
Marc Faber: Deutliche Einbrüche bei Rohstoffen

26.06.2008 | 11:30 Uhr | Rainer Hahn (http://www.rohstoff-welt.de/news/autor.php?aid=63#Rainer-Hahn) (EMFIS (http://www.rohstoff-welt.de/news/quelle.php?aid=63#EMFIS))
RTE Taipeh - (www.rohstoffe-go.de (http://www.rohstoffe-go.de)) - Der Börsenguru Marc Faber sagte heute auf einer Pressekonferenz in Taipeh, dass es bei den Rohstoffen in den nächsten sechs Monaten zu deutlichen Rückschlägen kommen werde. Nach der Rally, die nun schon seit sieben Jahren andauert, sei es nun Zeit für eine Korrektur, so Faber.


:gruebel ...damit mein er hoffentlich nicht auch die PMs :confused:rolleyes:schwitz

26.06.2008, 19:16
Marc Faber: Deutliche Einbrüche bei Rohstoffen

26.06.2008 | 11:30 Uhr | Rainer Hahn (http://www.rohstoff-welt.de/news/autor.php?aid=63#Rainer-Hahn) (EMFIS (http://www.rohstoff-welt.de/news/quelle.php?aid=63#EMFIS))
RTE Taipeh - (www.rohstoffe-go.de (http://www.rohstoffe-go.de)) - Der Börsenguru Marc Faber sagte heute auf einer Pressekonferenz in Taipeh, dass es bei den Rohstoffen in den nächsten sechs Monaten zu deutlichen Rückschlägen kommen werde. Nach der Rally, die nun schon seit sieben Jahren andauert, sei es nun Zeit für eine Korrektur, so Faber.


:gruebel ...damit mein er hoffentlich nicht auch die PMs :confused:rolleyes:schwitz

Zum Original-Beitrag (http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/showthread.php3?p=1160764#post1160764)

Looking at the future cost of living implied by inflation-protected US Treasury bonds (TIPS), Jeremy Gaunt at Reuters notes inflation expectation of less than 2.5%.

"Eurozone equivalents are roughly the same. This would seem pretty low given a record oil price that has nearly doubled in the past 12 months, Gold up more than 35% and food commodities such as corn soaring 78%."

"When it comes to war, commodity prices go ballistic. If you want to hedge against war, you should hold physical commodities."

"Now I know it's difficult to hold a lot of cocoa and coffee and uranium in your kitchen," joked Asian fund-manager Dr. Marc Faber at an investment conference in Tokyo today.

"But you can hold precious metals in a safety deposit box for diversification. That is what I would recommend.

"Demand for commodities and oil will not vanish. The shift in demand that drove up commodity prices is not going to go away. Commodity cycles are long in nature."

Adrian Ash


26.06.2008, 19:29
The Morning Gold Report by Peter A. Grant

OPEC's president, Chakib Khelil predicted fresh highs in oil this summer, suggesting potential was to $150/$170bbl. Mr. Khelil cited the weak dollar as the primary culprit in soaring energy prices. Significant geopolitical concerns in the Middle East and Africa are playing a considerable role as well.

Higher oil prices are generally supportive to the gold market. If the gold/oil ratio remains at its present level of 6.6, $150 oil would put gold at $990.

Despite all the ranting and raving on this side of the pond about the role speculators have played in driving oil higher, ECB president Trichet disagrees. Speaking at a European parliament hearing on Wednesday he said, "It is not the futures market itself that is the problem. The problem is that this is across-the-board reallocation of portfolios that give more weight to commodities in general."

Guilty as charged. I'll confess that I've reallocated a significant portion of my portfolio from stocks to commodities in recent years. When the USAGOLD - Centennial Precious Metals Survey of Investments comes out next week, the reasons will be obvious. Can you guess what asset outperformed the broader measure of commodities?


26.06.2008, 19:46


Sweet Little Sixteen (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzY28Unb3v0&feature=related)

26.06.2008, 22:21
Posted On: Thursday, June 26, 2008, 1:48:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan
Author: Dan Norcini

Dear CIGAs,

Boy howdy did the market waste no time in letting Ben know what it thought about the recent FOMC statement! ;)

Gold began recovering from its yesterday morning beating minutes after the FOMC statement hit the wire yesterday afternoon and then continued moving steadily higher as trading progressed from the far East, into Europe and finally into New York in today's session. Interesting enough, the analysts were attributing gold's rise to the weaker Dollar in lieu of the FOMC but in all honesty, the Euro, while higher for the day is not all that strong compared to what we are accustomed to seeing with gold as strong as it is today. If you will notice, the Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Dollars are all weaker against the Greenback. Crude oil is up sharply higher, completely ignoring yesterday's bearish EIA numbers but the real key to gold is that the entire commodity sector is surging higher. The grains are very strong (Corn put in another all time high) as are all the various metals with the result that the CCI index made another record high this morning. Its move higher is what is helping to keep a very firm bid under the gold market and has attracted the momentum funds in a big way now that overhead resistance at $910 has been shattered. Inflation fears are first and foremost on the minds of players.

My take on this is that while the Forex markets are pushing the European currencies as well as the Yen higher, the market views the Fed's statement from yesterday as a capitulation of any attempt to talk up the Dollar. Bernanke's bluff has been called and the weakness of his hand revealed. Economic data simply will not permit the Fed to hike anywhere near as soon as many had been duped into believing by all the hawkish talk coming out of the Fed prior to the FOMC statement. That has attracted a wall of money back into commodities as an inflation hedge and is the reason why gold is so strong. Further helping gold is the horrific beating the darlings of yesterday’s stock rally, the financials, are receiving in today’s session.

The stock market is being pounded to kingdom come as those same financials get shellacked due to a series of downgrades by Goldman Sachs (die haben sicher genug geshortet :rolleyes) which issued a sell recommendation on Citi. That prompted a near immediate response from Wachovia which promptly then downgraded Goldman in a tit-for-tat exchange being played by the investment banks. If you listen carefully, you can almost hear them saying to each other as soon as their recommendations are made public, “NA-NA-NA-NA-NA, we downgraded you before you downgraded us!” or, “Take that, you swine!”

It certainly appears that a whole army of gold shorts were taken out in today’s massive upside move judging from the speed and ferocity of the move that occurred. The range trade continues to snare its victims as shorts sell on weakness attempting to hitch a ride on what they are convinced is the beginning of a downtrending move while longs have been snookered into buying near the highs as they too wait for an expected breakout. Today’s move has come the closest to being a legitimate break from the trading range but we want to see gold maintain its footing above the top of the recent range ($910) for a while longer. Volume has definitely been strong which is a plus but so far the mining shares as pictured in the XAU and the HUI have not broken out from their trading bands although both are very close. Ideally we want to see both bullion and the shares climbing out of their range trades together and in convincing fashion, not just edging beyond the upper limit of the recent range. Nevertheless the ability of the bulls to take gold and hold it above $910 is very impressive considering that the selling there has been intense!

I mentioned yesterday that the plunge in gold that occurred early in that session had taken out all the rest of the new longs who had bought in last Thursday and Friday. That turned out to be exactly the case as open interest plunged in yesterday’s session by nearly 5,000 contracts dropping all the way back down to 396,000. That is exactly the level it was at on the end of Wednesday’s trading session of last week. It is amazing to me to see how the bullion banks are so easily able to trip up the hedge funds who continue to live and die by their idiotic black box algorithms. Use your heads guys – that is why God gave them to you and throw away your computerized trading platforms if you want to make any money trading the gold market! You can beat the fire out of the bullion banks if you simply learn how to trade against them. They are NOT CLEVER or SOPHISTICATED in the least. Twenty years ago the traders of that era would have taken them out to the woodshed and beaten their rear ends with a stick and sent them home crying to Mama! :D Trading is war and the sooner you realize it and adapt your strategies to counter the tactics of your enemies, the sooner you will win it. Sticking with the same battle plan and never altering it allows the enemy to have the advantage. Wise up!

Let’s see how gold fares the rest of its North American trading session and then as it moves into Asia.

Click chart to enlarge today’s 8 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT and today’s action in the Continuous Commodity Index with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.

http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58346_June2608Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6308_June2608-Dan.pdf)
http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58347_June2608CCI.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6308_June2608-Dan.pdf)


27.06.2008, 01:09
Naked short sellers - we will find them! :cool

http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58344_Raccoons.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/ARhome.asp?VAfg=1&RQ=EDL,1&AR_T=1&GID=&linkid=6295&T_ARID=6350#dispimg.asp?imgsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Esortweb%2Ecom%2Fcwsimages%2Finventory%2F58344%5FRaccoons%2Ejpg)


27.06.2008, 01:23
Golden Moment of Clarity
Lance Lewis (http://www.minyanville.com/gazette/bios.htm?bio=78)

My bet is that we are at or very close to another "moment of clarity" for the marketplace that is much like the one we saw back in August of last year, when the Federal Reserve finally said "uncle" and cut the discount rate.

Back then, the market didn't seem to "get it" that the Fed was going to run the printing presses and inflate rather than watch the financial system seize up and implode. When the Fed finally moved to cut the discount rate rather than sit by and watch the equity market crash, the market said "Ah ha! We see how this is going to work," and the marketplace immediately began to aggressively buy inflation hedges. Likewise, the yield curve steepened dramatically as well.

Similarly, up until today the market seemed to believe that the U.S. economy was going to quickly recover and that the Fed would soon be raising rates and crushing inflation as we all held hands and sang "Goldilocks (http://minyanville.com/library/dictionary.htm#goldilocks) is back!" together.

That belief should now change in the wake of yesterday's FOMC statement that indicated not only that the Fed was nowhere near being able to tightening but also revealed that the Fed is still holding out "hope" that inflation will magically moderate all by itself.

In my opinion, this should make it clear to even the dullest of mental knives that "Goldilocks" is not coming back and that the Fed is trapped in the box and unable to lift a finger against inflation anytime soon. If anything, the Fed may even be easing again shortly if the financial system begins to run into trouble again.

That realization could (and certainly should) prompt another move into gold just as it did back in August, as investors finally begin to understand that inflation is going to accelerate and become even more embedded in the system as the Fed falls further and further behind the curve.

I, for one, will be very interested to see how gold and its shares do over the next several days as we close in on the end of the quarter, and my expectation is that we're likely to see a fairly sharp rally in both.



27.06.2008, 09:12
Hawkeye (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=5258) :verbeug
Midas Member

Look at little Sister...Sorry babe why do I ALWAYS FORGET YOU!!http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/smilies/biggrin.gifhttp://goldismoney.info/forums/images/smilies/wink.gif


27.06.2008, 09:14
Hawkeye (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=5258) :verbeug
Midas Member

I'm having a hard time getting any Hawk timehttp://goldismoney.info/forums/images/smilies/rant.gififfin you know what I meanhttp://goldismoney.info/forums/images/smilies/wink.gif


27.06.2008, 11:36
Marc Faber - buy gold ;)

'Misleading' :rolleyes:D Fed Should Let Banks Fail
The close ties between Wall Street and government mean big brokers and banks will be bailed out, but that is putting the entire financial system at risk, Marc Faber, editor of the "Gloom and Doom Report" said. Find out what he thinks investors should do.


27.06.2008, 16:53
June 27, 2008

Gold Investments Market Update
by Gold Investments


Gold surged to $912.30 in New York yesterday and was up $32.70; silver closed at $17.12, up 64 cents.

Gold surged in what was the largest one day move since 1985 as the dollar weakened, oil prices surged to new record highs and stock markets fell sharply. While gold was up some 3%, most U.S. stock indices were down some 3% and this continued in Asia and early European trading with gold rising to over $920. Although European indices have recovered somewhat as the morning has progressed, gold has continued to remain firm and safe haven demand has reemerged on decreasing risk appetite.

Next resistance for gold is at $934 and $953 and it looks increasingly like the recent consolidation may be over with very strong support now seen at $850. Given the confluence of so many bearish factors for bond and equity markets, we remain firm in our belief that gold will reach our 2008 prediction of $1,200 per ounce before the end of 2008.


Barclays Joins RBC in Severe Warning and RBC and Russians Diversify into Gold

We appear to be about to embark in a period of increasing turbulence and instability in financial markets which will result in higher gold prices due to its safe haven characteristics. Now Barclays have joined Royal Bank of Scotland in issuing a severe investment warning.

Barclays Capital has advised clients to batten down the hatches for a worldwide financial storm, warning that the U.S. Federal Reserve has allowed the inflation genie out of the bottle and let its credibility fall "below zero".

Tim Bond, the bank's chief equity strategist said that we are now in 'a nasty environment.... There is an inflation shock underway. This is going to be very negative for financial assets. We are going into tortoise mood and are retreating into our shell. Investors will do well if they can preserve their wealth."...

full story: http://www.safehaven.com/article-10620.htm

:gruebel ...diese Einstimmigkeit macht mich immer etwas unsicher :rolleyes aber bitte ;):o:D

27.06.2008, 16:58
Posted On: Thursday, June 26, 2008, 11:51:00 PM EST
Gold and Dollar Market Summary
Author: Dan Norcini

Click here for today's action in Gold, SPDR Gold Holdings, GoldCorp, Newmont Mining, Barrick Gold, Golden Star Resources and Coeur D'Alene Mines with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6310_Charts_for_6-26-2008.pdf)


28.06.2008, 17:56
Posted On: Friday, June 27, 2008, 1:47:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan

Author: Dan Norcini

Click chart to enlarge today’s 8 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.
http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58350_June2708Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6312_June2708Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)


28.06.2008, 17:58
Posted On: Friday, June 27, 2008, 7:28:00 PM EST
Gold and Dollar Market Summary
Author: Dan Norcini

Click here for this week's action in Gold (in various currencies), the Broad Dollar Index, GoldCorp, Newmont, Barrick Gold, Kinross, Golden Star Resources, El Dorado Gold, Dow/Gold Ratio and the CCI with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6314_Charts_for_6-27-2008.pdf)

Click here for today's Commitment Of Traders charts for Gold, the US Dollar and the Euro with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6313_Charts_for_6-27-2008_COT.pdf)

Click here (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6315_DanChartsJune27-08.pdf)for charts from Dan Norcini showing the blood bath in the financials.

28.06.2008, 18:07


28.06.2008, 19:10


Hawkeye (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=5258)
Midas Member

28.06.2008, 19:20

Nite Down (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMA3giS66ig&feature=related)

Letzte Nacht gesehen, Chappo und Band immer noch in bester Form. Altes Gold rostet nicht, oder so ähnlich...

30.06.2008, 02:53
Too Late to Buy Gold?


Whereas gold, in sharp contrast, just sits there – neither smiling nor frowning, and never paying an income. Its value comes from, well, from its gold-ness alone.




30.06.2008, 16:40
BIS says global downturn could be 'deeper and more protracted' than expected


'With inflation a clear and present threat, and with real policy rates in most countries very low by historical standards, a global bias towards monetary tightening would seem appropriate,' it said.

While the central banks have to strike a balance between inflation and the risk of a deep economic downturn, they should give more weight to inflation worries because inflation is actually rising now, while significantly slower growth remains only a possibility in many parts of the world, it said.

However, the BIS said the differing circumstances of individual countries rule out a 'one size fits all' response.

Within the advanced industrial economies, there is more need for tighter policy in continental Europe than in the United States, where the threat of recession seems greater, it said.


'Given the inertia in the inflation process ... this might still imply an uncomfortably long period of high inflation along with slower growth,' it said.

While the decline of the U.S. dollar has been orderly so far, this is not necessarily a guide to the future, it said.

'Foreign investors in U.S. dollar assets have seen big losses measured in dollars, and still bigger ones measured in their own currency. While unlikely, indeed highly improbable for public sector investors, a sudden rush for the exits cannot be ruled out completely,' it said.


The BIS said governments may need to take actions to help clear up after the credit crisis, but losses should fall primarily on those who incurred them in the beginning -- firstly the borrowers themselves and then those who lent unwisely to them. :rolleyes

Should governments feel it necessary to take direct actions to alleviate debt burdens, it is crucial that they understand one thing beforehand. If asset prices are unrealistically high, they must eventually fall. If saving rates are unrealistically low, they must rise. And if debts cannot be serviced, they must be written off. Trying to deny this through the use of gimmicks and palliatives will only make things worse in the end,' it said.

Excessive credit growth explains not only the current financial turbulence, but also imbalances in the real economy and the recent rise in inflation, the BIS said.


30.06.2008, 21:20
Posted On: Monday, June 30, 2008, 1:54:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan
Author: Dan Norcini

Click chart to enlarge today’s 8 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.
http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58353_June3008Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6317_June3008Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)


01.07.2008, 09:41
ThaiGuru (http://www.goldseitenforum.de/index.php?page=User&userID=143) http://www.goldseitenforum.de/wcf/images/avatars/avatar-11.jpg (http://www.goldseitenforum.de/index.php?page=User&userID=143)


Crash mit Ansage :gruebel:confused:rolleyes:nw jedenfalls lesenswert - ThaiGuru ist/war ein beliebter User vom GoldseitenForum, der allem Anschein nach oft richtig liegt/lag :cool

01.07.2008, 10:49
01.07.2008, 08:22:39

- EZB: Haben zum 30 Juni 30 t Gold verkauft

FRANKFURT (Dow Jones)--Die Europäische Zentralbank (EZB) hat zum 30. Juni des laufenden Jahres 30 t Gold verkauft. Die Verkäufe fielen unter das am 27. September 2004 abgeschlossene internationale Zentralbankgoldabkommen, wie die EZB am Dienstag mitteilte. Zusammen mit Goldverkäufen über 42 t zum 30. November 2007 seien nunmehr nach Unterzeichnung des Abkommens 72 t Gold verkauft worden, so die Notenbank. Sie erklärte zudem, dass sie bis zum 26. September 2008, wenn das vierte Abkommensjahr ausläuft, kein weiteres Gold verkaufen wolle.

Webseite: http://www.ecb.int (http://www.ecb.int/) DJG/ptt
(END) Dow Jones Newswires

July 01, 2008 02:22 ET (06:22 GMT)

Zum Original-Beitrag (showthread.php3?p=1161806#post1161806)

01.07.2008, 14:57
"...holding dollars is like holding dry ice on a hot summer day!" mamboni :rolleyes:schwitz

01.07.2008, 16:40
Sell ths TURD, can't believe negative what a f$cked up stock :rolleyes:schwitz

01.07.2008, 21:38
How Low Can The Dollar Go? Zero Value
The corporate controlled media is finally starting to talk about the economic problems that the alternative media and assorted precious metals advocates have been talking about for years now. We are facing a potential inflationary depression. Independent estimates of the M3 money supply show that we are seeing an annual increase in the M3 money supply by around 16 to 17 percent (http://www.shadowstats.com/alternate_data).


In terms of gold and silver, we are likely going to see an increasing amount of price volatility with these two metals on a day to day basis. Short term, central banks are likely going to dump more gold into the marketplace in order to prevent gold from hitting the $1,000 an ounce mark. This is exactly what happened on Friday when a slew of bad economic data came out that would normally be bullish for gold. Instead, gold dropped sharply. The $1,000 an ounce mark represents a key psychological barrier that will likely be broken in the very near future. The central banks want to keep it under this mark as long as they can, because once it goes over this mark it is likely to move much higher. Long term, these two metals will see substantial gains in U.S. Dollar denominated terms. It is not out of the question to see a $5,000 an ounce gold price or a $100 an ounce silver price in the next several years.

The Federal Reserve is stuck between a rock and a hard place. If they raise interest rates to the point where holding U.S. Dollars can outpace inflation they would need to raise them to around 20%. This would hurt not only the American people but the elite financial interests as well. As a result, the Federal Reserve is attempting to manage a slow inflationary decline of the U.S. Dollar which will allow the financial elite to more easily reposition themselves. Inflation hurts the poor and the middle class far more than the financial elite where as a deflation like what we saw during the Great Depression would hurt everybody across the board.

As this financial calamity continues, the corporate controlled media will likely say we are in a recession even though it will resemble more of a depression. Gold and silver remain good hedges against inflation and their price will rise in U.S. Dollar denominated terms. There continues to be more upside to silver but there will also be more short term volatility in silver. There is no doubt that an inflationary depression is a very likely scenario and there is always the chance that the U.S. Dollar could go to zero. This is why having physical gold and silver is always a smart move.



Auch dieser Versuch der Zentralbanken, die Attraktivität von Fiat-Geld zu steigern, hat wohl geringe Aussicht auf Erfolg. :rolleyes

01.07.2008, 21:59
Posted On: Tuesday, July 01, 2008, 2:25:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan
Author: Dan Norcini

Dear Friends,

Gold began a nice recovery from yesterday's mild end-of-month/quarter induced weakness with those same funds moving quickly to re-establish longs as the new month commences. Their concerted buying blasted gold through the resistance zone marked on the chart ($935 - $940) where it was being vigorously opposed by the bullion banks.

It was fascinating watching the battle at that level as gold bounced from it repeatedly until the longs were able to recruit additional reinforcements to their cause. The influx of these fresh troops ignominiously dislodged the bullion banks from their self-appointed defensive fortifications shoving them back to a new line near the $950 level.

The impetus for the bull's victory today was the release of the ISM numbers for June. The number unexpectedly rose to 50.2 from 49.6 in May. Initially, equity traders greeted the news by driving up the stock indices while Forex traders sold down the Euro and bid up the Dollar. That enabled the gold cartel to temporarily stuff the rise in gold and hold it below the $940 level. However, as is so often the case, those who foolishly make their trading decisions based on a headline number saddled themselves with an immediate loss because they failed to look deeper into the rest of the data. What they should have paid closer attention to, and what the market did get around to looking at, was the Index of Prices paid number. I had to double check the number to make certain that it was not a typo! It came in at 91.5, jumping from 87.0 in May and to the highest level since 1979! We all remember well what happened to gold in 1979! The dreaded word, “STAGFLATION”, is back in vogue.

That ISM number shoved inflation fears right back onto the front burner. It also did not hurt gold for traders to then be able to look over at the price of crude oil which once again was busy doing what it seems to be doing best of late, namely, defying gravity and moving higher! As the Dollar bulls suddenly became Dollar bears, the Euro began rising. All of this served to put a stiff tailwind behind gold and pushed it to within a couple of dollars shy of $950.

Additionally, soybeans were busy putting in another all time record high reminding traders that food prices are not going to get cheaper anytime soon. The strength in beans helped to pull corn off of its worst levels of the session as well as wheat which moved into the plus column for a while. Corn is watching the weather forecasts which call for a bit of a drier/warmer pattern to emerge over the Western Corn Belt next week. Personally, I think it is too late for the corn crop for this year as the damage has been done. We still have to cope with any potential heat wave that might still emerge during the crucial pollination stage as well as frost fears later this year. Silver hitched a ride on the back of beans and gold while platinum and palladium, along with copper were well bid. In that sort of environment, the bullion banks have as much chance of stopping gold as a snowball in hell.

The mining shares look very good thus far. The XAU is flirting with resistance at the April and May highs near 195 - 197. A close above 200 in the XAU will constitute a technical breakout and set up many of the shares that constitute that index for a test of their highs made back in March of this year. The HUI looks good but needs to clear 460 first and particularly 475 for the issues that comprise that index to test their March highs.

Technically, gold has broken out of its two month range trade and looks to be on the verge of beginning a trending move. Ideally, we need to see the mining shares confirming this move in bullion. Keep a close eye on the XAU in particular. It needs to get over 200.

The $950 level in gold is important resistance since that is all that stands between it and $1000. Expect the enemies of gold to put up a fierce defense of this level. Again, as has been said so often, this is all occurring against a backdrop of what is seasonally, not a particularly strong period for gold prices. That is what makes this move all the more remarkable.

Euro gold is knocking on the door of €600. This is important since it serves to once again remind us that the move higher in gold is not a localized Dollar-based phenomenon but is global as the yellow metal moves higher in all currencies. Inflation fears are not just confined to the US – they are even worse in many portions of the globe. In Vietnam, for example, inflation is so severe that the authorities there are attempting to stop their citizens from buying the yellow metal by restricting gold imports! Bureaucrats and political leaders are the same everywhere are they not? Instead of accepting the blame for a nation’s problems and moving to correct the causes, they shoot the messengers and look for scapegoats to acquit themselves and then institute policies which only make matters worse.

In the adding insult to injury category – those of us who love chocolate are going to have to cough up more money to feed our habit – Cocoa prices hit a 28 year high today!

With Treasuries moving higher in a “flight to safety” mode, yields continue moving lower meaning that REAL YIELDS are becoming increasingly negative. Putting one’s money into bonds to “protect it” in an environment in which inflation is getting out of hand, strikes me a being a fool’s wisdom. At some point, bonds will have to move lower in price to make buying them worthwhile. Who in their right mind would want to lock up the bulk of their wealth in an instrument paying a negative real rate of return and denominated in a currency that is sitting less than a point above its all time low??? As David Hannum once said, “There is a sucker born every minute.” By the way, Hannum was a banker!

Click chart to enlarge today’s 8 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.

http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58357_July0108Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6319_July0108Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)


01.07.2008, 23:05
SWRichmond (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=7193) :verbeug
Registered User

I called my broker and asked if there were any conditions under which my shares could be sold short without my instructions or approval to do so. He told me that could be done if I had a margin account. I have, and will have, no margin account. Apparently, if you have a margin account (Vanguard/Pershing) they can short your shares (in essence, taking a trade against your position) without your approval. At least that is what I was told.

Goldeneye (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=5700) :verbeug
Registered User
That is quite true .. I'm in the process of moving my penny stocks around into a cash account and eliminating a margin account for that reason..

...ist eigentlich eine Frechheit :mad

02.07.2008, 08:36
kernull (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=8054) :verbeug
Registered User

This was on Asia open today, do Asian manipulate also?? they took my silver at 17.79 , had stop there.


yeah, no doubt we have huge run up coming but it is not fair to steal other people positions this way.

remove your stops everybody


02.07.2008, 09:56
@Hoka :)

Hugh Hendry empfahl heute wieder POT zu kaufen und nicht vor dem hohen Preis zurück zu schrecken ;)

02.07.2008, 15:27
@Hoka :)

Hugh Hendry empfahl heute wieder POT zu kaufen und nicht vor dem hohen Preis zurück zu schrecken ;)

Zum Original-Beitrag (http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/showthread.php3?p=1162185#post1162185)
MA 50 sieht überzeugend aus. Zur Zeit bei USD 209 bzw. CAD 211


02.07.2008, 16:30
The Morning Gold Report
by Peter A. Grant


In an interview scheduled for publication in the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit on Thursday, Mr. Trichet said, "We central banks have a big responsibility. If we're not decisive, there's a risk of inflation exploding. If we act in a decisive way, we can master the situation.''

Having made that statement just last week and given that Eurozone PPI for May came in at a record 7.1% y/y today, the ECB will act tomorrow. How decisive Mr. Trichet is in the press conference will determine the near term fate of the dollar.

If Trichet maintains his hawkish tone in the press conference, implying that a series of rate hikes are at hand, look for the euro to head back to the 1.6020 all-time high from Apr. If this level gives way, focus would shift to 1.6200 initially, but potential would be toward 1.6300 based on a measuring objective.

Such renewed weakness in the dollar would send gold back toward its record high at $1,032.20. A resumption of the long-term down trend in the dollar would also put further upward pressure on oil, which in turn would offer additional support to gold.


Video: Golden age of gold


Gold steigt - unfortunately :D -, dabei hängt dieser Anstieg doch nur von Marias Augenaufschlag ab. Das ist zumindest eine Ansicht aus diesem Gruselkabinett.


02.07.2008, 17:01
Rohstoffe kompakt - Edelmetalle: Marktdefizit unterstützt Platin



02.07.2008, 17:34
Gold steigt - unfortunately :D -, dabei hängt dieser Anstieg doch nur von Marias Augenaufschlag ab. Das ist zumindest eine Ansicht aus diesem Gruselkabinett.
Zum Original-Beitrag (http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/showthread.php3?p=1162389#post1162389)
....apropos Gruselkabinett :rolleyes http://www.ziopedia.org/images/paulson-and-devil.jpg

02.07.2008, 18:12
Elliott Wave Gold Update 20

By: Alf Field

-- Posted Wednesday, 2 July 2008 | Digg This Articlehttp://www.goldseek.com/images/diggit.PNG (http://digg.com/submit?phase=2&url=news.goldseek.com/AlfField/1215005723.php&title=Elliott%20Wave%20Gold%20Update%2020&bodytext=%20Update%2019%20published%20on%2030%20April%202008%20expressed%20the%20view%20that%20the%20there%20was%20a%20strong%20probability%20that%20the%20correction%20from%20the%20March%2017%20high%20of%20$1,033%20was%20complete.%20In%20addition%20Update%2019%20contained%20the%20following%20warning:%20%C2%A0%20%E2%80%9CAs%20will%20become%20apparent%20from%20the%20detailed%20analysis%20of%20the%20minor%20waves,%20there%20is%20a%20small%20possibility%20of%20a...&topic=business_finance) | Source: GoldSeek.com

Update 19 published on 30 April 2008 expressed the view that the there was a strong probability that the correction from the March 17 high of $1,033 was complete. In addition Update 19 contained the following warning:

“As will become apparent from the detailed analysis of the minor waves, there is a small possibility of a slightly lower target price of $855 in the Comex active month being achieved. This would have to happen almost immediately if it is going to occur at all.”

Within 24 hours the gold price did indeed decline to $853 (London PM fixing) and $853.9 on the Comex 2nd month futures. The cash market briefly sported prices below these levels but the above levels remain the lows for these bench mark series used to monitor the market. The correction low was achieved 2 months ago but the gold price has not exhibited the sharp upward moves associated with the commencement of Large Wave III of Major Wave THREE. A “third of a third” is expected to be the most powerful of moves.

What happened? The chart below depicts the updated gold price action. The price action over the past 2 months has comprised several corrective 3 wave series which combined to form a triangle. This is not impulsive third wave action. The obvious conclusion must be that this action is part of an extended Large Wave II.


Data updated to 1 July 2008.

unbedingt weiterlesen ---> http://news.goldseek.com/AlfField/1215005723.php

...ob's wirklich so kommt :eek:cool

02.07.2008, 19:52

Posted On: Wednesday, July 02, 2008, 1:32:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan
Author: Dan Norcini

Click chart to enlarge today’s 8 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.
http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58400_July0208Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6322_July0208Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)

03.07.2008, 00:31
USDollar on Edge, Gold on Verge

By: Jim Willie CB



The gold price leads the precious metals. Simultaneous with the US$ weakness, the gold price has lifted above the May high. No resistance exists between the 950-960 ribbon and the all-time 1030 high registered in March. The retest of the May low has been successful. Its price now stands just shy of 950 late on Wednesday. Notice the 200-day moving average held in support, guiding FOREX traders. A powerful reversal seems evident as a bowl-shaped pattern. A sharp uptrend in the MACD is also clear in the cyclical index. In my view, the fundamentals are present for a triumphant challenge of the 1000 mark. When 1000 is indeed broken, look for a powerful breakout to at least reach 1100, and probably shoot up to 1200 quickly. Recall that we are still in the slow gold season, so prepare for something very big during the typically strong season. On the futures front, great news that the gold Open Interest has jumped up almost 10% in just four days, from 396k contracts to 428k contracts. That gives the gold move more sustaining power and legitimacy.



The silver price improvement has finally caught up to that of the gold price. Its monster 70 cent move up on Tuesday brought a smile to my face. When 21 is indeed broken, look for a powerful breakout to at least reach 25, and probably shoot up to 30. Recall that we are still in the slow precious metal season, so prepare for something very big. The central banks own no silver. The commodity trading pits are under pressure to deny delivery. Shortages are reported by both the USMint and diverse coin dealers. Some silver merchants report continued brisk trade, the only arena not flashing red lights.

A bidding round of junior miners is not only likely, it is also guaranteed. My eye is set upon the hedge funds who are in many cases employing spread trades, going long the large mining stocks and going short the explorer speculative mining stocks. Expect hedge funds to take heavy losses.


03.07.2008, 10:02
The Great Panic of 2008 [video]

-- Posted Wednesday, 2 July 2008 | Digg This Articlehttp://www.goldseek.com/images/diggit.PNG (http://digg.com/submit?phase=2&url=news.goldseek.com/GoldSeek/1215012153.php&title=The%20Great%20Panic%20of%202008%20%5Bvideo%5D&bodytext=%20100%20Years%20Later:%20The%20more%20things%20don%27t%20change,%20the%20more%20they%20stay%20the%20same.%20%20%20%20&topic=business_finance) | Source: GoldSeek.com

100 Years Later: The more things don't change, the more they stay the same.

http://news.goldseek.com/GoldSeek/1215012153.php :supi

...hat keinen direkten Bezug zu Gold - hmmmm :gruebel oder etwa doch :rolleyes;):D

03.07.2008, 10:21
The 1973 Model

Steve Saville
email: sas888_hk@yahoo.com
Jul 1, 2008
Below is an extract from a commentary originally posted at www.speculative-investor.com (http://www.speculative-investor.com/new/index.html) on 29th Jun, 2008.

Since early this year we've been using the performances of various markets during 1973 as a rough guide to what we should expect over the course of this year. Using 1973 as a model has made sense to us for a number of reasons. First, the equity, gold and currency markets have appeared to be in similar situations in the present as they were back then. For example, the January-1973 stock market peak was the top of a cyclical bull market within a secular bear market, and is, in our view, comparable to the October-2007 stock market peak. Second, there was an obvious inflation problem during the early 1970s as there is now, with few people recognising the source of the problem (the source was/is monetary, but the focus of attention was/is on the rising prices of food and energy as if these rising prices were the disease rather than just a symptom). And third, as was the case in 1973 the US economy is now in the early stages of a recession......

........The BGMI's downward reversal in July of 1973 (Point B) substantiates our opinion that the July-1973 stock market low can be equated with the March-2008 low. The question is whether the markets are now approaching the equivalent of Point C or the equivalent of Point E. In the former case the gold sector has 1-2 months of additional corrective activity ahead of it, whereas in the latter case the gold sector is about to experience a multi-month surge to well above its March-2008 high.

Due to the upside breakouts in the gold-stock indices that occurred during the final two days of last week, the odds favour the idea that the markets are now approaching the equivalent of Point E.
Steve Saville

full story: http://www.321gold.com/editorials/saville/saville070108.html

03.07.2008, 15:20
....hätte es schon fast vermisst :grrrr

03.07.2008, 15:49
Gold Retouches Week's Highs as Dollar Loses to Oil, Euros, Soybeans & Copper; Dow Hits Technical Bear Market

"Of concern," says today's Gold Market note from Mitsui in London, "the Comex announced it is increasing the margin requirement on gold futures by 15%.

"Traditionally this fosters some position liquidation as a lot of punters are fully leveraged already. An increased margin requirement has to be funded somehow.
US interest rates have now stood below the headline US inflation rate for six months running. Gold Prices have risen nearly 13% since the start of January.

The 36-month run of negative real returns to cash paid on US Dollars between 2002 and 2005 saw the price of Gold rise by more than one-half.

"Gold is a very fickle market which is partly why investors can't quite embrace it yet," reckons Ben Davies, co-manager of the Hinde Gold Fund here in London.

"Gold feels too volatile...but when [investors] realize that losing 40% to 80% of their current asset portfolio isn't great either, they might think otherwise."

Adrian Ash


03.07.2008, 21:48

July 02, 2008

Global Inflation: The Next Major Obstacle
by Mary Anne and Pamela Aden

One thing we find truly amazing about the markets is that they're much more than just investments. Markets provide a way of peeking into the future, if you understand what they're trying to tell you.

These lessons are ongoing but it's fascinating and like a giant puzzle......

.......IN SUMMARY It's still to be seen how this will end. But so far, this inflation rise is coinciding almost perfectly with the 200 year commodity cycle we've often shown. If this continues, and we believe that it will, then there's a lot more inflation to come in the years ahead.

What's currently happening also strongly favors the outlook for gold and the other commodities. It's going to boost demand for gold as a safe haven during inflationary times and these ongoing developments are telling us to stay with our gold and precious metals positions.

In fact, gold's been telling us this all along. Now we're starting to see why.

full story: http://www.safehaven.com/article-10667.htm

04.07.2008, 00:00
Posted On: Thursday, July 03, 2008, 2:14:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan

Author: Dan Norcini

Dear Friends,

The big “news” in today’s session was from Euroland where the ECB raised short term rates by 25 basis points.

ECB President Trichet forgot to include the magic words, “strong vigilance” or “heightened alertness”, a faux pas which he immediately corrected by stating that because he did not use the words it did not mean anything! Glad he cleared that up. That sent the Forex lemmings into a real tizzy who responded by dumping the Euro on the assumption that the ECB is now finished its rate hikes forever and will never, ever, mention the subject again for as long as the heavens and the earth remains! Central Banks the world over are attempting to deal with the inflation genie but not to worry - the ECB left out two itty bitty phrases! Ah yes – the efficient markets and their wondrous price discovery mechanism! Personally I am ready to go back to trading wampum or tobacco leaves for goods and services – at least we would not have to put up with the Central Bankers or the dipsticks who now infest the Forex world.

Gold of course was dutifully clocked as a result of the collapsing Euro as once again the bulls managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by surrendering the technical advantage that they had worked so hard to gain. For now it appears that the effort to thwart its rise at $950 has been successful. Only for now however as it still looks technically strong. Silver is actually faring pretty well. It will needs to clear 1850 (basis September) to set up a run at 1900. For the week, Silver tacked on around 65 cents turning its weekly chart friendly. A strong showing early next week will generate some excitement in the Silver pit. Gold gained a bit more than $2.00 for the week after all of the early week excitement as it fizzled out its fireworks show for the July 4th holiday.


Open interest levels increased in yesterday’s session by over 4700 contracts. Since Wednesday of last week when gold closed at $882.30, open interest has increased by 42,469 contracts with price moving $64.20 higher over the same period. Clearly the specs are back and are eyeing gold.

I have marked the technical support and resistance levels on the chart so please consul that for a graphic.

It would not surprise me to see some of the losses in the Euro reverse sometime next week as its downside move seems a bit excessive given the fundamentals surrounding the Dollar. The weekly Euro chart is still showing the Euro in a broad consolidation pattern defined by 1.5800 -1.5850 near the top and 1.5250-1.5300 near the bottom. It should be noted that the Euro is trading above all of its major moving averages. The RSI reading is neutral with a bit of a bullish bias.

For the rest of my fellow Americans, have a happy July 4th with your family and loved ones as we celebrate the freedoms that we enjoy because of the principles that guided our Founding Fathers as are enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the venerable and beloved Constitution. Those principles are increasingly under attack by those who would strip up of our God-given, natural rights. Remember that tyranny never sleeps.

Click chart to enlarge today’s 8 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.

http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58432_July0308Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6324_July0308Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)


04.07.2008, 01:59
Soviel zum 'wording'

Joe_Cocker (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4_MsrsKzMM)

http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/smilies/Sorry.gif Joe

04.07.2008, 09:20
:eek :schwitz :supi

04.07.2008, 15:50
Special Gold Report

Glänzende Aussichten


tnx dilbert

04.07.2008, 18:30
-> Posted by Richard640 :verbeug @ 11:06 am on July 4, 2008

From the great James Kunstler:

Our debt problems today are of a magnitude so extreme that astronomers would be hard pressed to calculate them. By any rational measure our society is comprehensively bankrupt. From the federal treasury down to the suburban cul-de-sacs so much loaned money is either not being paid back, or is at risk of never being paid back, that the suckage of presumed wealth has passed through an event horizon out of the known universe into some other realm of space-time, never to be seen again in this realm. This would seem to be the very essence of monetary deflation — money defaulted out-of-existence.
What’s happening is that American society is sliding into a greater depression than the one Grandma lived through. On the technical side, there has been unending controversy as to whether we’re gripped by inflation or deflation. It’s certainly deceptive. Food and gasoline prices are rising faster than the rivers of Iowa. But the prices of assets, like houses, stocks, jet-skis, GMC Yukons and pre-owned Hummel figurines are cratering as America turns into Yard Sale Nation.
We’re a very different country than we were in 1932. In that earlier crisis of capital, few people had any money but our society still possessed fantastic resources. We had plenty of everything that our land could provide: a treasure trove of mineral ores and the equipment to refine it all, a wealth of oil and gas still in the ground, and all the rigs needed to get at it, manpower galore (and of a highly disciplined, regimented kind), with fine-tuned factories waiting for orders. We had a railroad system that was the envy of the world and millions of family farms (even despite the dust bowl) owned by people who retained age-old skills not yet degraded by agribusiness. We had fully-functional cities with operating waterfronts and ten thousand small towns with local economies, local newspapers, and local culture.
We had a crisis of capital in the 1930s for reasons that are still debated today. My own guess is a combination of a bad debt workout that sucked “money” into a black hole (since money is loaned into existence, but vanishes if the loans are not systematically paid back) plus a gross saturation of markets, meaning that every American who had wanted to buy a car or an electric toaster had done so and there was no one left to sell to. (The first round of globalism — 1870 - 1914 — had shut down after the fiasco of World War One.)
The gold-bashing parade of talking heads we’ve seen lately on CNBC are gonna be reeeeeal sorry! So are the fund guys panicing outa PM shares the past few weeks-and so will their clients-I don’t care about a fall in oil and…oh, yeah, they can forget about a stock rally…because the unavoidable end-game is now underway-all the Cabal tricks will be useless to stop it–the big move we all wished for in gold-and may come to regret…is here–and it is here because the gold supression gave the funny-money hi-jinx of the past 18 years cover

05.07.2008, 09:15
Gold: the precious laggard that will hit $2,000

By Ian Williams, Charteris Treasury Portfolio Managers
Last Updated: 11:38pm BST 04/07/2008

In 1999 when oil was $10 a barrel, I suggested that the price would ride fivefold to $50 a barrel in real terms over the next few years. This forecast was dismissed with incredulity at the time. Almost 10 years later with the price over $130 a barrel, my original forecast turned out to be rather timid - with mainstream commentators now forecasting $200 a barrel.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/graphics/2008/07/03/bcngold.jpg Soaring oil costs have pushed the gold/oil ratio to the lowest levels in decades
My forecast was based on an analysis of long term future supply-demand trends, combined with a study of ultra-long term commodity cycles.

What is striking about ultra-long term commodity cycles is how seemingly unrelated commodities appear to rise and fall together.

Price data shows that around 1999-2000, virtually every single commodity hit a significant low before turning up sharply. Nickel hit a low before proceeding to rise ten-fold in the period up to April 2007. Similarly copper also bottomed around this time before an eight-fold rise up to May 2006. Copper is once again challenging its all-time high and looks set to move into new high ground.

The reasons for this stellar performance are now well-trodden - the emergence of China, India and Russia - as major consumers of scarce and in some cases increasingly finite resources.....

.....The swing factor that will affect the gold market is investor demand. Global investors can now buy exchange traded certificates (ETCs) and exchange traded funds (ETF) which alleviate the need to hold physical bullion in a bank vault.

The demand from this source has to be set against supply from the central banks who have been consistent sellers over the last few years. The balance between these two holds the key to if and when gold will catch up with the other commodities.

On a two to three year view the outlook looks increasingly bullish. Rising inflationary expectations around the world will lead to greater investor demand for inflation protected assets of which gold's 2000-year history in this space is unrivalled......

.....It is unlikely that the UK will be in a rush to sell any more of the Bank of England's gold, not that it has much left to sell. The same applies to many other central banks such as Holland, Belgium and Canada who have been long-term sellers of gold. They have run out of gold to sell :p At the same time the central banks of the emergent economies, have become buyers......:cool

full story: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.jhtml?xml=/money/2008/07/03/bcngold103.xml

05.07.2008, 10:05
...alle 40 Jahre :confused:rolleyes :ironie (ist auch im ...Zeitgeschehen - ist einfach so sehr interessant :cool)

DER SPIEGEL 12/1968 vom 18.03.1968, Seite 34


Barbarisches Metall http://wissen.spiegel.de/wissen/files/img/wl/add.jpg

.....Die globale Flucht aus dem Dollar in das Gold, die seit Monaten die internationalen Devisenmärkte erschütert, gipfelte in Panik. In London, Zürich und Johannesburg schlossen die Goldbörsen ihre Pforten........

ganzer Artikel: http://wissen.spiegel.de/wissen/dokument/dokument.html?id=46106704&top=SPIEGEL

hätte diesen Artikel gerne ganz abgedruckt - aber eben leider Spiegel :rolleyes

übrigens :verbeug an elsilbero (GodseitenForum) und er hat es im DasGelbeForum gesehen :verbeug

05.07.2008, 19:47

Barbarisches Metall http://wissen.spiegel.de/wissen/files/img/wl/add.jpg

Zum Original-Beitrag (http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/showthread.php3?p=1163308#post1163308)
Im Juni letzten Jahres ließ er Washington wissen, die amerikanische Intervention in Vietnam mache es ihm unmöglich, über den Londoner Goldfool weiterhin den Dollar zu stützen.

Hatte hier Dr. Freud seine Finger im Spiel? :rolleyes

Auch interessant:

Signal Privilege. Into this tense situation stepped De Gaulle, disregarding his 1963 promise to support the present international monetary system, in which the dollar plays the dominant role and all free world trade is financed by a mix of dollars, British pounds and gold. The time has long since passed, he told a press conference (see THE WORLD), when the currencies of any one or two nations can enjoy "this signal privilege, this signal advantage." The present-day world, said De Gaulle, needs "an indisputable monetary base, and one that does not bear the mark of any particular country. In truth, one does not see how one could really have any standard criterion other than gold."


05.07.2008, 21:54
Im Juni letzten Jahres ließ er Washington wissen, die amerikanische Intervention in Vietnam mache es ihm unmöglich, über den Londoner Goldfool weiterhin den Dollar zu stützen.

Hatte hier Dr. Freud seine Finger im Spiel? :rolleyes

Zum Original-Beitrag (http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/showthread.php3?p=1163384#post1163384)
:hihi musste auch zweimal schaun :hihi war wohl ein "Seher" ;):D

05.07.2008, 22:56
33 Liberty Street (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Reserve_Bank_of_New_York)

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York maintains a vault that lies 86 feet (26 m) below sea level, resting on Manhattan bedrock. By 1927, the vault contained ten percent of the world's official gold reserves. Currently, it is reputedly the largest gold repository in the world (though this cannot be confirmed as Swiss Banks do not report their gold stocks) and holds approximately 5,000 metric tons of gold bullion ($160 billion as of March, 2008), more than Fort Knox. The gold is owned by many foreign nations, central banks and international organizations. The Federal Reserve Bank does not own the gold but serves as guardian of the precious metal, which it "protects" :rolleyes at no charge as a gesture of good will to other nations. Free tours of the vault are available to the public.



.....Everyone talks about Fort Knox but no one talks about the Fed Reserve vaults in New York City where INTERNATIONAL gold is stored, not US Treasury gold. The business of being a 'guardian' is based on one thing and one thing only: NYC can't be invaded and the gold, stolen. Why was this?

Germany, when Bismark invaded in the 19th century, took a great deal of France's gold! The British were certain no one could take their gold hoard or see if it was faulty...note that it wasn't investigated for purity until recently and found to be wanting, by the way. Since the French Revolution, the French have been very much gold-mad and desirous of some fashion for hiding gold from invaders while controlling this gold. The near-taking of Paris a second time by the Germans spooked the French who squirreled away all this shiny metal in NY.....



Gold Bars in the Gold Vault of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Each gold bar weighs about 27.4 pounds and is worth about $160,000

From Heather Cross (http://gonyc.about.com/mbiopage.htm), About.com

.....ob da noch alles da ist :confused:rolleyes

07.07.2008, 10:31
Gold's Bull Market Could End Its Long Run This Year - UBS

Mon, Jul 7 2008, 05:25 GMT
http://www.djnewswires.com/eu (http://www.djnewswires.com/eu)

Gold's Bull Market Could End Its Long Run This Year - UBS

SINGAPORE (Dow Jones)--UBS says that gold's bull market could end its impressive run as early as this year.

"While you are likely to hear a lot of bullish commentary on gold in the next few days we warn you that there are some fundamental reasons the market could turn bearish." said Allen Sheals, Executive Director of the Client Solutions Group at UBS.

UBS cited evidence that the jewelry market is weak, continued central bank selling of gold - implying that the banks think it is expensive - and the lack of any direction from hedging and dehedging activity.

"Demand destruction is now happening in the jewelry market." said Sheals, speaking at a commodities conference in Singapore.

UBS also said there is anecdotal evidence that scrap supply is starting to become a bearish factor for gold, although it did not offer any specific data.

Sheals said sales from European central banks are likely to outweigh any purchases by central banks from Asia or oil producing nations.

"Going forward on a net basis there is going to be plenty of selling from the central banks," :rolleyes said Sheals......

.......but noted that central bank action to fight inflation :rolleyes could quickly turn the inflation outlook into a negative factor for bullion.......
full story: http://www.fxstreet.com/news/forex-news/article.aspx?StoryId=51a1cb73-d1cf-4931-8f9a-6a18b7f7809a

:schwitz .....ob das viele gelesen haben :confused:rolleyes

07.07.2008, 19:09
Commodities Are Strong, But Which Ones Are Strongest?

Here’s the complete list:

Cumulative return, ’99-‘07 Annualized return

Crude oil 696.5% 25.9%

Nickel 542.9% 23.0%

Lead 409.5% 19.8%

Copper 358.6% 18.4%

Platinum 317.9% 17.2%

Natural Gas 284.7% 16.2%

Wheat 220.4% 13.8%

Silver 193.8% 12.7%

Gold 189.3% 12.5%

Zinc 150.0% 10.7%

Corn 113.4% 8.8%

Aluminum 90.8% 7.4%

Coal 88.1% 7.3%

DJIA 44.5% 4.2%

NASDAQ 21.0% 2.1%

S&P 500 19.5% 2.0%

Palladium 10.2% 1.1%

For the first six months of 2008, most of the talk has been about oil, but crude’s 46 percent rise leaves it well down the performance list.

Coal, up 88 percent between 1999 and 2007, is 140 percent higher so far this year, natural gas has climbed nearly 80 percent and corn 59 percent. Palladium, the long-term laggard, is up 26 percent, while long-term standouts lead and nickel are down 30 percent and 16 percent, respectively.


And while commodity prices have been volatile, we believe that they will continue to offer excellent opportunities for investors. The strong growth trend in the BRIC countries and other large emerging markets are the result of voracious demand that is outstripping new supplies.

This trend is the key driver of commodities markets, not the “speculators” being demonized by election-year politicos on Capitol Hill. We would not be surprised by a short-term correction in resource prices, particularly for oil, but long-term we see prices going even higher.


Mitten im dritten Erdöl-Schock

Andere Fachleute bestreiten die These der preistreibenden Spekulation. Die zur Industrieländer-Organisation OECD gehörende Energie-Agentur (IEA) hat ihre Meinung zur Spekulation in ihrem jüngsten Report sogar ausdrücklich geändert. Die IEA-Experten sind jetzt der Ansicht, dass die Teuerung beim Erdöl wenig mit Spekulation zu tun hat. Der spekulative Handel mit Papier-Öl (Futures, Termingeschäfte) habe den Markt nicht verzerrt, sondern durch höhere Liquidität funktionsfähiger gemacht, heisst es nun.

Auch bei Spekulation mit Erdöl, muss letztlich Öl geliefert werden können. Dafür müssen Lager gebildet werden. Spekulative Blasen waren in der Vergangenheit praktisch immer mit physischem Horten durch Finanzinvestoren verbunden. Die IEA sieht aber derzeit keine ungewöhnlich hohe Lagerbildung. Folglich seien fundamentale Marktfaktoren und nicht spekulative Kräfte für die hohen Preise verantwortlich, schliessen die IEA-Experten. Die CS-Ölspezialistin Tanner weist dagegen auf mögliche Reserven-Bildung in China und auf iranischen Schiffen hin, die Erdöl lagern könnten....


07.07.2008, 20:33
Posted On: Monday, July 07, 2008, 1:47:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan
Author: Dan Norcini :verbeug
Dear Friends,

I make a motion that we have the Congress declare every Friday a national holiday. I had no idea that all that was necessary to fix the US economy and in particular, the US Dollar, was a holiday weekend! Instead of messing with bills to curb speculators from operating in the crude oil market, they could name each Friday after one of the Founding Fathers and declare the government closed for the day. That way, on Monday morning, when the markets reopen for business, the Dollar could rally, crude oil would go lower, gold would tank, the grains would go limit down and the US equity markets would move higher. Why, in just a couple of months, the US could move from a current account deficit and a budget deficit to a position of the largest creditor nation on the face of the globe! Voila! Problem solved. See how easy that is? Hey Congress- no need to thank me for this nugget of advice – after all, I am just doing what any patriot who loves his nation would do – right?

Do you ever get the idea that you are watching the final stages of a cheap horror flick? To give you an idea how absurd the US markets have become and why their inexplicable movements are making jackasses out of wire service-quoted "analysts", check this out. The "experts" quoted said that the reason that the Dollar was higher in today's session was because CRUDE OIL WAS LOWER. Just a few stories above that one, another "expert" says that the reason Crude Oil was lower was because the DOLLAR WAS HIGHER!

Aren't you glad that such stunningly insightful, bold, daring and brilliant comments are available to help we lesser mortals understand the markets? I sure sleep better knowing that such wisdom resides in the world of market analysts! So, which one is it fellas? Is the dog wagging the tail or is the tail wagging the dog? Here’s a bit of advice to the pundits – I am obviously in the advice dispending mode today – “hey guys – if you don’t know why the markets are doing what they are doing just keep your mouths shut and save yourselves from looking like first class nitwits”.

How’s this for another example of idiocy – analysts all state that the reason the US equity markets were higher early in the session was because of the weakness in crude oil. Then, as if to deliberately throw egg on the face of the analysts, the US equity markets decide to drop into the toilet even as the price of crude oil continues moving lower! Whoops! I can see we are going to need some new headlines quick – “DOW SINKS ALONG WITH SINKING CRUDE OIL AS ECONOMISTS FEAR LOWER GASOLINE PRICES WILL CAUSE CONSUMERS TO SAVE MORE MONEY INSTEAD OF SPENDING IT FOR RETAIL SALES RESULTING IN LOWER SALES FIGURES NEXT MONTH”.

Or how about this one:


Meanwhile, the usual newsletter writers who love to buy gold high and sell it lower, or sell it low first and then buy it back higher, are at it again. Having been made monkeys out of by the continued orchestrated takedowns in the gold market, once again their convictions when it comes to gold are dictated by the day to day gyrations in the market. These guys have become slaves to technical analysis to the point where they no longer seem capable of serious thought. If gold goes up, they are wildly bullish. If it goes down, they are depressingly bearish. Lost are the fundamental reasons why gold has been in a seven year long bull market.

As I pen these short comments, bonds are moving higher again as panicked equity traders reflexively run helter-skelter into the “safety” of US bonds. That buying has pushed the yield on the Ten Year down to 3.89%.

Corn is locked limit down on supposedly improving weather with nearly 200,000 contracts offered at that price for just the September and December contracts alone. Soybeans are down the limit in November with Wheat also down the limit. Palladium took a whooping this morning dropping from $462 to $448 while platinum sank $46.60 lower. Copper was hit hard as was silver which fared much worse than gold. There might have been additional silver/gold spreads unwound in today’s session.

Please see the chart for the technical action along with the open interest comments.

Click chart to enlarge today’s 8 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.

http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58476_July0708Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6329_July0708Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)


07.07.2008, 21:09
FunnyMoney (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=7062) :verbeug

I think the manipulators of gold are in the process of changing tactics somewhat.
For years they have pushed down gold in huge hits, sometime in a single traunch and other times with a series of 3, taking gold lower without much of a rebound in-between.

After each of the cartel's heavy push downs there has been a spring back up.
Lately these hits have come in a single traunch.
Recently and over several years now both, they've come just prior or in the early stages of the NY open.
However, the springs back up have come much more forcefull over the last year and the reaction is quite strong, often pusing gold even higher than where the push down began, and within an hour.

I believe the cartel has examined this and fully finished analyzing it.
I think we saw several days recently and over the last couple of months where there was a nearly complete lack of manipulation in the gold market.
I pointed this out one day here at this forum recently saying, "this is what a chart of gold looks like when there's no manipulation."
I believe the cartel does this to examine the underlying fundamentals of the market and the program traders (who are much bigger than any of us here).

I have already detected a shift in the cartel's manipulative behavior.
While a single day or week does not make a trend, we may be seeing a new strategy by the cartel and traders should be very aware of this for their swing and day trade activities.

There are more W moves now and the cartel appears to be examining not only the traders' tight stops (many of which are going to be computer program generated), but also traders' recent activities in terms of swing trading support lines.

The counter to this behavior will be for the bull bias traders to reduce leverage and lengthen their timing.

The cartel knows that they can Not control the bull moves in the long run, their strategy is to dampen the up moves and make money on the manipulation along the way to higher prices.

Taking quick advantage of sudden, heavy price drops may become a thing of the past and traders will need to show more patience.

For stocks, their will be likely no let up in the manipulative activities until things get absolutely silly cheap.
Look at CDE, it looked as if the 2.80 to 3.10 range would be the bottom, and now all of a sudden we're below 2.50.

Yet look at the options on CDE, they do NOT reflect that same kind of negativity.
Nobody is willing to pay a large premium to put you shares of CDE at 2.5, not even 18 months into the future.
Why not, if the stock has been falling like a rock?
Siimple, they don't have any shares to put you because they are NAKED short. And those holding long, aren't going to ever release their shares at that price, they're going to wait 5 years or longer if need be to get their profits out.

So patience and a long term strategy becomes even more important now and this summer is already providing some great entry points and it looks as if there will be some more to come.

...jedenfalls lesens-/überlegenswert :supi

08.07.2008, 01:55
Gold's Bull Market Could End Its Long Run This Year - UBS

Zum Original-Beitrag (http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/showthread.php3?p=1163525#post1163525)
Die sehens eher nicht so: :p

Citigroup says long-term gold price could double or even triple

30 June 2008

"We see gold as well-positioned heading into Autumn, when fabrication tends to heighten the market," they added.

Nevertheless, Hill and Wark warned, "It will be important for seasonal/volatility dampened fabrication demand to recover, before gold can move higher." However, they added," Longer term, we would not be surprised to see gold double from current levels as the global policy prescriptions for the credit crunch remain powerfully and uniformly re-flationary."

Meanwhile, Citicorp suggested that slow de-hedging is unlikely to result in a gold market surplus, although they said it remains a key question. "We believe that the combination of wealth creation in China, petrodollars in Russia/Mid-East, and ETF inflows is likely to absorb possible additional ‘supply' of 200-300 TPY," the analysts advised.

In the meantime, "real interest rates are still strongly negative, inherently favoring hard assets and gold," Citigroup noted.



Dubai gold sales volume up 17pc

DUBAI — Dubai's gold jewellery sales volume rose 17 per cent in June after picking up in the second quarter on expatriate demand, a senior gold industry executive in the Gulf Arab emirate said yesterday.

"After prices became less volatile and relatively lower later in the quarter demand picked up by almost 15 per cent, and in June it was up by more than 17 per cent," Tawhid Abdullah, managing-director of the Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group told Reuters.[/font]

Long on Gold

Go long on gold and the Swiss franc, advises Leslie Phang, head of investments at Schroders Private Clients. He cautions investors against emerging markets currencies and the greenback. He tells CNBC's Martin Soong why.
Last Update: Thurs. Jul. 3 2008

08.07.2008, 10:32
Verfasst von David Morgan (http://www.goldseiten.de/content/kolumnen/autoren.php?uid=139) am 08.07.2008 um 7:10 Uhr
Die Trugschlüsse beim Silber

Vor kurzem las ich eine "Anzeige", Silber sei eine fantastische Investition, und ich hätte dem nicht mehr zustimmen können. Jedoch sagte der Verfasser, dass irgendwann einmal alle Shortpositionen mit physischem Silber gedeckt sein müssten und dass es, würde dies passieren, zu einer Preisexplosion kommen würde.

Es ist ein Trugschluss, dass alle Shorts eingedeckt werden müssen und dass die Shorts Silber zum Eindecken kaufen müssen. Zunächst ist die Aussage, dass alle Positionen eingedeckt werden müssen, irreführend. Eine Position kann für längere Zeit offen sein, da bei Fälligkeit des Kontrakts eine Position verlängert werden kann (rollen). Technisch gesehen ist es nicht dieselbe Position, denn, wenn sie vorwärts gerollt wird, ist es ein anderer Monat und beinhaltet einen anderen Kontrakt, aber im Grunde genommen wird der Kontrakt auf ein späteres Datum verschoben. Auf den Futures-Märkten ist dieses Rollen gang und gäbe.

Der zweite Trugschluss ist wichtiger, da fast alle Shorts im Silbermarkt ihre Positionen mit Bargeld schließen können; es ist kein Silber nötig. Lassen Sie uns davon ausgehen, dass Silber an einem Tag um 50 Cents steigt und sie im Markt short ist. Was Sie dann erlebt haben, nennt man einen schlechten Tag. Sie werden von Ihrem Broker einen Anruf bekommen und er fragt Sie nach mehr Geld für Ihr Konto. Sie können Ihren Futures-Broker anweisen, Ihre Short-Positionen zu schließen und alles, was Sie zu liefern hätten, wäre ein Scheck und kein Silber. Das soll nicht heißen, dass es nicht zu einer Preisexplosion nach oben kommen könnte. Trotzdem ist es wichtig, dass man erkennt, dass es viel größere Preisbewegungen im Silber geben könnte, wenn physisches Silber zur Eindeckung der Short-Position nötig wäre!

Silber wird gekauft und aus dem Markt genommen, aber das entspricht nur ein oder zwei Prozent sämtlicher Aktivitäten, die durch diese Marktaktivitäten widergespiegelt werden. Dies ist ein weiterer, missverstandener Fakt. Die CFTC veröffentlicht jeden Monat Lieferanzeigen, aber es sind Anzeigen, keine wirklichen Lieferungen. Manch einer in der Branche weiß, dass einige dieser Lieferanzeigen NIEMALS ausgeführt werden! Trotzdem sehen wir einige angesehene Internetseiten, die behaupten, so und so viel Silber wurde vom Handel abgezogen. Dies ist nicht wahr, denn andere Anzeigen und/ oder Swaps oder Geschäfte haben die meisten Anzeigen ausgeglichen. Einfach ausgedrückt, in jedem beliebigen Liefermonat könnte es "Anzeigen" für mehrere Millionen Unzen Silber geben, aber wenn alles vorbei ist, ist nicht wirklich viel passiert. Oder lassen Sie es mich anders ausdrücken: Auf dem Papier hat sich eine Menge getan :rolleyes aber nicht physisch......

.......Tatsächlich haben Millionen von Menschen etwas zu bewahren und diese Menschen werden in Scharen in die Sicherheit des physischen Silbermarktes flüchten.......

ganzer Artikel: http://www.goldseiten.de/content/diverses/artikel.php?storyid=7706

....sicher ist zwar nur der Tod - trotzdem, ich hätte nichts gegen die Scharen ;):D

08.07.2008, 13:17
...war nur schnell einkaufen - leider kein Gold :rolleyes:(

(falls jemand genervt ist - es ist nur für den Rückblick ;))

09.07.2008, 01:47
Posted On: Tuesday, July 08, 2008, 2:26:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan

Author: Dan Norcini

Click chart to enlarge today’s 8 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.
http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58484_July0808Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6335_July0808Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)


09.07.2008, 02:03
US Stocks Rally on a Decline in OIl Prices and the Fed's Extension of Credit Facilities (http://jessescrossroadscafe.blogspot.com/2008/07/us-stocks-rally-on-decline-in-oil.html)

Crude Oil prices declined today and the US equity markets rallied hard in the final hours as the shorts were covering and the bulls took the opportunity to buy on a spark of optimism in these deeply short term oversold markets.

Alcoa reports after the bell that it beat Earning Per Share by a penny and also exceeded revenues on estimates that have been greatly lowered. Mohawk Industries warned and was spanked after hours. VMWare is weighing on the tech sector.

We'll have to see if this is just another short covering bounce or something more profound. Follow through to the upside tomorrow to take the SP back into the 1290's is required for a firmer indication of any trend change. Follow through in the decline of oil prices is necessary as well. So far its just a correction.

http://bp3.blogger.com/_H2DePAZe2gA/SHPNsZmVJGI/AAAAAAAADJs/jKfANogMG6w/s400/wtic.png (http://bp3.blogger.com/_H2DePAZe2gA/SHPNsZmVJGI/AAAAAAAADJs/jKfANogMG6w/s1600-h/wtic.png)

09.07.2008, 02:12

Whip_It (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxH39QlRuhg)

09.07.2008, 10:19
Dollar Falls After Iran Says It Test-Fired Long-Range Missile

By Kosuke Goto and Stanley White http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/data?pid=avimage&iid=i.RkZPmxfAGA
http://images.bloomberg.com/r06/news/enlarge_details.gif (http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=photos&sid=a9KmN.n2QwMY)

July 9 (Bloomberg) -- The dollar fell against the yen, euro and Swiss franc after Iran's state television said the nation test-fired a long-range missile capable of reaching Israel.

The Swiss franc strengthened and oil rose on speculation the test signals tension between the U.S. and Iran will keep escalating. Ali Shirazi, an aide to Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (http://search.bloomberg.com/search?q=Ayatollah+Ali+Khamenei&site=wnews&client=wnews&proxystylesheet=wnews&output=xml_no_dtd&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&filter=p&getfields=wnnis&sort=date:D:S:d1), said yesterday his nation would strike Israel and the U.S. Navy in the Persian Gulf in response to any attack on its nuclear facilities.

``The news of Iran's missile launch is causing the dollar to fall,'' said Masahiro Sato (http://search.bloomberg.com/search?q=Masahiro+Sato&site=wnews&client=wnews&proxystylesheet=wnews&output=xml_no_dtd&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&filter=p&getfields=wnnis&sort=date:D:S:d1), joint general manager of the treasury division at Mizuho Trust & Banking Co. in Tokyo. ``It's also boosting the Swiss franc in a flight to safety. It's difficult to judge Iran's intentions regarding its nuclear capabilities, and that is a significant geopolitical risk.''.....

full story: http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601103&sid=a9KmN.n2QwMY&refer=news

09.07.2008, 14:03
...ist ja nur Einbildung :bad

09.07.2008, 15:41
FunnyMoney (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=7062) :verbeug

Originally Posted by Silverbach http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/buttons/viewpost.gif (http://goldismoney.info/forums/showthread.php?p=1182979#post1182979)
Which precious metal and resources stock is not hammered down big time today? Every one is down. But it's a great buying opportunity. Look at the long term PGM metals trend.

Nobody wants to catch a falling knife in this market, everyone knows that the shorts and the cartel are trying to drive as many weak hands out as they can, and make new investors shy away.

Savvy investors wait and watch, basically too afraid to go into the sector any more, as they are already exposed, some even all-in.

In normal times, smart LT investors would double-down, even go out on margin if need be to snap up these amazingly low prices - but these are far from normal times.

Even the most brave now wonder at what point can the shorts take things down to?
They understand shorting and especially naked shorting can go much further than would be considered rational.

After all, "markets can stay irrational, longer than most can stay solvent."

So everyone wants to know, just how low will the shorts push things?

The answer to that question is found in each individual stock.
But when the tide begins to turn for a few, it will snowball and all the severely beaten down will rise back up.

So the key is to watch the ones that are the most beaten down without reason.
To find those which are absolutely, fundamentally silly cheap.
And especially those with major backing and brave management.

I expect that those who turn first, and subsequently start the ball rolling for the others will be those with brave executives and with close investor relationships.

I believe it will happen something like this:

It may start with a CEO or a mining analyst.
It may start with a hedge fund manager or a large private investor.

But someone, one day soon will come in to their office one morning and put the normal daily grind of running or researching a mining company on hold for a little while.
He will look at a stock price he has been following and again stare at the price in utter amazement, for the umpteenth time in a row.

But this time, instead of shrugging it off with, "$%#@!, it is just the craziest market," he will decide things have just gone too far.
This morning will be different, he won't just forget about it and go back to the important work of the daily routine.

Instead he will begin to make some phone calls.
He will call his broker and he will ask his broker flat out what it takes to buy shares back or how much can he buy for his personal account, or what would be the margin requirements to....

Then he will call his largest private investors and he will tell them that now is the time to step up, he will pitch his story about his company, again to them.
But this time their will be real passion in his tone and will tell them that he has never seen and never even imagined an opourtunity like this one in his entire life.

Whether or not they do anything, it won't matter, the stage will be set.
He will call his family and closest friends and without saying anything against the rules will tell them flat out to buy because the price is simply way way to low.

This will go on the entire morning, possibly the entire day.

That evening he will take the return calls from those he could not reach earlier.
And the stage will be set.

People will DTODD and the 2nd day the phone calls will continue.
Investors will run the numbers, they will get back to their bosses and clients.
Individuals will raise funds, even obtain loans.

When day 3 comes, the buying volume will materialize like an earthquake.
It will come right out of nowhere but it will strike with a fury.

The shorts, having never gone to sleep, I mean who can sleep being so exposed on the short side? - will immediately notice something totally out of the ordinary.
They may have even heard some rumors from the days before and were prepared.

"This is not normal, not at all normal," they will say to one another.
There will be one word that comes next from them, and only one word: "COVER!"

If it only happens to a single stock, it might take some time before a snowball actually spreads to the others, but the more likely scenario is two or possibly even 3 stocks will experience this together or in the same week. It's just the way these things go.

But the snowball will happen and the covering will spread throughout the sector.
It will take at least 2 days for them to completely cover with many of the extremely shorted low volume stocks as sellers and black box traders either dissolve into the woodwork, or switch tactics metamorphising into momentum investors.

The shorts, net-net are still likely to come out way ahead of the game, as it's always John Q. Public who sold on fear too low and gets back in too late.

But those strong hand investors, and those who stuck with the best companies, stuck with their game plan, and kept buying the silly, "this is far from normal" dips, will be handsomely rewarded.

http://goldismoney.info/forums/avatar/people6.gif (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=7204) THE FRENCH BLACK SHEEP (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=7204) :verbeug

HANG IN THERE :supi YouTube - Pink Floyd - High Hopes (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ioavsW0tgI&feature=related)


09.07.2008, 21:38
Posted On: Wednesday, July 09, 2008, 2:08:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan
Author: Dan Norcini

Click chart to enlarge today’s 8 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.
http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58487_July0908Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6340_July0908Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)

09.07.2008, 22:22
3 Gold Camps

-- Posted Wednesday, 9 July 2008 | Digg This Articlehttp://www.goldseek.com/images/diggit.PNG (http://digg.com/submit?phase=2&url=news.goldseek.com/GoldSeek/1215630497.php&title=3%20Gold%20Camps&bodytext=%20By%20Bix%20Weir%20%20%C2%A0%20%20For%20the%20past%208%20years%20I%20have%20been%20an%20EXTREMLY%20vocal%20advocate%20of%20Gold%20as%20an%20investment%20practically%20begging%20everyone%20I%20know%20to%20buy%20some%20physical%20gold%20and%20stick%20it%20under%20their%20mattress,%20in%20a%20hole%20in%20their%20backyard%20or%20deep%20in%20their%20sock%20drawer.%20I%20have%20been%20the%20%E2%80%9CChicken%20Little%E2%80%9D%20of%20my%20town%20running%20up%20and%20down%20the%20street...&topic=business_finance) | Source: GoldSeek.com

By Bix Weir

For the past 8 years I have been an EXTREMLY vocal advocate of Gold as an investment practically begging everyone I know to buy some physical gold and stick it under their mattress, in a hole in their backyard or deep in their sock drawer. I have been the “Chicken Little” of my town running up and down the street yelling “The sky is falling, the sky is falling” but for the most part NOBODY was listening. Just after gold touched $1,000 for the first time in history, my phone was ringing off the hook with calls from friends, family members and others who all want to know one thing… “WHY?” ....

......I have decided to start all conversations by narrowing down the different gold “Camps”. Let’s call them the “3 Gold Camps” and here they are:

The Western Camp (N. America/Europe)

The majority of western societies view gold as jewelry ........

The Eastern Camp (Asia/Middle East)

The majority of eastern societies view gold as a store of value.........

The Central Bank Camp (All Central Banks)

To a central bank gold is money. A central bank’s prime objective to regulate the fiat money system their country (and the world) has adopted as their means of exchange. This is not an easy task given that since 1971 all countries are on a non-backed, floating monetary system. Gold has served as money for thousands of years and has always competed directly and indirectly with paper money. Proof of the central bank’s view on gold as money is found in their gold reserve holdings. Central banks are still the largest holders of physical gold in the world even though all paper currencies were taken off the gold standard almost 40 years ago. Central banks stock up on gold when it goes out of favor (80’s-90's) and sell gold when it starts competing with their fiat money (1970’s & 2001-today). Gold is the most important competitor to fiat currency and full control of the gold market is the #1 requirement of any fiat money system........

-- Posted Wednesday, 9 July 2008 | Digg This Articlehttp://www.goldseek.com/images/diggit.PNG (http://digg.com/submit?phase=2&url=news.goldseek.com/GoldSeek/1215630497.php&title=3%20Gold%20Camps&bodytext=%20By%20Bix%20Weir%20%20%C2%A0%20%20For%20the%20past%208%20years%20I%20have%20been%20an%20EXTREMLY%20vocal%20advocate%20of%20Gold%20as%20an%20investment%20practically%20begging%20everyone%20I%20know%20to%20buy%20some%20physical%20gold%20and%20stick%20it%20under%20their%20mattress,%20in%20a%20hole%20in%20their%20backyard%20or%20deep%20in%20their%20sock%20drawer.%20I%20have%20been%20the%20%E2%80%9CChicken%20Little%E2%80%9D%20of%20my%20town%20running%20up%20and%20down%20the%20street...&topic=business_finance) |

full story: http://news.goldseek.com/GoldSeek/1215630497.php

10.07.2008, 15:05
-> Posted by Fullgoldcrown @ 8:57 am on July 10, 2008
….thanks for the LT Charts on the Dow…..

10.07.2008, 15:37
4dabopper (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=7042) :verbeug

South Africa’s gold production continued to decline in May, falling by 11,6% year-on-year, official data showed on Thursday.

The total mining production for the three months ended May, after seasonal adjustment, decreased by 1,5% compared with the previous three months.

This decrease of was due to a 2,1% drop in the production of nongold minerals, particularly the production platinum group metals, which fell by 3,5 percentage points, Stats SA stated.

Early this year, South Africa’s State-owned electricity producer, Eskom, imposed power constraints, after it ran out of excess capacity.

The total mining production for the three months ended May, decreased by 6,4% compared with the same period a year earlier, mainly influenced by reported disruptions in the first quarter of the year.

10.07.2008, 15:47
...eigenartiges Gezerre am Silber :rolleyes

10.07.2008, 15:49

Cartel mit dem Rücken zur Wand?


10.07.2008, 16:34

Zum Original-Beitrag (http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/showthread.php3?p=1164697#post1164697)

10.07.2008, 17:22
.....vielleicht klappt's ja ;):cool

kingofgold (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=7388) :verbeug

Can someone push gold 10 more dollars!!!

http://goldismoney.info/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=47490&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1215702672 (http://goldismoney.info/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=47490&d=1215702672)

10.07.2008, 18:08
Central Bank Gold Sales At 297 Tons So Far This Year - WGC

Thu, Jul 10 2008, 14:55 GMT
http://www.djnewswires.com/eu (http://www.djnewswires.com/eu)

Central Bank Gold Sales At 297 Tons So Far This Year - WGC

LONDON (Dow Jones)--Central banks have just until the end of September to sell 203 metric tons of gold if this year's gold agreement sales quota is to be fulfilled, according to World Gold Council figures Thursday.

European central banks have sold just 297 tons of gold, far short of the 500 ton annual limit agreed by members to the Washington Gold Agreement, according to WGC.

Switzerland has sold the most :dumm (ohne Volksabstimmung :gomad;)) at 99 tons as of the end of June, while Sweden has sold seven tons as to July 7......
full story: http://www.fxstreet.com/news/forex-news/article.aspx?StoryId=153d4738-329d-4fa6-a1f6-d7b9317bb219

10.07.2008, 22:08
http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/images/2008/bernanke-paulson-treasury-fed-rate-cuts.jpg Did anyone notice the dog that didn't bark?


10.07.2008, 23:38
Posted On: Thursday, July 10, 2008, 3:17:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan

Author: Dan Norcini

Click chart to enlarge today’s 8 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.
http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58500_July1008Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6341_July1008Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)


10.07.2008, 23:44
Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Pete Grant, senior metals analyst for Centennial Precious Metals/USAGold.com in Denver, has compiled the firm's annual survey of investment performance, and finds that only the CRB commodities index has outperformed gold in the last year, and only by 46 to 43 percent. Everything else, Grant finds, is nearly garbage, except for fine wine, which, while appreciating only about 8 percent, at least can be consumed in excess when you're depressed about your investments in general stocks (down 15 percent), and housing (also down 15 percent). U.S. dollar certificates of deposit, while positive at about 4 percent, ran far behind the real inflation rate, probably around 12 percent.

You can find Grant's analysis, headlined "Gold Up 43% -- Outshines Wall Street, Main Street," at the USAGold site here:





11.07.2008, 00:05
Market Commentary From Monty Guild


We can go into detail about today's problems, and have done so in many of our commentaries over the past few years, but let's summarize them. The current chain of events is something like this:

Inflation is strong and getting stronger and it is not being caused solely by food and energy price rises.

Inflation is being caused by many complex and interrelated variables. A few of the main ones are:

Growth of the world's population.

Decisions by many governmental leaders in the newly industrializing world to create a much larger middle class. They want to encourage the growth of industry, while shrinking the percentage of the population engaged in agriculture, so that new, more efficient agricultural methods can be introduced in their countries. This has caused an unprecedented migration to the cities from the countryside in many fast growing, newly industrialized nations, especially China and India. Demand has soared for infrastructure building goods and services.

Money supply growth of over 14% globally, and interest rates which are below the inflation rate in many countries.

Combining these variables with several other malignancies tied to poor monetary and fiscal decisions by central banks around the globe, and you get the current environment: high inflation and stagnating economic growth in the industrialized world, and high inflation and strong growth in the countries which have current account surpluses or other growth drivers.

What we know:

Inflation is here to stay for a while. Two of the major reasons and many minor reasons were outlined in our last three letters.
The U.S. dollar is headed lower.
Commodities are headed higher due to inflation and demand is rising and supply is slow to respond.
The U.S. and world banking crisis will last for years and is more likely to be a big driver of inflation.
Commodities will fluctuate, but most will continue to rise for a number of years due to rising demand, inflation, and a weak dollar.


Hold currencies of countries with current account surpluses such as Norway, Australia, Canada, Gulf oil producers, and China.
Hold commodities, especially gold, food and fertilizers...and secondarily coal and other energy related companies.
Look for countries which can grow through it all...and buy them when they fall in price. China may be getting cheap, and we are watching it carefully. Foreigners have taken a lot of money out of China. The boom days are forgotten, but the average company is growing at 20% and P/E's have fallen by 70% from their highs. It is setting up for a big rally...the question is when.
Be wary of the press reports and the PR spin found on financial TV and in other media...read global economic statistics to get a better picture.
Buy when people are pessimistic, and when they are saying this time inflation is over and this time soybeans, gold, coal, etc. have peaked and must fall in price long term. Remember, until something is done to address the weak U.S. dollar and inflation by the central banks and commercial banking institutions who are responsible for the problems, there will be no long term decline in commodity prices.
Have an intermediate to long term view, and ignore day to day fluctuations...In our opinion, watching the tape minute to minute will drive one mad.

11.07.2008, 15:03
.....das muss man festhalten - Gold/Silber :bang



FEDS EYE TAKE OVER OF FANNIE, FREDDIE (http://biz.yahoo.com/nytimes/080711/1194793612725.html?.v=4)

http://www.spiegel.de/img/0,1020,1229981,00.jpg (http://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/0,1518,565345,00.html)

Ölpreisrekord und Kreditkrise drücken Dax auf Jahrestief (http://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/0,1518,565345,00.html)

Öl ist so teuer wie nie, die US-Kreditkrise kommt zurück: Die deutschen Aktienmärkte sacken ab. Der Dax erreicht ein neues Jahrestief - und Analysten erwarten keine schnelle Erholung. mehr... (http://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/0,1518,565345,00.html)

http://www.spiegel.de/static/sys/v8/backgrounds/bg_list_quarter.gifStimmungstief: Deutsche sind pessimistischer denn je (http://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/0,1518,565310,00.html)
http://www.spiegel.de/static/sys/v8/backgrounds/bg_list_quarter.gifAktienabsturz: US-Regierung entwirft Rettungsplan für Hypothekengiganten (http://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/0,1518,565205,00.html)

12.07.2008, 01:32
Minyan Mailbag: Got Gold?
Lance Lewis (http://www.minyanville.com/gazette/bios.htm?bio=78)

While the Dow is in a bear market and will likely move lower over time (in the short term, I personally think some sort of bear market rally is probably overdue), most of the decline in the Dow/Gold ratio in the short term will probably be due to a dramatic spike in gold prices.

Either way, it's clear that gold has vastly outperformed stocks since 2000, and it continues to do so. When the Dow began to rise again in 2002, the secular bear market in stocks that started back in 2000 only appeared to end; in fact, it's been ongoing. That's because the gold-denominated Dow never reached new highs - only the dollar-denominated Dow did.

By looking at the ratio, we can determine that the continued "decline" in the value of stocks was merely masked by rising inflation (just as it was in the 1970s). Similarly, the current collapse in stocks is somewhat muted by rising inflation - without it, the Dow would be down even further than it is now.

Whether due to an outright price decline or because of adjustments for inflation, all secular bull markets in U.S. stocks have declined over 90% from their peak since 1900.

In the Depression of the 1930s, the dollar was fixed to gold, so you experienced true deflation, with the Dow losing over 90% on a nominal basis. In the 1970s, when the dollar's tie to gold was broken, the decline was also over 90% but occurred on an inflation-adjusted basis rather than a nominal one., as in the ratio below:

Click to enlarge (http://image.minyanville.com/assets/FCK_Aug2007/File/Nico/gold%20ration.jpg)

We will no doubt see a similar decline in stocks from their peak in 2000 during this secular bear market -- 90% or more -- but it will most likely occur primarily as a result of rising inflation, just as in the 1970s. Given the flat nature of the dollar and the fact that the system has become totally dependent on continued rapid money and credit creation, it simply couldn't function without it.

Now you see why I so often like to say: Got gold?


12.07.2008, 01:36
Posted On: Friday, July 11, 2008, 1:43:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan

Author: Dan Norcini

Click chart to enlarge today’s 12 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.
http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58543_July1108Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6345_July1108Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)

Gold and Dollar Market Summary

Click here for this week's action in Gold in Yen and Euro terms with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6348_Charts_for_7-11-2008_Yen_Gold_and_Euro_Gold.pdf)

Click here for this week's action in SPDR (GLD) Gold Holdings with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6349_Charts_for_7-11-2008_Gold_ETF.pdf)

Click here for this week's action in the Dow/Gold Ratio and the Gold/Bond Ratio with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6350_Charts_for_7-11-2008_Gold-Bond_ratio.pdf)

Click here for this week's Commitment of Traders Action in Gold, the US Dollar, Euro, the Broad Dollar Index, Continuous Commidity Index, Emini S&P, CBOT Continuous Bonds and US Bonds with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6351_Charts_for_7-11-2008_COT_and_various_others.pdf)

Click here for this week's action in GoldCorp, Barrick Gold, Newmont, Golden Star Resources, Coeur D'Alene, El Dorado Gold, Kinross and Royal Gold with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6352_Charts_for_7-11-2008_Gold_stocks.pdf)


12.07.2008, 23:02
axstone (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=2775) :verbeug

Its official in my Mind..

Very important change today…

To all; we are experiencing a changing face in financial markets today. Yields on Treasuries are RISING! This is the first time yields have risen during stressful or panicky conditions in the stock market. I wrote late last year the "bell would ring" the day we saw panicky equities, a falling Dollar, AND falling Treasuries[rising yields]. In the past, yields ALWAYS dropped as people panicked into Treasuries as a "safe haven". Today EVERYTHING is being sold. Everything paper that is. Oil, Gold, and Silver are rising sharply today. This means that as stocks, bonds, and Dollars are liquidated, they are finding a new home outside of the "paper game". This is a very, very important change. Capital is exiting paper. No longer are the deck chairs on the Titanic being rearranged, passengers are jumping ship. If this continues into next week, the panic in the financials will spread into ALL things paper.

CNBC is blaming this financial panic on short sellers. Again, BULL! Short sellers do not have enough capital to tank the system. Fundamentals, and fundamentals alone are capable of creating a panic. Smart, big money, will step up and buy if asset values are, or get too low. Smart, big money, will not step in front of a freight train if fundamentals do not justify it. This is not short sellers, it is investors making the decision to exit paper. BASED ON FUNDAMENTALS.

I notice this too,, Sentelli first mentioned it then Dan Norcini Pointed it out and now MIDAS

www.lemetropolecafe.com (http://www.lemetropolecafe.com/)

12.07.2008, 23:23
written Jul 11, 2008
Richard Russell - http://www.321gold.com/editorials/russell/russell071408.html

Dow vs. Gold -- The ratio between the Dow and gold has hit a new low. Today, one share of the Dow will buy only 11.44 ounces of gold -- that's down from 43.75 ounces back in July 1999. In other words, since mid-1999 the Dow has lost 73.8% of its value in terms of real money -- gold. Talk about a silent and insidious bear market, you're looking at one.


14.07.2008, 01:37
Saudi faces scrap gold shortage
Riyadh: Sun, 13 Jul 2008
http://www.tradearabia.com/news/images/spacer.gif http://www.tradearabia.com/source/2008/07/13/scrap.gif Saudi Arabia, the Middle East's largest gold jewellery consumer, is facing a shortage of scrap as jewellers and buyers expecting record prices to rise further hold onto their gold, traders and experts said on Sunday.

The scrap jewellery market in the kingdom usually provides about 20 to 30 tonnes per quarter for both domestic and regional refineries, traders said. Earlier this year, traders said Saudi Arabia had virtually stopped exporting scrap gold.

"Scrap supply has gone down significantly, even for domestic refineries," said Moaz Barakat, World Gold Council (WGC) managing director for the Middle East, Turkey and Pakistan.

"Consumers know that the gold price is still expected to go up, and they are keeping their gold for higher profits," he said.



14.07.2008, 02:16
Adens see the bear necessities

Commentary: They project Dow declining to 10,000 level or lower


The Adens' macro view: "Stagflation is becoming more dominant and the Fed is in a tight spot. That's why it's keeping interest rates low because it'll help the economy, despite higher inflation."
The Adens are bearish oh the dollar, bearish on bonds longer term. They expect gold to continue its "mega-bull market" after possibly building a base below $1,000 for the rest of the summer.
Their projections on the stock market are among the most alarming I've seen for a long time. Looking at a point-and-figure chart they write: "The Dow could eventually decline to around the 10,000 level as a downside target. Interestingly, the average bear market decline over the past 50 years has been 29.2% on the S&P 500. Extending this average decline to the Dow Industrials and using its 2007 peak at 14,164, gives us a downside target of 10,000 as well... this could quite possibly be the Dow's next downside target. If the Dow were to close below 10,725 it would be a bad sign, and especially below 10,000."
How bad? The Adens point to a semi-log chart of the Dow since 1982. They write: "Note that it's been in a solid uptrend since then, but now the Dow is breaking below this 26-year uptrend ... the Dow's percentage growth is changing. That is, the booming stock market days since 1982 are over and if the Dow were to eventually retrace 50% of its huge bull market rise from 1982 to 2007, then it could theoretically drop to near the 7,500 level, which would be similar to the bear market drop in 1974. http://i.mktw.net/mw3/News/greendot.gif


14.07.2008, 02:27
Rescue Sought for Fannie and Freddie

WASHINGTON — Alarmed about the sharply eroding confidence in the nation’s two largest mortgage finance companies, the Bush administration will ask Congress to approve a rescue package that would give the government the authority to buy billions of dollars in stock in Fannie Mae (http://topics.nytimes.com/top/news/business/companies/fannie_mae/index.html?inline=nyt-org) and Freddie Mac (http://topics.nytimes.com/top/news/business/companies/freddie_mac/index.html?inline=nyt-org) and also lend to the companies to meet their short-term funding needs, people briefed about the plan said on Sunday.
Separately, the Federal Reserve (http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/organizations/f/federal_reserve_system/index.html?inline=nyt-org) voted on Sunday to also open a lending facility for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, if they need emergency capital. The two companies would be able to post their own securities as collateral.

The plan calls on Congress to give the government the authority over the next two years to buy an unspecified amount of stock in the two companies. Over the same period of time, it would permit the companies to have greater access to the Treasury, by expanding the credit line that each company has from the Treasury. Each company now has a $2.25 billion credit line, set nearly 40 years ago by Congress. At the time, Fannie had only about $15 billion in outstanding debt. It now has total debt of about $800 billion, while Freddie has about $740 billion.

Today the two companies also hold or guarantee mortgages valued at more than $5 trillion.


Now, in the face of market turmoil in recent days, a quiet yet dramatic policy shift has occurred. Government officials no longer deny the existence of a guarantee. Instead, senior officials at both the Fed and the Treasury have been talking in recent days of possibly taking steps to “harden the guarantee.

”Motivating the change was the central role of the two institutions and the depth of ownership in the paper they have issued. Every major bank, and many mutual funds and pension funds and foreign governments, hold significant amounts of securities issued by Fannie and Freddie, which have been viewed over the years as being almost as safe as treasury securities. A default by either one of the companies could be catastrophic for the financial system.


14.07.2008, 02:34
Congressman Ron Paul Talks with Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on the Dollar [video]


Video Author's Comments: Congressman Ron Paul talks with Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on the dollar and other matters at the July 10, 2008 Financial Services hearing.


Mehr als von Paulsons Antwort dürfte Ron Paul von der Performance seines Portfolios erfreut sein. :D

Ron Paul's Investment Portfolio

His campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination may not have gone as he had hoped, but Ron Paul's investment portfolio has progressed nicely since he began his bid for higher office.

Late last year, the Texas Congressman's financial disclosure was summarized here (http://themessthatgreenspanmade.blogspot.com/2007/11/ron-paul-money-and-mouth-same-place.html) (courtesy of data from OpenSecrets.org (http://www.opensecrets.org/pfds/pfd2006/N00005906_2006_Pres.pdf)) and it seemed like a good idea to follow up and see how it has done.

Not too shabby as it turns out.

The original disclosure was filed in March of last year so, for the purposes of this exercise, it is assumed that he has made no changes to his holdings and that his holdings were at the mid-point of the various ranges indicated on the disclosure form.

All gains and losses below reflect the one year performance as of July 8th, 2008.

http://static.seekingalpha.com/uploads/2008/7/10/saupload_08_07_09b_ron_pauls_stocks_thumb1.png (http://static.seekingalpha.com/uploads/2008/7/10/saupload_08_07_09b_ron_pauls_stocks.png)

The outsized allocations for Goldcorp (GG (http://seekingalpha.com/symbol/gg)) and Barrick (ABX (http://seekingalpha.com/symbol/abx)) were instrumental in achieving his outsized gains and, like many other investors in this sector, he has yet to see any of his junior mining stocks make big moves (that is, big moves up).:rolleyes

Despite a strong and devoted following, he never really stood much of a chance against more mainstream opponents.

It would have been great fun, however, to hear the traditional media outlets and the many political talking heads comment on his million dollar gold stock portfolio during the general election and how that might influence his policies.

Of course, his idea of abolishing the Federal Reserve makes eminently more sense today than it did last year.


14.07.2008, 03:57
Maund On Gold & Silver



14.07.2008, 10:18
....bald kann ih meine Calls wieder zurückkaufen :cool

14.07.2008, 16:08
....bald kann ih meine Calls wieder zurückkaufen :cool

Zum Original-Beitrag (http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/showthread.php3?p=1165565#post1165565)
Hoffentlich gekauft. :D


Can't Stop the Train (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZKjJI1Rl7c&feature=related)

14.07.2008, 16:11
Chuck for President !

14.07.2008, 18:15
Hoffentlich gekauft. :D

Can't Stop the Train (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZKjJI1Rl7c&feature=related)

Zum Original-Beitrag (http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/showthread.php3?p=1165696#post1165696)
:no:cry hab nur noch Restposten :rolleyes:mad normalerweise fallen die Teile wenn ich einkaufen gehe :grrrr

14.07.2008, 18:55
White House: Bush to lift offshore drilling ban

Congress must still lift legislative ban before offshore drilling can start

http://msnbcmedia1.msn.com/i/msnbc/Components/Sources/Art/APTRANS.gifupdated 11:47 a.m. ET July 14, 2008

WASHINGTON - In another push to deal with soaring gas prices, President Bush on Monday will lift an executive ban on offshore drilling that his stood since his father was president. But the move, by itself, will do nothing unless Congress acts as well.....


14.07.2008, 19:42
...endlich mal was G'scheites verkauft ;)


SNB hat Kreditrisiken bei Freddie Mac und Fannie Mae abgebaut

.......Im Zuge von Grundsatzüberlegungen in der Anlagestrategie seien diese Anlagen inzwischen aufgelöst worden, sagte der SNB-Sprecher. Und zwar in einem Zeitpunkt, in dem die Hypothekeninstitute noch keine grossen Probleme gehabt hätten. (AP)

ganzer Artikel: http://www.epochtimes.de/articles/2008/07/14/311481.html

14.07.2008, 22:11
http://www.gata.org/ - http://www.jsmineset.com/ ---> :rolleyes:rolleyes:rolleyes Fehler: Server nicht gefunden :rolleyes:rolleyes:rolleyes Fehler: Netzwerk-Zeitüberschreitung :rolleyes:rolleyes:rolleyes

...wem passt wohl wer nicht :mad

Goldeneye (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=5700) http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/statusicon/user_offline.gif
Registered User

What a day for Jim Sinclair to be down ...http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/smilies/favorites21.gif I blame TPTB http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/smilies/yes.gif lol

14.07.2008, 22:20
'wollte auch gerade rein –
confiscated indeed !

14.07.2008, 22:39
3:56 PM ET

CNBC UpdateTimeStamp 36 minutes ago
Forget Congress -- Keep Buying Gold

Forget congressional bluster about clamping down on "speculators" -- commodities prices have barely begun to climb. So says John Roque, senior vice president of Natixis Bleichroeder. He offered CNBC his sector insights -- and a top stock pick.
"The trend for the CRB [Reuters Jefferies CRB commodities index] relative for stocks looks up," said Roque. "And the trend for gold relative to the S&P also looks up."..........

mit Video :)


....das muss den CNBClern aber weh tun :hihi

15.07.2008, 00:44
....das muss den CNBClern aber weh tun :hihi

Zum Original-Beitrag (http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/showthread.php3?p=1165825#post1165825)
Erin scheint in der Tat etwas genervt. :rolleyes

Die UBS, die sie anspricht, scheint auch etwas orientierungslos. :rolleyes

Author: John Reade, UBS

Gold ETF holdings jumped a record 1.48moz on Friday, the largest one-day increase since the initial listing back in November 2004. This jump, together with the more modest increases seen over the past month, is a clear indication that US investors have become a lot more worried about systemic risk in recent weeks and that these fears worsened sharply late last week. The ongoing woes in the financial system have been with us for a while, but the rapidly increasing worries about Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac has not doubt brought the problems home to the investor in the street - and the seizure of Indy Mac by the FDIC on Friday will probably have done nothing to assuage these fears.

We have noted previously that gold is trading about $200 above where 'normal' market fundamentals should support it, but that there is the potential for the metal to trade much higher should it become a mainstream, rather than minority, investment. Friday's jump in ETF holdings are the first signs that this could be becoming a reality.

Gold higher as systemic risk rises

European trade on Friday saw gold give up some of its overnight gains, slipping back to about $943/oz before strength ahead o the open saw gold recapture these losses and firm ahead of the US open as crude gained further ground. Gold opened in New York on a firm note due to fund buying after the bell around $960, the effect of which was an $8 lurch higher; along the way we noted good two-way interest from clients from $962 through $967. Rallies in the euro and crude oil provided background support all the while. Not until WTI backtracked did gold buyers relent. But, once again, funds came to the rescue and ensured a close above $960. In Asian trade today good two way volumes were seen in gold as Chinese and Japanese names were featured sellers against more widespread buying.

We believe that in the near term gold will be driven by risk aversion fears and, following the weekend moves to reassure financial markets about the future of Freddie and Fannie there may be some respite to these fears. But this may be only short-lived. We believe that the moves in ETF holdings is evidence that investors have become much more worried about systemic risk and that, once worried, investors will remain concerned until there is clear evidence that the situation is getting better. To that end we upgrade our short-term gold price forecasts to $1000/oz in one month and $1050/oz in three months ($900 and $850/oz previously) but we note that if sustained, heavy inflows into the ETF occur, the move in gold could become self-fulfilling and much higher numbers could result.

LONDON – Goldessential.com – Jul 14 – 8.25GMT

15.07.2008, 03:39
Posted On: Monday, July 14, 2008, 8:26:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan

Author: Dan Norcini

Dear Friends,

Gold powered into the resistance zone after being knocked lower by early selling as Europe came on line last evening our time. Apparently the FRE and FNM news which bulled the equity indices overnight was taken by some as a signal to sell down gold. The problem for those one minute bar chart die-hards is that the US economic system is not being run by one minute bar chart considerations anymore. After all, we are talking about the second largest bank failure in US history occurring this weekend with well-placed fears about the solvency of other major US banks. And to think with this kind of backdrop that the mentally short-sighted one minute bar chart geeks are trying to play swing trader extraordinaire strikes me as being stupefyingly self-defeating. This is a time when you want to own gold to preserve your hard-earned wealth- not try to play MACD crossover on the 1 minute! Investors with a bit longer term attention span woke up to that realization and moved into gold forcing the early shorts to an ignominious retreat.

As you can see on the chart, gold broke into the resistance zone marked out on the chart and then managed to poke its head above that. The ability to hold above this level for another day would signal that a drive to $990 is underway. Expect a fierce battle should price move to that level. If gold does not stop and pause for a bit of a breather at that point, it could well signal that things are spiraling rapidly out of control.

Volume in last Friday's technical breakout to the upside was very strong - a strongly bullish sign. We want to see continued high volume readings as it would confirm upside momentum. We are approaching the time of the month when rollover activity out of August and into December will begin commencing in earnest. Typically gold meets this period with a bit of price weakness as opportunistic perma gold bears take advantage of the technical developments to try to lean on it a bit. Given all that is taking place right now, their usual game might engender some unpleasant side-effects that they are not accustomed to dealing with. After all, we are eyewitnesses to history being made right now and although it is a bit trite to overstate the obvious, this is not your momma’s market.

While bullion has been impressively strong this morning, the mining shares are up, but not nearly as impressive as they might be. The XAU has got to get above the 200 level and hold that level to see some sharper moves in the issues that make up that index. The HUI needs to clear 470 and then 480 before many of the shares that comprise that particular index can see some upside acceleration. A complete divorce of the mining shares from the overall US equity market appears to be occurring but not without some residual attempts at reconciliation apparently! That being said, it is always a positive to see both bullion and the mining shares moving higher in tandem.

As some of you might have noticed, the bond market completely reversed course today, in the process taking back most of the losses it incurred from last Friday’s massive collapse. With the Dollar down against EVERY SINGLE MAJOR CURRENCY, and with yields moving lower, I still marvel that any investor would view any but the shortest-dated Treasury paper as remotely “safe haven”. Believe you me, foreign holders of US Treasuries watching the collapsing dollar are not at all thrilled, especially the big holders such as the Asian Central Banks. While we are not going to get data from the Treasury on International Capital Flows for the month of July until at least September, I would not be surprised to see the beginning of TIC deterioration very soon.

The S&P made yet another 2 year low in today’s session as overnight euphoria concerning the financials rapidly gave way to the realization that more shoes are yet to drop. Silver looks technically very strong on the price charts especially after besting the 19.00 level. The CCI index is down due to weakness in the energies and in the grains but some of the grains are beginning to look quite oversold so that could change soon.

Click chart to enlarge today’s 12 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.

http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58577_July1408Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6363_July1408Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)


15.07.2008, 10:25
..meine (verflossenen) CALLs http://www.schatzsucher.de/Foren/images/smilies/wein.gif

15.07.2008, 14:21
axstone (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=2775) http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/statusicon/user_online.gif

Originally Posted by manimal http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/buttons/viewpost.gif (http://goldismoney.info/forums/showthread.php?p=1193025#post1193025)
Holy cow !!
Just woke up to see all the asiam markets droped %3 and european markets droped %2m ...... The TSX and NY will be take out to the wood shed.http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/smilies/shocked_ma.gif

Gold up sharply for once ..... go gold go.

The only problem is that even if gold goes up $25 but the stock market crashes all my gold shares will go down the tube with it.

Manimal .. THE OPEN MAY BE ALL YOU GET.. TODAY.. 990 is strong resistance

watch the wicks on the Gold stocks if you get a spike higher into the open then a sharp sell off around 10 or 11.. if we close the day red this could be our pause.. (WHO KNOWS.. I DONT CARE) because its all short term noise..


kiwi_envoy (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=6886) http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/statusicon/user_online.gif
Silver Member

Ok Knights get ready to take $990

....freuen tät's mich :cool:bang

15.07.2008, 17:07
...spät kommt's - doch es kommt :rolleyes vielleicht rücken meine calls wieder in Reichweite :schwitz

...aha - drum :rolleyes ---> Crude slumps more than $8 to below $140 as Bush talks (was wohl :confused:rolleyes)

16.07.2008, 01:55
Gold vs. Money - Tuesday 15th July 2008


Gold Reserves Compared to Money Supply

According to the World Gold Council, at the end of 2006 the central banks of the 38 countries within these 25 economic areas held 24,170 tonnes of gold.

This represents 91.3% of the gold held by all countries of the world. At current Gold Prices (http://www.bullionvault.com/gold-price-chart.do), the value of the gold held by these 38 countries is $749.2 billion. But the total value of the currency, the actual notes and coins, issued by these countries – $3.82 trillion – nearly five times that figure.

This suggests that, while official gold reserves as a proportion of broad money supply (M3) is barely 1.2%, the value of official central bank gold reserves equals 19.6% of the value of outstanding currency (M0) at present.

The following chart shows a ratio between the value of the official central bank gold reserves to the value of circulating currency.

Note that Norway and United Arab Emirates have no official gold reserves. The 563.1 metric tonnes from the European Central Bank was added to the Euro-Zone, bringing the total for this economic area up to 10,975.3 metric tonnes as of June 2008.


At the time of writing this article, the official gold reserves of Venezuela appears to out-value all of its outstanding currency by 78%. Both Switzerland and Kuwait have gold reserves nearly equal to the value of the currency issued.



16.07.2008, 01:59
Jim Rodgers: Let the Fannie and Freddie go bancrupt


16.07.2008, 02:10
SEC Issues Emergency Rule on Short-Selling Financials (http://jessescrossroadscafe.blogspot.com/2008/07/sec-issues-emergency-rule-on-short.html)

http://bp0.blogger.com/_H2DePAZe2gA/SH0yhbyU_tI/AAAAAAAADT8/_BMGUm_QgWk/s320/mortgagecrisis.jpg (http://bp0.blogger.com/_H2DePAZe2gA/SH0yhbyU_tI/AAAAAAAADT8/_BMGUm_QgWk/s1600-h/mortgagecrisis.jpg)

How thoughtful of the SEC to come to the aid of the primary dealers, the Wall Street banks, after virtually ignoring the naked short selling problem in the markets for the past eight years.

16.07.2008, 02:52
Gold Price Got You Giddy?

http://goldprice.org/axstone/uploaded_images/2-713766.jpg (http://goldprice.org/axstone/uploaded_images/2-713798.jpg)Were you a major buyer at $850? If you were not a buyer last month, you were not buying weakness, as you see the Gold Price has moved nicely off of $860 recently, that means gold has moved into the strength category; along with this comes giddiness. Keep the same game plan - Long Gold and accumulate on weakness, emotional control and money management. Many opinions are that the dollar may crash and the gold price could spike, however intervention is likely to prevent both from happening, and so far we have orderly moves. How long this will last, no one knows.

Here is a quote from Dan Norcini from (www.jsmineset.com (http://www.jsmineset.com)):"As you can see on the chart, gold broke into the resistance zone marked out on the chart and then managed to poke its head above that. The ability to hold above this level for another day would signal that a drive to $990 is underway. Expect a fierce battle should price move to that level. If gold does not stop and pause for a bit of a breather at that point, it could well signal that things are spiraling rapidly out of control."Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.


16.07.2008, 09:55
Jive Dadson (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=6789) :verbeug http://i346.photobucket.com/albums/p434/JiveDadson/1-5.png

16.07.2008, 18:40
...ist irgendwie ermüdend das Ganze :zz

Jive Dadson (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=6789) http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/statusicon/user_online.gif
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Originally Posted by ThePrintingPress
I've become so used to the manipulation it doesn't even bother me anymore. Gold's down $10 in 30 mins? *shrug* They've been doing this for years, from $250/oz. all the way up to $1000/oz. so obviously it's not working too well. Actually I probably get more worried when they're NOT trying to paint the charts and I start to wonder what they are up to!


16.07.2008, 18:56
Originally Posted by axstone http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/buttons/viewpost.gif (http://goldismoney.info/forums/showthread.php?p=1195189#post1195189)
Yesterday I said:
With the financial world collapsing all around them one can only wonder why. Perhaps as the only porthole on the murky gold world they are trying to bluff it out! Everything is just fine!
But today the news was announced that the FED and the Treasury are going to bail Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. There was obviously no point in trying to keep up appearances any more this is all out debauchery of the US dollar. And in classic style Goldman Sachs did their version of the Three Musketeers mantra "All for GS, and GS for Us"! In the July 14 session on the TOCOM Goldman Sachs took an F16 out of Dodge! They COVERED 1,475 short contracts to bring their net short position to 5,756 making this the LOWEST NET SHORT position they have EVER held in the 30 months since I have been tracking their position on a daily basis. This is VERY significant considering who the Treasury Secretary is….the ex-CEO of Goldman Sachs! If Goldman Sachs is covering on the ONLY visible gold position that they have on the planet then investors should pay attention. The dollar is toast and gold is ready on the launch pad….watch this space!

16.07.2008, 19:06

Bens Börsenballett mit eigenwilligen Pirouetten. Ob das reicht?

US faces global funding crisis, warns Merrill Lynch

Merrill Lynch has warned that the United States could face a foreign "financing crisis" within months as the full consequences of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage debacle spread through the world.


Das Geld flieht aus den USA

Ausländische Investoren ziehen Kapital ab


16.07.2008, 19:17

Bens Börsenballett mit eigenwilligen Pirouetten. Ob das reicht?

Zum Original-Beitrag (http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/showthread.php3?p=1166609#post1166609)
....dieser Ballettmeister http://blog.foreignpolicy.com/files/images/071025_paulson_0.jpg gibt aber die Pirouetten vor :bad
und an der Kasse sitzt http://www.cartoonstock.com/lowres/ssm0005l.jpg man ist dann eben im "Aussendienst" :bad

16.07.2008, 19:51
The Morning Gold Reportby Peter A. Grant

Oil dropped sharply on Tuesday as Fed Chairman Bernanke highlighted growth risks in testimony before the Senate Banking Committee. The prospect of a slowing economy and evidence that demand for crude is already dropping off at an increasing pace sparked an aggressive bout of profit taking. Oil registered its biggest one day drop in dollar terms since the 1991 Gulf War.

We also heard a rumor that a large hedge fund had missed a margin call and was forced to liquidate a sizable oil position. That selling reportedly triggered stops, which forced oil sharply lower.

Given how quickly oil dropped and given that Bernanke's testimony didn't really hold any surprises, this seems a pretty plausible explanation. Nonetheless, we haven't seen that rumor confirmed in the press this morning, so Mr. Bernanke seems to be getting most of the credit for knocking oil from its lofty perch.


While all of the news over the past 24-hours seems to be bearish for oil, gold is proving to be quite resilient. We have seen the gold/oil ratio climb convincingly back above 7 for the first time since Jun. We have been calling for a rebound in the gold/oil ratio for several months now and we see potential back toward 8 initially.

Since gold corrected back in Mar, oil has essentially stolen the show, setting new record highs while leaving gold in the dust. Yesterday's sell-off in oil may be the trigger that returns attention to gold as the primary hedge against a weak dollar, inflation, systemic risks and general economic uncertainty.


Despite the sell-off in oil, inflation is going to remain an ongoing threat as pass-through effects of two months with oil above $130 bbl continue to accumulate. US CPI surged 1.1% in Jun, well above market expectations. This was the largest monthly jump in CPI since 1982. The government's measure of year-on-year inflation is now 5.02%. However, the Shadow Government Statistics (http://www.shadowstats.com/) alternative CPI now shows the actual rate of inflation is probably nearing 13%.http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/smilies/confused_ma.gif


16.07.2008, 20:05
NAHB-Immobilienindex auf Allzeittief
16.07.2008 - 19:53

New York (BoerseGo.de) - Der von der "National Association of Home Builders" (NAHB) veröffentlichte Index zur Stimmung am US-Immobilienmarkt ist im Juli um zwei Punkte auf 16 Punkte gefallen. Der Index, der die Stimmung über die Verkaufszahlen neuer Einfamilienhäuser ermittelt, fällt damit auf ein neues Rekordtief zurück. Der aktuelle Index-Stand besagt, dass nur ein Sechstel der Hauseigentümer die aktuelle Lage am Immobilienmarkt als positiv einschätzt.

16.07.2008, 21:38
http://www.jsmineset.com/spacer.gif Posted On: Wednesday, July 16, 2008, 1:58:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan
Author: Dan Norcini

Dear Friends,

It was amusing reading the wire service commentary attempting to explain the drop in gold this morning.

One provider stated that gold declined because Bernanke said that inflation is too high and is a top priority for the US government. Oh sure it is! And to show how serious it is, the Fed is going to immediately begin a rate hike cycle in which they will add 100 basis points before the end of the year is out. Of course, they will be sure to do just that while the feds bail out FRN and FRE and while the FDIC attempts to clean up the mess at Indy Mac. Don't forget Washington Mutual whose share price is trading closer to $4.00 than the $44 it was trading at a year ago. Yes indeed, that is just what the financial stocks ordered - a hawkish Fed talkfest! Meanwhile they are forced to print Dollars like candy wrappers to hold things together! I am sure China and the rest of the sovereign wealth funds are thrilled.

Just where do some of these people think the US government is going to get the money to bail out Fannie and Freddie and to continue funding the FDIC which is going to be leaking like a sinking ship at the rate some of these financial institutions could very well begin failing. For those of you who remember the disco craze of the 70's with KC and the Sunshine Band -just take their hit song, "Shake, Shake, Shake" and change the lyrics to, "Print, Print, Print, - Print, Print, Print, - Print more Dollars" and you have it!

What served to knock gold lower was the DOE report showing a 3 million barrel build in crude. That derailed oil prices which then saw the Dollar move higher and the US equity markets rebound smartly. The result was pressure on gold and most other commodities as the hedge fund algorithms kicked in on account of the strength in the Dollar. It's all computer algorithms folks! The Dollar goes up - commodities go down. There is no human analysis in this other than the fact that was the way the computerized systems were programmed.

Open interest soared in yesterday’s surge to $990 increasing by a whopping 13,000 contracts. Sadly for all those brand new longs who bought in yesterday – the bullion bank barricade at $990 has sent every single one of them into the loss column. Here go the folks who want to buy gold to protect themselves from bank failures and systemic risk and thanks to the never ending bullion bank selling, flee to the safety of gold and yet somehow still manage to lose money.

Of course, if they had bought those “cheap” and utterly secure financials instead of that barbarous yellow relic, they would have made all kinds of money today! Repeat after me – “YELLOW METAL BAD ; FINANCIAL STOCKS GOOD”. “NAKED SHORT SELLING IN FINANCIAL STOCKS BAD; NAKED SHORT SELLING IN MINING SHARES GOOD”

Maybe the monetary authorities can introduce these phrases into all American public school classes beginning at the start of the new semester this year and that way produce a crop of good, well-behaved and nicely compliant citizens who don’t know any better than to understand how their government is debauching their currency and stealing from them in the process. Five years from now when a gallon of milk costs $7.00, they can wonder why things cost so much and their government can tell them the speculators did it.

Technically, gold has failed near $1000, which is not surprising but then a blast through that would have meant that things were melting down so fast that only cockroaches would be left on the planet. It has support in the former resistance zone which bottoms out around $965 with much better support near the $955 level. Stronger support lies at $950 - $948. Resistance is near $980 at first followed by yesterdays high at $990. Above that of course is $1000.

The mining shares have been interesting in their trading action in today's session and at this point are showing some decent buying at lower levels in today's session thus far but they remain lower as short-term oriented traders plunge back into the broader market trying to pick a bottom. Ah yes, once again it seems that it has only taken one mere 24 hour period for all that plagues the US financial system to be remedied meaning that gold shares are obsolete once again having served their purpose for, let me see, 3 days.

The bonds fell out of bed once again today continuing their maddening yo-yo action but they did fail technically at the 117 level which has been keeping them in check for the last week. If they break through the 115^00 level on the downside and fail to regain it on any subsequent retest, we could have a top in the long bond. It is still too early to say with certainty however. That market has not been an easy one to trade for those trying to catch a trending move.

Crude oil is beginning to look a bit tenuous here. Bulls will need to perform very soon or risk losing short term control of the market. Today’s session low in the August near $132 is critical as it marks the bottom of a layer of very strong support that has been in place for 6 weeks now. It also closely corresponds with the 50 day moving average. Technical indicators are declining.

Corn is rebounding in today's session as are beans after the hedge fund selling looks to have exhausted itself for now. The bears might have exhausted their fun in there for now.

Click chart to enlarge today’s 12 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.

http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58582_July1608Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6368_July1608Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)

17.07.2008, 01:02
I conclude that smart money is being placed for a massive rise in the gold price no late than November 2008. This money could not go in to the futures market without blowing the lid off the price as it would represent such a large increase in open interest. Going into the out-of-the-money option market allows flying below the radar.

Adrian Douglas
July 16 2008


17.07.2008, 11:15
DJ Metals Calendar - Futures, Options Dates


July 16 Nymex August platinum options expiry
July 28 Comex August gold options expiry
July 28 Comex August silver options expiry
July 28 Comex August copper options expiry
July 28 Comex August aluminum options expiry
July 29 CBOT July silver futures last trading day
July 29 CBOT July mini silver futures last trading day
July 29 Comex July gold futures last trading day
July 29 Comex August miNY gold futures last trading day
July 29 Comex July silver futures last trading day
July 29 Comex July copper futures last trading day
July 29 Comex August miNY copper futures last trading day
July 29 Comex July aluminum futures last trading day
July 29 Nymex July platinum futures last trading day
July 29 Nymex August miNY platinum futures last trading day
July 29 Nymex July palladium futures last trading day
July 29 Nymex August miNY palladium futures last trading day
July 31 CBOT August gold futures first notice day
July 31 CBOT August mini gold futures first notice day
July 31 Comex August gold futures first notice day
July 31 Comex August silver futures first notice day
July 31 Comex August copper futures first notice day
July 31 Comex August aluminum futures first notice day
July 31 Nymex August platinum futures first notice day
July 31 Nymex August palladium futures first notice day


17.07.2008, 15:18
«Für diesen Schaden muss jemand aufkommen»


Sie meinen, Besitzer von Kassaobligationen und Festgeldern über einem halben Jahr könnten sich ihr Geld ans Bein streichen?

Im Notfall, ja. Bei einem Bankencrash können nicht alle Gläubiger befriedigt werden. Unbedingt geschützt werden müssen die kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen – Metzger, Schreiner, Handwerker. Ihr Vermögen darf nicht verloren gehen, sonst haben wir ein Grounding der Volkswirtschaft.

Geht es in diese Richtung?

Ich glaube nicht. Die US-Regierung stützt die beiden Hypo-Institute Fannie Mae und Freddie Mac, auch weil diese den Wahlkampf vieler Politiker finanzierten. Aber so lange die Gläubiger nicht zu Schaden kommen und immer nur die Aktionäre die Rechnung begleichen müssen, so lange finden die Preise der Hypothekenpapiere und anderer Anlagen keinen Boden.

Muss zuletzt der Steuerzahler geradestehen, so wie bei Fannie und Freddie?

Nach den Aktionären bluten entweder die Steuerzahler, wenn der Staat hilft, oder es kommt zu Inflation, wenn die Notenbanken weiter Geld ins Finanzsystem pumpen. Irgendjemand muss den Schaden bezahlen, wenn der Gläubiger nicht dran glauben muss.

Also kann die Krise auch auf die Schultern vieler verteilt und über die Zeit ausgestanden werden?

Das wird seit Monaten versucht. Bis jetzt hat das Aussitzen aber zu immer neuen Fieberschüben geführt, jeder war grösser als der vorherige. Die Preise finden erst Boden, wenn der Ausfall klar zugeordnet wird. Niemand will in Hypothekenprodukte investieren, wenn am nächsten Tag ein neuer Einbruch droht.

Wie gross sind die Verluste weltweit?

Ich sprach schon letztes Jahr von 1000 Milliarden bis 1500 Milliarden Dollar. Für diesen Schaden muss jemand aufkommen. Und zwar - konkret – Firmen, Anleger, andere Gläubiger. Sonst kommt die Krise zu keinem Ende.


17.07.2008, 15:33
Gold Dips as Oil Falls, Stocks Rally; Inflation "Won't Fall" in Recession, Warns European Central Bank


"The rally in June and July (so far) has been impressive," it goes on, but pointing to the sharp reduction in forward "hedge book" sales by AngloGold – the largest gold mining group in Africa – between April and June, "the Gold Price will increasingly depend on investment," VM adds.

"This is already substantial but it could go much higher if the financial system threatened to implode."

On a fundamental basis, "the elevated credit risk and heightened inflation awareness should ensure good support for gold and silver," agrees Walter de Wet at Standard Bank in Johannesburg.

"It's a mistake to think that inflation will fall if the economy weakens," warns European Central Bank member Nout Wellink in an interview with Elsevier magazine today.

"We saw that in the 1970s. If you don't act, you get high inflation and low growth – stagflation.

"It will take ten years before you get it back under control if you don't intervene."

Taken as a threat of further ECB rate hikes ahead, Wellink's comments stand in sharp contrast to Fed chairman Ben Bernanke's testimony to the US Congress this week.

Only one Fed member, Dallas bank president Richard Fisher, voted for a rate hike at the US central bank's June meeting.

Last month the cost of living in America rose at its fastest pace since 1982. It has risen by almost 5¢ in the Dollar since the Fed began slashing interest rates in Sept. '07, causing a collapse in the US currency's market value.
Adrian Ash


17.07.2008, 17:05

17.07.2008, 17:12
axstone (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=2775) :verbeug

What do you think the Margins are going to look like @ 1,200 GOLD?


http://www.wave2capital.com/goldprice/free_gold.jpg ;)

17.07.2008, 19:48
U.S. Housing Starts Spurred by New York Code Change (Update2)
By Timothy R. Homan

July 17 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. housing starts unexpectedly surged the most in more than two years in June because of a change in New York City's building code that overshadowed a slide in single-family home construction. :rolleyes

Housing starts rose 9.1 percent to a 1.066 million pace from a revised 977,000 rate in May, the Commerce Department said today in Washington. Excluding a jump in construction of multifamily units in the Northeast, starts would have dropped 4 percent. Work began on single-family homes at the slowest pace in 17 years.



Recession-Plagued Nation Demands New Bubble To Invest In

The current economic woes, brought on by the collapse of the so-called "housing bubble," are considered the worst to hit investors since the equally untenable dot-com bubble burst in 2001. According to investment experts, now that the option of making millions of dollars in a short time with imaginary profits from bad real-estate deals has disappeared, the need for another spontaneous make-believe source of wealth has never been more urgent.

"Perhaps the new bubble could have something to do with watching movies on cell phones," said investment banker Greg Carlisle of the New York firm Carlisle, Shaloe & Graves. "Or, say, medicine, or shipping. Or clouds. The manner of bubble isn't important—just as long as it creates a hugely overvalued market based on nothing more than whimsical fantasy and saddled with the potential for a long-term accrual of debts that will never be paid back, thereby unleashing a ripple effect that will take nearly a decade to correct."

"The U.S. economy cannot survive on sound investments alone," Carlisle added. :eek

Congress is currently considering an emergency economic-stimulus measure, tentatively called the Bubble Act, which would order the Federal Reserve to† begin encouraging massive private investment in some fantastical financial scheme in order to get the nation's false economy back on track.



17.07.2008, 20:08
Posted On: Thursday, July 17, 2008, 1:41:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan
Author: Dan Norcini

Click chart to enlarge today’s 12 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.
http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58587_July1708Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6369_July1708Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)


17.07.2008, 20:28

Zum Original-Beitrag (http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/showthread.php3?p=1166936#post1166936)

17.07.2008, 20:33
«Für diesen Schaden muss jemand aufkommen»



Zum Original-Beitrag (http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/showthread.php3?p=1166890#post1166890)
Privatbank Wegelin & Co. - soll eine :supi Bank sein :cool

18.07.2008, 08:35
...das war vor zwei Jahren :supi ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEAb8Hbk_Q4

18.07.2008, 09:54
Nationalization, Fiasco, USDollar, Gold

Jim Willie CB
Jim Willie CB is the editor of the "Hat Trick Letter (http://www.goldenjackass.com/)"
Jul 17, 2008

....................A grotesque grandiose nationalization initiative is gradually being forced upon the USEconomy, US financial system, US political system, and the hapless US citizenry............


The precious metals mining stocks have vastly outperformed in the last two months time. Since June, the HUI has risen much more than the XOI, the energy stock index. Energy had its big run, and now it is the turn for gold & silver miners. Much crude oil money will flow into gold. The green circle highlights the recent rise in mining stocks over energy stocks.

http://www.321gold.com/editorials/willie/willie071708/1_sm.gif (http://www.321gold.com/editorials/willie/willie071708/1.gif) Since the springtime, a pronounced negative correlation is vividly clear between the HUI and the mainstream S&P500 stock index. As the banks and most every other sector drags down the stock market, during that time the precious metal mining stocks have benefited. This rare negative alignment is ridiculously favorable for mining stocks, and very welcome news. Por fin! (finally!) The mining sector is receiving positive press, more respect (:rolleyes dann hoffen wir mal wieder), and some recognition as a viable hedge from the prevalent deep price inflation witnessed on a global basis. Wait until the bank runs come in force! The flight into gold will be profound. The green circle highlights the recent rise in mining stocks over mainstream S&P500 stocks.

http://www.321gold.com/editorials/willie/willie071708/2_sm.gif (http://www.321gold.com/editorials/willie/willie071708/2.gif) THE KEY TO GOLD

In my view, that key is the bank system bailouts, including most importantly Fannie Mae. Since last August, when the bank crisis began, gold launched into record territory, only to continue soon into higher record territory. Their USGovt federal guarantee will open the door to other bailouts and nationalization movements. The most profound of the upcoming socialist actions will be the assumption of the Detroit carmakers. This event will be promoted in order to save jobs, to prevent enormous supply chain damage, even to assist in some military supply contracts. An argument will be made that its assumption under the national umbrella will offer stronger support for the steel industry. One by one, the sectors listed will see nationalization, pressed by urgent need as the system continues to break. The seminal event was the bust of subprime mortgages that led to gigantic bank losses. The bank & bond contagion, unlike what Bernanke has said, is total, absolute, and deep. In fact, USFed Chairman Bernanke has not made a single correct economic or banking forecast, par for the course on a university Economics Dept chairman. Back to the gold issue. The nationalization movement, especially its first step with a Fannie Mae and continued big bank bailout, will heighten the risk for the USDollar. Get the printing press ready. Everything is going the wrong way for these conmen control freaks!.....

full story: http://www.321gold.com/editorials/willie/willie071708.html

18.07.2008, 14:40
Originally Posted by THE FRENCH BLACK SHEEP http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/buttons/viewpost.gif (http://goldismoney.info/forums/showthread.php?p=1198332#post1198332)
I hope I am wrong but I get the feeling that the cartel and their puppets are going to smash gold next week as they do it everytime the gold contract rolls over from the aug. to the dec. contract :rolleyes:(

18.07.2008, 15:02
Newsflash LONDON – Goldessential.com – Jul 18 – 10.19GMT

UBS Daily Precious Metals
Author: John Reade


Gold is off some $25/oz from its recent highs after crude oil's plummet and a smaller strengthening in the US dollar. But it is much too soon to call an end to the safe haven buying seen of late. While we have not seen any repeat of the major inflow into the US GLD ETF, recent flows have been positive. Overnight a 20koz increase was reported for the GLD and while this is tiny compared to the 1.5moz reported for last Friday, it is interesting that there was no redemption considering the quick fall in gold. Also the UK-listed ETFS gold product saw an inflow of 55koz yesterday, again demonstrating how this instrument has gathered assets this year. If the flows in the US T-Bill market are anything to go by there could be more safe haven gold buying to come: Our US Rates colleagues report a tremendous amount of retail-sized buying of T Bills yesterday, mostly from regional banks who report that clients with uninsured deposits (+$100k) are rolling holdings into T-Bills as the ultimate risk free interest-bearing product. With T-Bill rates so low (3m now sub 1.50% and off 50bp on the week) how long before gold starts attracting some of these flows?

Very bumpy ride for gold

Comex gold closed at $970.00-70.50 after a high of $978.75-99.25 and low at $953.25-53.75. One thing is for sure: gold likes to move a lot in New York. From an open at $963, gold fell like a brick to the lows, then embarked on a near-complete recovery of those losses. Next was a dash to the highs, fuelled in part by stops hitting through 965. Background support for that surge came on spec of a large gold vs. crude oil ratio play, i.e., buying the former and selling the latter. Not until WTI traded through major support at 132 did gold give back some ground, to 966-67, before managing to firm anew into the close. In Asia gold was dragged lower by platinum (discussed in more detail below) but $955/956 proved to be good support with decent buying seen from lots of different sources and gold slowly recovered to around $960/zo where it currently trades in early London hours.

We believe that in the near term gold will be driven by risk aversion fears and to that end the recent increases in gold ETF holdings are important. While US financials remain under pressure we expect these inflows to continue. If gold moves from being a minority-held asset class to a popular safe haven then our short term forecasts of $1000/oz in one month and $1050/oz in three months will look very conservative.

18.07.2008, 16:51

axstone (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=2775) http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/statusicon/user_online.gif


To the MidEast…
Good Morning Bill (from Qatar)
I am an experienced GATA man now and not much shocks me anymore. This morning, however, I am very depressed. I spent a few hours yesterday listening to some of the sterling work of Patrick Byrne. When delivery of shares does not take place through the USA clearing system (run by the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation), the related transactions are not closed out but are allocated a FTD (Failure to Deliver) tag. If the details of FTD transactions were made public, there would be some degree of transparency and market participants could seek to control the situation and mitigate any potential losses. Now its gets quite unbelievable. The official SEC response to the promulgation of these naked short statistics is as follows (I kid you not) "The failure (to deliver share certificates) of individual firms and customers is proprietary information and may reflect the firms' (quite illegal-my insertion) trading strategies. The release of this information could be used to engage in unlawful upward manipulation of the price of the securities in order to squeeze these firms improperly".
There you have it, Bill. The SEC is intent on preserving the interests and anonymity of the naked short crooks. Its like saying that the banks should not publish details of those ATMs where muggings are prevalent since customers might take precautionary measures, and hence "unlawfully" impact the business model of the muggers and murderers. This is the state of the integrity of SEC oversight today. I don't know whether the Zimbaweans could ever be corrupted by such perverse, insane logic. It all revolves back to the power of the cheque book lobby and the preservation of the privileges of the crooks. We witnessed another instance of SEC "corruption" yesterday with the promulgation of the Emergency Order protecting only 19 specified financial institutions from the naked short sellers. Why not an Emergency Order reinvigorating the existing laws that render ANY naked short selling to be a security violation, thus extending impartially SEC protection to all investors. WHY NOT? BECAUSE NAKED SHORTING IS CLEARLY A MAJOR AND PROFITABLE STRATEGY OF CERTAIN "UNTOUCHABLE" INTERESTS. From where in the SEC charter does the authority emanate only to protect the interests of the few and privileged and most powerful and abandon the rest?

18.07.2008, 19:57
Possibility of big Central Bank gold sales to help try and stabilise the dollar

The prospect of new Central Bank sales of gold to try and contribute to dollar stabilisation is likely to be under consideration. Will this happen, and, if it does, what will be the likely effect on the gold market?


So, should Central Banks sell gold to try and help stabilise the dollar, apart from some short term dips around the gold sales themselves, it is likely the markets will absorb whatever is thrown at them. This would be either through a decline in production and continuing increasing investment demand, not to mention some likely purchases by some central banks which a) believe in gold and b) feel they need to hold more of their foreign exchange reserves in some currency other than the US dollar - and in this respect gold definitely counts as a currency.

While there may be a negative impact in that gold might not move upwards as fast as some would predict, longer term fundamentals look good for gold and with economic instability likely to continue for some time one has to remain positive on the price.


18.07.2008, 19:59
Aimee Allen's *Unofficial* Ron Paul Revolution Video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBCKMTo210k

tnx kiwi :cool

18.07.2008, 20:21
Here is the shorting curb list of the emergency SEC action.
Shorting Curbs

BNP Paribas Securities Corp
Bank of America Corp
Barclays PLC
Citigroup Inc
Credit Suisse Group
Daiwa Securities Group Inc
Deutsche Bank Group AG
Allianz SE
Goldman Sachs Group Inc
Royal Bank ADS
HSBC Holdings Plc ADS
JPMorgan Chase & Co
Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc
Merrill Lynch & Co Inc
Mizuho Financial Group Inc
Morgan Stanley
Freddie Mac
Fannie Mae

Who Is Missing?

Where is Washington Mutual (WM)? Wachovia (WB)? Were they tossed to the dogs?

What about Corus Bank (CORS), Bank United (BKUNA), National City Corporation (NCC)?

It is beyond all belief that naked short selling is affecting Goldman Sachs (GS) more than Washington Mutual, Wachovia, Corus Bank, Bank United, and National City Corporation.

One only needs consider all facts above to figure out what is going on.

Except for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that list contains the broker dealers and investment banks most responsible for naked shorting.

Selective Enforcement

As long as the investment banks and brokers were making money engaging in naked shorting of stocks, there was no problem. However, when the bears began using the tactic against the big financials, it became time to selectively enforce the existing regulation.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock


18.07.2008, 21:11

Posted On: Friday, July 18, 2008, 1:37:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan
Author: Dan Norcini

Click chart to enlarge today’s 12 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.
http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58598_July1808Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6374_July1808Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)

19.07.2008, 09:11
Posted On: Friday, July 18, 2008, 7:42:00 PM EST
Commitment Of Traders Action From Trader Dan
Author: Dan Norcini :verbeug

Click here for today's Commitment Of Traders Action in Gold, Silver, the US Dollar, and the Euro (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6375_Charts_for_7-18-2008_COT.pdf)


19.07.2008, 09:36
Fly Away Money

Adrian Ash
Bullion Vault (http://www.bullionvault.com/from/321gold)
written 14 Jul 2008
posted 18 Jul 2008

....."There really is no other place to hide," believes Stephen Platt, an analyst at Archer Financial Services. "Gold's about the only real currency out there that might hold value." Even after trebling in price from the low of eight years ago, there may be plenty of room for gold to rise from here. "In 1959, the amount invested in gold was about one-fifth of the market value of all US common stocks," writes Peter Bernstein in his classic, The Power of Gold. "In 1980, the $1.6 trillion invested in gold exceeded the market value of $1.4 trillion in US stocks."

The sum total of Gold Investment lags far behind the value of stock and bond markets today. Indeed, a 2005 study from Tocqueville Asset Management noted that, if taken altogether, "the market cap of all above-ground gold - including central bank reserves - [now] equals about 1.4% of global financial assets.

"In 1934 and 1982," on the other hand, "when investor stress reached extreme readings, that percentage was between 20% to 25%." If you wanted to steal a march on the market, you might want to consider moving that portion of your wealth into physical gold (http://www.bullionvault.com/from/321gold) today.

No, the metal isn't guaranteed to keep gaining as "investor stress" rises to match the Great Depression or early '80s recession. But nor will its value fly away into the air.......

full story: http://www.321gold.com/editorials/ash/ash071808.html

19.07.2008, 11:51
The Croesus Chronicles
Gold And Oil For Soros; Illiquidity At Merrill
07.17.08, 8:53 AM ET

Wealth destruction took a day off Wednesday as illiquidity surfaced as a top issue at a major investment bank.....

......Undoubtedly, this spike in bank shares was due in large part to hedge funds, which began covering some of the massive short positions they've built up over the past 18 months. For example, billionaire George Soros (http://www.forbes.com/businessinthebeltway/2008/05/27/taxes-congress-amt-biz-beltway-cz_jn_0527beltway.html?boxes=relstories&partner=lingospot)--Croesus was told--has covered much of his shorts in financial stocks. Why chance another public policy move by regulators to shut off this automatic feeding trough?

Soros finally shorted oil at $137 a barrel and put on a long position in gold; he expects to see gold hold its ground even if oil continues to decline. In fact, the gold bug clique believes in a consistent 10-to-1 ratio for gold and oil. It holds that either gold will rise to 10 times a barrel of oil ($1,350 an ounce) or oil will fall to $96 a barrel--one-tenth the present market price of gold. Croesus was told Tuesday that statistics spanning many decades support, on average, this 10-to-1 ratio.....

full story: http://www.forbes.com/home/2008/07/16/soros-gold-merrill-oped-cx_rl_0717croesus.html

21.07.2008, 02:28
Gold and Dollar Market Summary

Author: Dan Norcini

Click here for this week’s action in Gold, the Broad Dollar Index, CCI, US Bonds, GoldCorp, Couer D’Alene, Gold/Bond Ratio, Dow/Gold Ratio and the Gold/Crude Ratio with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6376_Charts_for_7-18-2008.pdf)

21.07.2008, 02:51

axstone (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=2775)

tnx :cool

The Who (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rp6-wG5LLqE&feature=related)

21.07.2008, 10:42
Jive Dadson (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=6789) :verbeug ;)
Registered User

http://i346.photobucket.com/albums/p434/JiveDadson/2-3.png http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee263/madison1969/Mrs-1.jpg

21.07.2008, 17:13
axstone (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=2775) :verbeug

He said the Bullion Banks are trying to ruin option expiry for the longs
this week..


21.07.2008, 18:02

Battle for gold offers China first chance to 'defeat' America... (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/china/2308979/Beijing-Olympics-Battle-for-gold-offers-China-first-chance-to-defeat-America.html)


21.07.2008, 19:27
The Risk of Hyperinflation

The U.S. is not moving into hyperinflation anytime soon, says Marc Faber, editor & publisher of The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report. He tells CNBC's Amanda Drury some of the risks of


21.07.2008, 21:29
Posted On: Monday, July 21, 2008, 1:42:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan
Author: Dan Norcini

Click chart to enlarge today’s 12 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.
http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58609_July2108Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6377_July2108Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)

22.07.2008, 09:13
The rush for Gold: Sales of bars double

Investors opt for bullion rather than shares or property. By Rachel Shields

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Britons who still have any wealth to invest :rolleyes are turning their backs on the property portfolios, stocks and shares, and sports cars that have long constituted conventional investments, and pumping their savings into old-fashioned gold bullion and coins. :)

Leading gold bullion suppliers BullionVault, ATS Bullion and Baird & Co have all revealed record levels of investment in gold bars, and the World Gold Council (WGC) has reported a big increase in the number of gold coins being bought.....

full story: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/this-britain/the-rush-for-gold-sales-of-bars-double-872392.html

22.07.2008, 11:02
Posted On: Tuesday, July 22, 2008, 1:35:00 AM EST
Gold and Dollar Market Summary
Author: Dan Norcini

Click here for today's action in Gold, the US Dollar Index, GoldCorp, El Dorado Gold, Golden Star Resources, Newmont and Royal Gold with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6378_Charts_for_7-21-2008.pdf)


22.07.2008, 15:57

By Gary Tanashian

Here are daily, weekly & monthly charts for the metal. The daily remains in the uptrend channel toward our target of the March highs out of an inverted head & shoulders pattern. Nope, nothin' wrong here.



Gold. What else. :cool

22.07.2008, 16:10
....können's wieder mal kaum abwarten :o


22.07.2008, 17:38

... ist schon Freitag ? – dachte, erst dann laufen
die August contracts aus, um die calls wieder "sub"
günstig abzuholen ...

22.07.2008, 19:44
silverguy (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=8093) http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/statusicon/user_online.gif

A review of the days events

Paulson comes out and says this:


which leads to this:

and this:


and now, the dollar is in danger of breaking out of the trendline



http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/buttons/quote.gif (http://goldismoney.info/forums/newreply.php?do=newreply&p=1204085)

22.07.2008, 22:50

O Superman (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXtub5JfyeQ&feature=related)

22.07.2008, 23:14
Posted On: Tuesday, July 22, 2008, 2:04:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan

Author: Dan Norcini

Dear Friends,

You can almost set your watch by the completely expected parade of talking heads which graced our ears and eyes this morning. The reason for the “sudden appearances” of Paulson and Plosser are obvious. The Dollar made its LOWEST CLOSE in two months in yesterday’s session and was sitting barely a half a cent above an ALL TIME LOW in the USDX chart. Having no other weapon in their bag of recent tricks to support it, they resorted once again to the tried and not-so-true method of currency manipulation, aka, verbal intervention. What a tragic scene to witness – the world’s premiere superpower resorting to spin to prop up Humpty Dumpty.

Paulson reiterated how a “strong dollar” is in the interest of the US and repeated that the government is attempting to get the GSE reform package put in place. As the old saying goes, “If I had a nickel for every time I heard the phrase – ‘a strong dollar is in our interests’ – I could have retired by now and bought several nice islands in the South Pacific”. Actually, it is not an old saying – I just made it up – but it underscores the comical scene we are regularly treated to each and every time the Dollar threatens to fall off a cliff never to be seen again.


I have no doubt in my mind that future historians will look back at this time period and marvel at the brazenness of our monetary authorities and the lengths they went through in order to keep the public deaf, dumb and blind about the true condition of the US’s financial system. Sitting here watching the stock market completely erase every single bit of its overnight losses with its move into the plus column supposedly occurring because oil prices moved lower is breathtaking for its naivety. The news from Apple and Texas Instruments was shockingly distressing. Coupled with the woes of Washington Mutual and Wachovia, it served to emphasize how tenuous is the condition of some of the leading financial companies. Yet we are to believe that all of this can be fixed because crude oil prices move lower and gasoline comes down $.10/gallon?

We continue to read verified reports that sovereign wealth funds are divesting themselves of the Dollar and moving more towards the Euro. Yet, some of these new gigantic forces are supposedly the ones who are going to provide the capital that US cash starved firms needs to stay in business. That will be an interesting feat of magic.

Back to gold for the moment – we are now moving into the time frame on a seasonal basis in which gold tends to bottom out before moving higher into the end of the year. I suspect that today’s bear raid is going to be the last hurrah for the perma shorts in gold. We have support coming in at $940 in the August contract followed by $935. Below that is $920 - $915. Resistance is $955.

Truth has an uncanny method of circumventing deception and always triumphs in the end.

Click chart to enlarge today’s 12 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.

http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58610_July2208Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6379_July2208Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)


22.07.2008, 23:17
Posted On: Tuesday, July 22, 2008, 11:55:00 AM EST
Today's Frequently Asked Questions

Author: Jim Sinclair

Dear CIGAs,

The wave of phone calls from all over the world overwhelmed me once again today.

Here are your answers:

As gold rose and the dollar slipped once again into the .7200 area a poor picture was being painted as legislative action neared for Fanny and Freddie.
It seems that the key panic point is .7200 on the USDX.
The Fed's perma-hawk spoke loudly about what will not happen - Fed increases of the discount rate.
Crude came down today, blamed on the apparent hurricane fear fading. Major support starts at $125, and if that is not the bottom it will not be far below.
All the dollar bulls and energy bears were pulled out of the closet as talking heads.
Fancy accounting footwork is the entire reason why some bank earnings look better. They are not. In fact many of the best looking ones are the worst off.
$25 billion for Fanny and Freddie will not cover a $5 trillion problem. It isn't even worth being called a bandage.
After all the substance-less noise used to paint the day better passes, we return to face the 3rd attempt at $1000 and the euro moving past $1.60.

Gold is headed to $1650 and the euro to $2. That is only for starters.

Respectfully yours,


22.07.2008, 23:56
I got my Magnifying Glass out... oh yeah now i see the dollar bounce


tnx axstone

Poor Swine (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX9f7b_U1Us&feature=related)

23.07.2008, 00:00
Gold's Performance as a Safe Haven Asset

An example of gold's historic role as a safe haven asset is seen in the following data. The industry performance of Physical Gold Versus the S&P 500 during eleven stock market declines of 15% or more in the Post-War period (since 1946).



23.07.2008, 09:24
....hmmmm - wer ist wirklich der Boss :rolleyes na ja - jedenfalls more :mad

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23.07.2008, 14:58
axstone (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=2775) :verbeug :hihi

Looks like a deeper handle.. means you can hold more coffee...

http://www.wave2capital.com/goldprice/deeper_handle.jpg (http://tinyurl.com/5m975x)

23.07.2008, 19:15
You Know The Banking System Is Unsound When.... (http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/2008/07/you-know-banking-system-is-unsound-when.html)

1. Paulson appears on Face The Nation and says "Our banking system is a safe and a sound one." If the banking system was safe and sound, everyone would know it (or at least think it). There would be no need to say it.

2. Paulson says the list of troubled banks "is a very manageable situation". The reality is there are 90 banks on the list of problem banks. Indymac was not one of them until a month before it collapsed. How many other banks will magically appear on the list a month before they collapse?

3. In a Northern Rock moment, depositors at Indymac pull out their cash. Police had to be called in to ensure order.

4. Washington Mutual (WM), another troubled bank, refused to honor Indymac cashier's checks. The irony is it makes no sense for customers to pull insured deposits out of Indymac after it went into receivership. The second irony is the last place one would want to put those funds would be Washington Mutual. Eventually Washington Mutual decided it would take those checks but with an 8 week hold. Will Washington Mutual even be around 8 weeks from now?

5. Paulson asked for "Congressional authority to buy unlimited stakes in and lend to Fannie Mae (FNM) and Freddie Mac (FRE)" just days after he said "Financial Institutions Must Be Allowed To Fail". Obviously Paulson is reporting from the 5th dimension. In some alternate universe, his statements just might make sense.

6. Former Fed Governor William Poole says "Fannie Mae, Freddie Losses Makes Them Insolvent".

7. Paulson says Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are "essential" because they represent the only "functioning" part of the home loan market. The firms own or guarantee about half of the $12 trillion in U.S. mortgages. Is it possible to have a sound banking system when the only "functioning" part of the mortgage market is insolvent?

8. Bernanke testified before Congress on monetary policy but did not comment on either money supply or interest rates. The word "money" did not appear at all in his testimony. The only time "interest rate" appeared in his testimony was in relation to consumer credit card rates. How can you have any reasonable economic policy when the Fed chairman is scared half to death to discuss interest rates and money supply?

9. The SEC issued a protective order to protect those most responsible for naked short selling. As long as the investment banks and brokers were making money engaging in naked shorting of stocks, there was no problem. However, when the bears began using the tactic against the big financials, it became time to selectively enforce the existing regulation.

10. The Fed takes emergency actions twice during options expirations week in regards to the discount window and rate cuts.

11. The SEC takes emergency action during options expirations week regarding short sales.

12. The Fed has implemented an alphabet soup of pawn shop lending facilities whereby the Fed accepts garbage as collateral in exchange for treasuries. Those new Fed lending facilities are called the Term Auction Facility (TAF), the Term Security Lending Facility (TSLF), and the Primary Dealer Credit Facility (PDCF).

13. Citigroup (C), Lehman (LEH), Morgan Stanley(MS), Goldman Sachs (GS) and Merrill Lynch (MER) all have a huge percentage of level 3 assets. Level 3 assets are commonly known as "marked to fantasy" assets. In other words, the value of those assets is significantly if not ridiculously overvalued in comparison to what those assets would fetch on the open market. It is debatable if any of the above firms survive in their present firm. Some may not survive in any form.

14. Bernanke openly solicits private equity firms to invest in banks. Is this even close to a remotely normal action for Fed chairman to take?

15. Bear Stearns was taken over by JPMorgan (JPM) days after insuring investors it had plenty of capital. Fears are high that Lehman will suffer the same fate. Worse yet, the Fed had to guarantee the shotgun marriage between Bear Stearns and JP Morgan by providing as much as $30 billion in capital. JPMorgan is responsible for only the first 1/2 billion. Taxpayers are on the hook for all the rest. Was this a legal action for the Fed to take? Does the Fed care?

16. Citigroup needed a cash injection from Abu Dhabi and a second one elsewhere. Then after announcing it would not need more capital is raising still more. The latest news is Citigroup will sell $500 billion in assets. To who? At what price?

17. Merrill Lynch raised $6.6 billion in capital from Kuwait Mizuho, announced it did not need to raise more capital, then raised more capital a few week later.

18. Morgan Stanley sold a 9.9% equity stake to China International Corp. CEO John Mack compensated by not taking his bonus. How generous. Morgan Stanley fell from $72 to $37. Did CEO John Mack deserve a paycheck at all?

19. Bank of America (BAC) agreed to take over Countywide Financial (CFC) and twice announced Countrywide will add profits to B of A. Inquiring minds were asking "How the hell can Countrywide add to Bank of America earnings?" Here's how. Bank of America just announced it will not guarantee $38.1 billion in Countrywide debt. Questions over "Fraudulent Conveyance" are now surfacing.

20. Washington Mutual agreed to a death spiral cash infusion of $7 billion accepting an offer at $7.85 when the stock was over $13 at the time. Washington Mutual has since fallen in waterfall fashion from $40 and is now trading near $5.00 after a huge rally.

21. Shares of Ambac (ABK) fell from $90 to $2.50. Shared of MBIA (MBI) fell from $70 to $5. Sadly, the top three rating agencies kept their rating on the pair at AAA nearly all the way down. No one can believe anything the government sponsored rating agencies say.

22. In a panic set of moves, the Fed slashed interest rates from 5.25% to 2%. This was the fastest, steepest drop on record. Ironically, the Fed chairman spoke of inflation concerns the entire drop down. Bernanke clearly cannot tell the truth. He does not have to. Actions speak louder than words.

23. FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair said the FDIC is looking for ways to shore up its depleted deposit fund, including charging higher premiums on riskier brokered deposits.

24. There is roughly $6.84 Trillion in bank deposits. $2.60 Trillion of that is uninsured. There is only $53 billion in FDIC insurance to cover $6.84 Trillion in bank deposits. Indymac will eat up roughly $8 billion of that.

25. Of the $6.84 Trillion in bank deposits, the total cash on hand at banks is a mere $273.7 Billion. Where is the rest of the loot? The answer is in off balance sheet SIVs, imploding commercial real estate deals, Alt-A liar loans, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bonds, toggle bonds where debt is amazingly paid back with more debt, and all sorts of other silly (and arguably fraudulent) financial wizardry schemes that have bank and brokerage firms leveraged at 30-1 or more. Those loans cannot be paid back.

What cannot be paid back will be defaulted on. If you did not know it before, you do now. The entire US banking system is insolvent.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock



23.07.2008, 21:31
Posted On: Wednesday, July 23, 2008, 2:00:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan
Author: Dan Norcini :verbeug :schwitz

Dear CIGAs,

We are all crude oil traders now or so it would seem. The entirety of the financial market system is now basically following the minute by minute gyrations in the crude oil market. As it moves lower, stocks move higher and so does the dollar. As it moves higher, stocks move lower and so does the dollar. Commodities in general then take their cue from that which as you no doubt observed today, were being spit out by the hedge funds like some foul tasting broth.

Today started off with Wall Street absolutely giddy over the GSE reform package that is now expected to become law. A bit into the session, the EIA data was released which showed a sizeable build in distillates confirming the slowdown in the gasoline demand. That knocked the stool out from under crude oil allowing the equity indices to hit their highs of the day. As crude began recovering, stocks began fading with the bond market once again reduced to a following role was it moved up and down depending on the well-being or lack thereof in the equity world.

Gold, of course, obligingly followed suit and was discarded like a bad habit causing it to crash through several important support levels on the chart. The mining shares did not fare any better as some of them gave up the ghost and decided to go bobbing for earthworms. No doubt this was more than disconcerting to many in our camp especially as it was only a couple of days ago that some issues generated technical buy signals. That is why it is important to utilize proper money management techniques to preserve one's trading capital when trading these wickedly volatile markets. Cut your losses quickly and do not mess around. Keep in mind the trader's adage - "He who plays and runs away, lives to play another day". You can always get back in! Don’t try to be a hero unless you have the deepest of pockets and can sustain large drawdowns in your account without worrying about it. Most cannot and as another saying goes – “Sell down to a sleeping level”.

There is no shame in having a bad trade as long as you can quickly admit it and get out. The shame is allowing a small, manageable loss become a career ending trade. Do not make that mistake! There is nothing wrong with sitting on the sidelines while you take stock of what is going on and have some time to think through a good trading strategy away from the heat of the battle when your mind is calm and your emotions are less involved. It takes a clear head to be successful when you are dealing with large sums of money. Do not make trading decisions when you are under extreme mental or emotional duress.

I should note here that whenever you hear pundits pronouncing the death of the commodity bull, go and take a look at the longer term weekly and monthly charts. That will put things in perspective. Corrections occur in every market and provide opportunities for those who have a firm fundamental view. Those are who late to the party inevitably get caught holding the bag and end up paying the price as they get taken out to the woodshed and given a beating that they will not long forget. Meanwhile, the grains are beginning to look like the selling frenzy in there might be abating. Corn in particular has gotten the stuffing knocked out of it having basically gone straight down for the last month without even a pause. Once the grains stabilize, the CRB and the CCI will as well although the excessively heavily energy weighted CRB will struggle a bit more until energy prices level off. The long term demand for commodities is not going to go anywhere and once end users feel that the excessive hedge fund and index fund holdings have been purged out, they will move back in and secure long side coverage.

It goes without saying that the short term technical damage done in gold is quite severe at this point. It will now have to get back above $950 basis August to entice new momentum longs and spook the plethora of brand new shorts who once again have been selling into weakness chasing it lower. That has not been a profitable strategy in gold since 2002. Please see the chart as I have marked some of the support and resistance levels. On any potential test of support near the $916- $920 level, gold will need to find strong buying or it will slip back to $900 once again. I might mention that gold is trading exactly at the 50% retracement level of the last move up from $860 to $990. Many traders like to move into a market at that level to increase their exposure or to add new longs after missing the first ride up. Open interest readings indicate that we have an entire party room full of brand new shorts in the gold market who are eager to see an end to the bull run. They have been piling in as fast as the longs have been running for the hills. We will see with what success they meet.

Click chart to enlarge today’s 12 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.

http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58613_July2308Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6381_July2308Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)

23.07.2008, 22:38
Hawkeye (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=5258) :verbeug

They don't always fill, but worth keeping track of most major moves can and do occur after they are filled...fwiw


23.07.2008, 23:46

La belle dame sans merci :rolleyes

Déjà*-vu (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhJQp-q1Y1s)

23.07.2008, 23:48
John Embry: The more talk of 'strong dollar,' the less action

Submitted by cpowell on Wed, 2008-07-23 02:50. Section: Daily Dispatches (http://gata.org/taxonomy/term/2) 10:45p ET Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Sprott Asset Management's chief investment strategist, John Embry, argues in his latest column for Investor's Digest of Canada that the more that U.S. government officials advocate a strong dollar, the less they will do to achieve it. For the U.S. economy is far too fragile to handle any substantial increase in interest rates, Embry says. Meanwhile, inflation is exploding around the world and is boosting demand for gold as an inflation hedge. You can find Embry's column, "Gold's Strength Is the U.S. Dollar's Weakness," at the Sprott Internet site here:


CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

24.07.2008, 15:55
kiwi_envoy (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=6886) :verbeug

Aussie, as documented b4 the Cartel definately use the gold futures contract expiry period to attack gold, rolling contracts over to the next period is a chink in the gold bulls armour.

Another chink is negative PM lease rates where the bullion banks load up for free and then sell into the market to wash out all of the weak players b4 buying gold call options and then moving into gold call longs.

The commericals must make squillions doing this and having Hanky Panky :bad on yer side must make for some very gleeful oinky occasions.

24.07.2008, 16:58
quote lunar

kiwi_envoy :verbeug

... dem ist zuzustimmen !


22.07.2008 #3158

cartel ...

... ist schon Freitag ? – dachte, erst dann laufen
die August contracts aus, um die calls wieder "sub"
günstig abzuholen ...

24.07.2008, 19:16
http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/trial530369_spacer.gif The key to making money in stocks is not to get scared outof them. --Peter Lyn

http://www.jsmineset.com/spacer.gifhttp://www.jsmineset.com/spacer.gif Posted On: Thursday, July 24, 2008, 12:22:00 PM EST
The Difference Between Trading And Investing
Author: Dan Norcini

Dear Friends;

Apparently some of our readers are confused as to the differences between investing in gold shares and trading in gold shares. Judging by some of the nasty grams I have received from a few of you, I thought it might be worthwhile to explain the differences in the two as to the manner in which they approach trading/investing.

Investors generally have a longer term view of the market, attempt to define a macroeconomic trend and position themselves properly for that trend as it develops and ride it until the trend is exhausted and the macroeconomic picture which gave rise to that trend is no longer valid. They do not try to trade in and out of stocks daily or weekly for that matter but look to add to their holdings only on price corrections as they slowly build a sizeable position to take advantage of the move that their macroeconomic view informs them is coming.

Traders are an entirely different lot and approach the markets much differently. Their goal is more one of market timing attempting to catch short term price movements both up and down and profit as they take advantage of those moves. They will move in and out of the market as frequently as they prefer. They are much more active in managing their holdings compared to investors who are generally more passive.

That being said, some of you seem angry with me because I counseled abandoning a trade that goes bad. The notion is that I am now advising selling out on weakness. Unfortunately, those who erroneously think this way do not understand that trading (note – I did not say INVESTING in ) gold shares involves buying them on subsequent price weakness AFTER they form a short term technical buy signal on the charts and SELLING them into a rally after they form a short term technical sell signal on the charts.

Sometimes a TRADE can move against you in which case, as a professional, I will get out of the trade with a small loss and immediately look to move back in after the market moves lower (assuming I am buying) after which it then provides another short term buy signal. I will then take that new trade again expecting it to move in my favor. If it does not, and the market violates a technical support level, I do not argue with the market, but get out with another small loss all the while anticipating yet another entry point at another level at which I get another new buy signal. If the trade then moves in my favor, I will ride it until I feel the current move up runs out of steam at which point I will exit the trade.

The entire point in this exercise is to KEEP MY LOSSES SMALL. Each and every trade I put on has a price point at which I know the trade is either good or bad. Trading discipline then informs me to either exit or maintain or even add to the position. Arguing with a market is a technique employed by losers who inevitably end up busted and broke, just another piece of road kill on the floor of the pit.

By moving into a market as soon as I get a technical buy signal, I am in at a point with a DEFINITE set risk which I define as small. The longer you wait to enter a trade, the more your risk increases because the market has moved further away from that price level at which you know the trade has soured. That is the key to successful trading. Some of you need to lose a lot more money before you learn to RESPECT the markets. Only fools and novices sit there and argue with the market over a losing position all the while their trading capital dwindles into oblivion. You must first learn how to keep your losses small if you are going to survive as a trader. If you can do that, the profits will take care of themselves.

Secondly, some of you are also confused over what it means to “BUY a FISHING LINE” or to “SELL A RHINO HORN”. Neither Jim nor I have ever counseled buying willy-nilly in some blind fashion into a falling market just because you think prices have fallen far enough. How do you know that they have? I can emphasize strongly enough that prices can always fall much further than you ever imagine is possible. As a matter of fact, they can fall far enough that they can wipe out the entirety of your trading capital. Again, learn to respect the market.

Nowadays there is a new phenomenon that did not exist 20 years ago in the same quantity or form that it does today – that phenomenon is the hedge fund.

I have repeatedly tried to inform our readers that hedge funds are almost exclusively technicians in their approach to markets and rely on their computer generated buy and sell algorithms to enter and exit markets. Such algorithms have them constantly chasing prices higher by buying strength or chasing markets lower by selling weakness as all they are interested in is momentum in either direction. IF IT MOVES, CHASE IT – is their motto. Hedge fund activity is of such size that even the commercial traders in the futures pits in which I ply my trade and make my living are fearful of stepping in front of them. Now, if some of the biggest players on the planet decide to unload on a particular market, are you going to be foolish enough to attempt to single-handedly step in front of them and cause them to halt their selling by your own force of will? Try it and see how long you last!

That is why you must have a point at which you know that a trade is not working in your favor and get out of the way of these players so that you do not end up buried by them. Keep in mind that the market could care less what yours or mine or anyone else’s opinion is. It will go where it wants to go when it wants to and will only stop when it is ready or in the case of a hedge fund selling orgy, when their sell programs stop issuing sell signals. That is the point you are attempting to catch when you enter a trade.

Sometimes, in spite of all the caution and research and analysis, the market simply does not cooperate. So what – that is life as a trader – just get out of the trade and wait for another opportunity. You will ALWAYS get another opportunity to trade that market but if you end up losing all of your capital in a hedge fund dump because you wanted to play the bold defender of the faith, you WILL NOT last long enough to get that opportunity. Keep that in mind and do not ever forget it. It is coming from more than 2 decades of trading experience.

Back to the issue at hand vis-à-vis Fishing lines and Rhino horns – in a falling market you DO NOT jump in and buy weakness because the market is falling. You buy it at a level in which you EXPECT support to develop or at which you have ascertained that downside momentum is ebbing. That level is determined by examining the price charts. When Jim states a level at which he is going to buy it is because he is making an informed decision based on an analysis of a price chart. I will do the same thing but I do not publicly state price levels. That is just a difference in our trading styles but we both mark our buy in points after careful analysis, not by arbitrarily picking some random number out of the air.

Before you buy in however, you should note a price point that you are willing to risk your trade to before exiting. That will vary for each and every trader depending on their temperament, their capital and their conviction. I personally HATE losses so I cut them short very quickly. That is why I get out of a trade that is not working and quickly forget about it and move on to the next trade. No one likes to lose money on a trade but how you handle a loss as a trader says a lot more about your potential to survive in this business than how you handle your winners. Anyone can do the latter (although some gloat entirely too much) but only a rare few can handle the former.

I will be the first to admit that there are times in which I will violate one of my trading principles and stick to a trade that has gone bad and even add to it but I only do that in those few cases that I KNOW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT, that the technicians are simply wrong and that price is too cheap or too expensive. Keep in mind that knowledge comes from 2 decades of knowing the markets that I trade and even at that I rarely do such a thing so I do not recommend this as something that most should even think about doing. It should be noted that the futures world is completely different than the equity world. In the case of futures, one has to know the supply and demand picture and the nature of the particular product they are trading – in the case of the equity world a host of things could take place that could completely justify a stock sinking into the toilet. One of the cases that comes to my mind was the case with Crystallex a while back when the government of Venezuela announced that it was basically going to nationalize the mining industry in that country. I wonder how many traders ended their careers right then and there on account of that out of the blue occurrence. Taking a small loss in that would have been far preferable to getting wiped out, would it not?

I hope this clarifies some things for you all. I wish I could answer all of your emails but I simply cannot. Those of you who write to me in a civilized fashion can expect a civilized answer if I do find the time. Those of you who write to me in the spirit of a horse’s ass, can expect an appropriate reply, assuming I want to waste time answering your email. (...es gibt einfach wirkliche a**holes :dumm)

Lastly, please do not blame Jim, myself or Monty for that matter because you might happen to own some junior mining shares that are going down. If you are looking to blame someone, blame the naked short sellers or the management that does nothing to protect its shareholders’ interests or whatever. Even better, look at the shares of the mining companies that are the leaders in the sector and move some of your money into those stocks at the appropriate points. :supi

Do not get married to a stock. Successful traders learn to optimize their trading capital and move it where they can get the best return on their money. Some of you are still pining away at the poor performance of some of the South African miners. Try to be objective – if they are not moving up as gold moves higher and there are other issues that are, then get rid of them and buy the better performing issues. At the very least, if you still think that they will turn around, then at least lighten up on them and move some of that money into the sector leaders. The name of the game is to make money – to do that you need strong performers that maximizes your investment. There is a reason why some of those stocks are not performing. We may not ever know what it is but the blunt truth be told – who cares? You will be much happier and self-fulfilled to see a stock that you have purchased moving strongly higher in a favored sector than sitting there mumbling, frustrated, angry and bitter because yours is going nowhere, especially after doing all the research and analysis that convinced you to own a gold mining company to protect and grow your wealth. Besides, your wife will think you are a veritable genius especially when you can buy her a new car or take her to a fancy restaurant with your earnings! In the case of you gals, you can always remind your husband that you treating yourself to a shopping binge or the works at the local beauty salon with your own money so he can leave off nagging you about going overboard spending.

I sincerely wish you all the very best of success.

Dan - http://www.jsmineset.com/

:rolleyes da bekommt man einen :supi gratisService mit :supi Kommentaren und es wird gemotzt :bad

24.07.2008, 19:29
Posted On: Thursday, July 24, 2008, 1:06:00 PM EST
Chart Painting 101
Author: Dan Norcini
Dear Friends;

The following is a series of headline alerts and a stories that came down my wire this AM. The reason I have included them is to reinforce what we have been saying about “CHART PAINTING”. You would be a bit surprised to learn that I receive emails from people out there who categorically deny such a thing is possible or that it even occurs in the US markets. They condescendingly assert that our claims about the tactics of the short sellers, both in the Comex gold arena and in the stocks, is merely a case of sour grapes from a frustrated bull. That is naïve at best and just plain ignorant at worst.

While this story deals with the oil market, the tactics employed are identical and reasons behind them are the same in all cases. Why is that? Because today’s markets are dominated by technicians who pride themselves on having no fundamental view whenever they approach a market but claim that all that is necessary to make money is a knowledge of technical analysis. Some of them actually go so far as to boast about their ignorance of the markets that they trade and revel in the fact that they could care less!

We have maintained that those who have no fundamental view are rudderless ships on the ocean of the trading floors. They can be easily blown about by every wind of price behavior. When prices move lower during a price retracement in a bull market, they become morosely bearish. When prices move higher, they are wildly bullish buying blindly into upside strength. Price action alone dictates what they believe! Since this is now the vast majority of traders/investors, it takes little imagination to understand why chart painting on the close is so important to market manipulation schemes.

It is a fact that the closing price is the most important price in any commodity or stock for that day’ session as nearly every single technical price indicator or oscillator uses the closing price in its calculations. Move that strongly in one direction or another, push it as far as possible off the session highs if you are attempting to force price downwards, and all of the technical analysis programs that millions of investors are using will register your efforts. The result is that those software programs then do your work for you as they HERD the INVESTING PUBLIC in the direction you wish them to go.

Manipulation such as is charged above, “banging the closing period”, has ONE PURPOSE in mind – to move the closing price in the direction that the perpetrators desire so as to AFFECT THE MAXIMUM technical damage or effect to a market and to psychologically devastate those on the other sides of the trade.

Now do you see why it is necessary when trading gold to understand the tactics of our trading enemies and to also get a grip on your emotions when trading as well as having a firm fundamental view? Once you understand how the game is played you can also spot the tipoffs that alert you to their activities and protect yourselves accordingly. You can also profit accordingly by using the inevitable lemming like response to your advantage.







REUTERS UPDATE 1-CFTC charges Optiver with oil-market manipulation
By Timothy Gardner and Tom Doggett

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Commodity Futures Trading Commission on Thursday charged global trading fund Optiver Holding BV with manipulating the NYMEX oil market in March 2007.

The complaint charged that three employees of the Netherlands-based fund made about $1 million through manipulation of crude oil, gasoline and heating oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NMX.N)

The agency's enforcement action came a day before the Senate was scheduled to have a major vote on legislation to rein in excessive energy speculation and impose new regulations on traders that the CFTC would have to enforce.

The CFTC's acting enforcement director, Stephen Obie, denied that the announcement of the case was timed to influence the vote on the bill. "This was not a politically motivated case," he said.

More… (http://www.reuters.com/article/businessNews/idUSWBT00946020080724?feedType=RSS&feedName=businessNews)


24.07.2008, 22:20
... ist schon Freitag ? – dachte, erst dann laufen
die August contracts aus, um die calls wieder "sub"
günstig abzuholen ...

Zum Original-Beitrag (http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/showthread.php3?p=1168920#post1168920)
Happens nearly every month end July.This current July take down in gold should come as no surprise to anyone whose been following these markets since the ‘Bull started running’,.. Below are the charts for every year since 2001, from April through to December 28th,.. Note how a seasonal low coincides with the end of July,.. With the exception of 2006 and 2007, the July low has been the low for the rest of the year (2007 the low was again tested in Mid August but hardly surpassed prior to it’s great run up),.. The majority of the takedowns in price occur during the last 2 weeks of the July month, with the exception of 2001 and 2005 where the price was taken down in the latter part of June and proceeded to roll along the bottom for much of July,..


25.07.2008, 02:18
Posted On: Thursday, July 24, 2008, 1:45:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan

Author: Dan Norcini

Click chart to enlarge today’s 12 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.
http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58618_July2408Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6392_July2408Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)


25.07.2008, 02:23
Huge demand for India gold as prices stay soft

MUMBAI (Reuters) - India's gold prices eased further on Thursday as weak crude oil eroded the value of the metal as an inflation hedge, and local buyers reacted with heavy purchases, dealers said.

"There is a huge demand... in the last couple of days alone 10 tonnes may have been sold all over India," said Prithviraj Kothari, director of Riddisiddhi Bullions Ltd.

Foreign gold, that guides the local market, rebounded from a two-week low on bargain hunting as crude oil stabilized after steep drops from its all-time highs this month.

Gold generally tracks crude oil as the latter signals inflation, while the metal negates it.


"There is a lot of appetite for prices at lower levels," said Naresh. "At $915 an ounce, there would be huge interest."

India's lean season for gold purchases is set to end in another month after which festivals and weddings are expected to spur demand for the yellow metal.



25.07.2008, 08:45
SNB/H1: Verlust von 3,36 Mrd CHF (VJ +2,23 Mrd) - negative Wechselkurseffekte

25.07 08:23

Zürich (AWP) - Die Schweizerische Nationalbank (SNB) hat im ersten Halbjahr 2008 einen Verlust von 3,36 (VJ +2,35) Mrd CHF erzielt. Das negative Ergebnis resultiere hauptsächlich aus Wechselkursverlusten, die im ersten Quartal auf Devisenanlagen anfielen, teilte die SNB am Freitag mit. Im Vorjahreszeitraum hätten dagegen die meisten Fremdwährungsanlagen von der Frankenschwäche profitiert und das Gold einen substanziellen Beitrag an das Ergebnis geleistet.

Entsprechend ergab sich in den ersten sechs Monaten 2008 aus Fremdwährungsanlagen ein Verlust von 3,63 (+1,36) Mrd CHF. Die Golderträge steuerten 161,9 (883,5) Mio CHF zum Ergebnis bei. Der Goldpreis habe sich im ersten Halbjahr streckenweise volatil gezeigt und sei insgesamt nur leicht gestiegen, hiess es. Aus den Frankenanlagen erwirtschaftete die SNB 219,0 (97,7) Mio CHF, in erster Linie in Form von Zinseinlagen aus dem Repo-Geschäft.

Im Rahmen der Anpassung der Währungsreserven platzierte die SNB 68 Tonnen Gold am Markt, im laufenden Verkaufsprogramm stehen demnach bis Ende September 2009 noch 37 weitere Tonnen von insgesamt 250 Tonnen aus. :rolleyes

Nach der gesetzlich vorgeschriebenen Zuweisung an die Rückstellungen für Währungsreserven von 503,5 Mio CHF (die Hälfte des festgesetzten Jahresbetrages von 1'006,9 Mio CHF) ging die Ausschüttungsreserve um 3,86 (+1,86) Mrd CHF zurück. Die Rückstellungen werden im Gleichschritt mit dem Wachstum der Volkswirtschaft ausgeweitet.


(Quelle: AWP)

.....verkloppt nur noch mehr Gold umd die Verluste um negative Wechselkurseffekte auszugleichen :grrrr

25.07.2008, 14:43

25.07.2008, 15:02
kiwi_envoy (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=6886) :verbeug
In the July 23 session on the TOCOM Goldman Sachs COVERED a very large 666 short contracts and added 16 contracts to their long position to bring their long position to 778 contracts and their net short position to 5603 contracts. This brings their net short position to the LOWEST EVER in the last 30 months (the time I have been keeping records). The chart tells the story. GS has been staging a massive retreat from their toxic short position. There may well be some more bashing of gold on the COMEX ahead of the AUG08 options expiry but it certainly looks as if there is not much more down side if GS is exiting their TOCOM short position instead of contributing to the drubbing by selling short.

25.07.2008, 16:58
:schwitz ...er ist ja sehr überzeugt :cool ob denn alles so kommt :confused also ich hoffe es mal - aber ganz sicher kommt nur der http://www.cooling-station.net/images/gravurvorlagen/sensemann_small.gif ;)

Posted On: Friday, July 25, 2008, 12:34:00 AM EST
The Premature Pushing Of The Panic Button
Author: Jim Sinclair

http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58621_July2408-HUI.gif (http://www.jsmineset.com/#dispimg.asp?imgsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Esortweb%2Ecom%2Fcwsimages%2Finventory%2F58621%5FJuly2408%2DHUI%2Egif) Dear CIGAs,


Are you totally blind?

Today you read a post from Trader Dan concerning chart painting, but you still continue to push the panic button, letting yourself be bamboozled by those short the junior gold shares.

This day’s action has all the markings of the MANIPULATION resident in the commodity markets.

This gold reaction has no legs. The third try at $1000 stands right in front of us.

Even the most gullible market on earth, the US equity market, has barfed out the spin on Fannie and Freddie costing only $25 billion. The suggestion that it may cost nothing at all is laughable.

Even the Spinmeisters are running out of gas.

The housing market seems as if foreclosures will only end when every house sold in the past three years is foreclosed on.

The job market is unwinding.

Every pro knows the recent bank earnings are accounting legerdemain. All reports on bank earnings are far worse than the figures show.

The greatest test of the credit default market will be the bonds of GM, GMAC, Ford and Ford Credit.

The bottom is starting to fall out of credit card payments.

Today has all the earmarks of a Hail Mary play in the juniors hoping to break the back of investors.

Look at the HUI which shows you the “BANGING THE CLOSING PERIOD” of the junior golds. The cheapest gold entities are the bombed out juniors that are real companies not starved of operating finances with viable properties. They will appreciate 1000%.

Before you break out your razorblade kit and head for the bath look at the HUI and know gold is going above $1000 very soon.

If you do not see what is happening then you are totally BLIND to how you are being bamboozled!

Please read the following before you weep:

I have given you my phone number in order to help you in difficult times.

In respect for what I and my dear my friends are trying to do for you, please READ this site FIRST and make efforts on your own part to find answers. Those that inundated Trader Dan after reading my email to you last evening are either downright lazy or just mean.

Those calling me tonight in a total panic over juniors should simply NOT be in any investment ever, especially gold.

Those sitting in their bathtubs with their razor blades at the ready don't call me in order to vent. Instead bail out at tomorrow's opening, sooner if possible, and forget all of this. Buy Fannie's and Freddie's old debt, put your money in Indymac, WaMu and Wachovia via long term dollar CDs and be happy. Maybe you would like some of those cheap financials. I hear Bloomberg talking heads saying financials are really good to buy now that the debt crisis is behind us.

Those calling me tonight without the patience to read these postings must have an agenda of driving me to drink. Each caller looks only at their favorite junior, declaring it different from all other sector participants while quoting what Gartman is doing.

When have we failed to address all the criteria of any given market day here on the site? By 9pm EST you have the majority of what occurred that day readily available for you to read. On particularly significant market days, Trader Dan and Monty Guild are quick to share their perspective on the major stories of the day.

For the rest of this evening I simply cannot answer any more "Negative Nelly" calls. This time you have successfully taken me over the top.

Print at least two copies of the following points in at least 32pt font. Post one copy above your computer monitor and the other by your phone:

Gold is going to $1200 in 2008.
Gold is going to $1650 on or before January 14th, 2011.
The US dollar is going to USDX .5200
Gold is getting ready for its third attempt at $1000.
The so called dollar rally is a total joke.
The junior gold shares sector are where the shorts are the greatest and the bargains the best with good companies looking at 1000% gains from today's lows.

25.07.2008, 19:17
London Gold Market Report

from Adrian Ash

Today in Zurich, the Swiss central bank admitted a loss of CHF3.4 billion ($3.2bn) for the first half of 2008, blaming exchange-rate investments in Dollars, Sterling, Euros and Yen that turned sour.

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) also said it sold 68 tonnes of Gold in the open market between Jan. and end-June, just over one-fourth of the 250-tonne sales announced last summer.

The Gold Price in Swiss Francs has risen by 21% since then.:schreck


The latest Reuters survey of 250 economists worldwide found them universally gloomy on the G8 industrialized nations – "a bit like choosing between deck chairs on the Titanic," according to one analyst.

"The Gold Market chart of 1978 closely resembles the chart of 2008," writes Ron Rosen of the eponymous Market Timing Letter in New York, quoted by Richard Russell of The Dow Theory Letter.

"The patterns, once a breakout above a previous multi-year high occurred, are nearly identical if you compare the first seven months after the breakout to a new all-time high.

"Starting in 1978 gold rose from the breakout price of $192 to the ultimate high of $873. That was an increase of 450%. If the current Gold breakout from the $850 high increases by 450% the ultimate high will be $3,825.

"However, we are living in more dangerous financial times than existed in the 1978-to-1980 period."


25.07.2008, 20:27
Citizen Kane (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=7616) :verbeug

Interesting Technical Calls:


Gold will consolidate through Sept 12 to $921, possibly $908. Bull ralley will take us to$1298 by next spring.

Yes and Euro will break out against USD soon.

Oil will consolidate to $120, possibly $110. High $173 next April.

25.07.2008, 23:07
Time For Mining Gold Is Now
Lance Lewis (http://www.minyanville.com/gazette/bios.htm?bio=78) Jul 25, 2008 1:45 pm

As I've watched what's happened to the entire gold sector over the past two weeks, it's become clear that a large number of hedge funds have been short financials and long gold, gold mining and other inflation hedges.

When the financials began to rally last week after changes in the SEC's rules, it caused massive deleveraging across the board by these funds, since they were forced to cover shorts in financials and sell mining shares, gold, oil and other inflation hedges.

Even as the covering in the financials came to a close yesterday, the cumulative selling in the miners then resulted in more and more margin calls. And I believe those margin calls also explained much of the "randomness" of the selling in gold miners on Thursday.


In any event, I do think the gold shares are now stabilizing, and once we finish up the clean-up type selling in the shares on the open this morning, I think we've got a good shot at bringing this August-like collapse to an end today. Obviously, I believe the yellow metal's pullback from $990 also likely came to an end this morning as well.

For those that maybe missed the August 2007 low, you may be getting a rare opportunity to buy a similar climactic low in the gold miners in the here and now. Everything's fundamentally positive for the miners at this point:

1) The Fed's powerless to do anything about inflation as employment and the banking system continue to deteriorate.

2) The positive seasonal period for gold begins in 5 trading days and investment demand has already pushed SPDR Gold Shares' (GLD (http://www.minyanville.com/library/search.htm?search=Article&linktype=stock&q=%28GLD%29)) holdings to a new all-time high this month.

3) The gold/oil ratio continues to move in favor of the miners.

(http://image.minyanville.com/assets/FCK_Aug2007/File/Nico/gold%20bugs%20index.jpg)Click to enlarge
4) The gold shares as a group relative to gold haven't been this cheap in years, as we can see in the new multiyear lows in the XAU/Gold and GDX/GLD ratios that were hit yesterday.

(http://image.minyanville.com/assets/FCK_Aug2007/File/Nico/goldsilver%20index.jpg)Click to enlarge (http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:void%280%29;/*1217006716796*/)

Click to enlarge (http://image.minyanville.com/assets/FCK_Aug2007/File/Nico/market%20vectors%20gold.jpg)


25.07.2008, 23:55
Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

The silence surrounding this important event is mindboggling.

NAB will shock Wall Street
The Business Spectator

The National Australia Bank's decision to write off 90 per cent of its US conduit loans will have dramatic repercussions around the world. Wall Street will be deeply shocked when they understand the repercussions of what NAB has done. It is clear global banks have nowhere near provided for their exposures to US housing loans which in the words of John Stewart are experiencing a “meltdown”.

We are now way beyond sub-prime. NAB says that it is suffering a 55 per cent loss on American housing loans – an event that has never happened in the history of a developed country in recent memory. This is an unprecedented event and means that the cost of bailing out the US financial system is now far beyond the highest estimates. A US recession is now locked in, but more alarmingly, 55 per cent loan losses point to the possibility of a depression.

It means the cost of bailing out housing exposures to the two mortgage insurers will be so great that it will leave no room to bail out anything else and there are several US banks that are now in big trouble. NAB says that the dislocation in the residential market is separate from the corporate market, but the flow on is inevitable.

While global banks have been writing down their balance sheet assets, few have tackled their conduit exposures which are off balance sheet but to which they are ultimately liable.

More… (http://www.businessspectator.com.au/bs.nsf/Article/NAB-will-shock-Wall-Street-GV4M7?OpenDocument&src=sph)

25.07.2008, 23:56
Posted On: Friday, July 25, 2008, 2:12:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan
Author: Dan Norcini

Click chart to enlarge today’s 12 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.
http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58622_July2508Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6396_July2508Gold1230pmCDTv2.pdf)


27.07.2008, 13:14
kiwi_envoy (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=6886) :verbeug


By Adrian Douglas

On July 16 I published an article entitled "Comex Gold Option Open Interest Signals Big Gold Move "

http://www.marketforceanalysis.com/P...0OI%202008.pdf (http://www.marketforceanalysis.com/Publication08_assets/COMEX%20GOLD%20OPTION%20OI%202008.pdf)

I made a further update of this article in the July 22 Midas column at www.lemetropolecafe.com (http://www.lemetropolecafe.com/). I remarked on how unusual it was that with only four trading days to go to expiry of the AUG08 Comex Gold Call options that a massive in-the-money open interest still remained despite gold having been savagely been brought down from $971 on July 15 to $948 on July 22. One would have expected with such a brutal drop the Call option holders would have cashed in their chips before their options expired worthless or significantly devalued. I suggested that these sophisticated investors must either know something or anticipated something. With now only one trading day left in these options the plot thickens. Gold has now been taken down to $928 yet only 1,230 contracts in-the-money have been sold since July 22 ! There still remain 21,796 contracts in the money. The total OI is a massive 71,308 contracts.

A bombshell dropped today. Two more American Banks have gone bust! When markets open on Monday the short sellers and the Gold Cartel are likely to be up to their armpits in buy orders. I would suspect a good fraction of them will come from the holders of those Gold Call options! If gold puts in a strong performance rising $50 on the day then 35,828 contracts will be in the money. If gold puts in a stellar performance by going up $100 in the day then 56,296 contracts will be in the money…a stunning 79% of the open interest! Such a daily gain is not outrageously big; oil and other commodities have made daily moves of up to 10% recently.

The Cartel is in serious trouble. What if they pull out all the stops and sell like crazy? There are 10,708 put options that are sitting below the market down to $900 and a further 18,335 down to $850. That could provide a lot of cash for entry into the long side.

The massive call position in the DEC08 contract has increased yet again to 128,038 contracts while Puts reduced by 847 contracts to 70,595.

As usual, when there is very gold bullish news, we can expect a Battle Royale from the manipulative shorts on Monday but it might be of the "Waterloo" variety.

Adrian Douglas

July 26, 2008


27.07.2008, 13:28
The Crash -- Coming Financial Collapse of America - 40 Min. - 13.03.2007


27.07.2008, 13:31
Randy Pausch: The Last Lecture


26. Juli 2008, 14:54 Uhr
Von Katja Ridderbusch

Professor starb an Krebs :(
Randy Pausch – Abschied eines Unbeugsamen

Sein Schicksal hatte die Welt bewegt – jetzt ist der krebskranke US-Computerwissenschaftler Randy Pausch, dessen ergreifendes Buch „Last Lecture – Die Lehren meines Lebens" weltweit zu einem Bestseller wurde, mit 47 Jahren gestorben. Er erlag seiner Krankheit in seinem Haus im US-Bundesstaat Virginia....

27.07.2008, 17:26
:gruebel ...nicht eben beruhigend - besonders Silber/Platin :schwitz

Bullion only (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=7168) :verbeug

Sorry if this has been posted.

Silver and Precious Metals Forecast
bearish on gold/silver.
How is his record?

27.07.2008, 17:28
...aber dann wiederum das ---> Gold options point to $1,200

Fri Jul 25, 2008 3:14pm EDT
By Frank Tang - Analysis

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Heavy bets in deep out-of-the-money calls and other bullish plays in the gold options market indicate bullion has a shot at rallying to an all-time peak of $1,200 an ounce by the end of the year.

Gold has soared furiously -- a few years ago the metal was trading at $250 an ounce -- as investors poured into the market due to inflation fears, a weakened dollar and market turmoil....

full story: http://www.reuters.com/article/hotStocksNews/idUSN2535920220080725

27.07.2008, 22:23
Biggest gold ETF loses 4.6 percent of gold holding in two days

The SPDR Gold Trust ETF which had been holding over 700 tonnes of gold has seen nearly 5 percent of the gold it holds on behalf of investors liquidated in two days in line with the sharp gold price falls this week.

Author: Lawrence Williams
Posted: Thursday , 24 Jul 2008

The world's largest specialist gold Exchange Traded Fund, SPDR Gold Trust (formerly known as Streettracks Gold Trust and set up by the World Gold Council), has sold over 32 tonnes of gold in two days on July 22nd and 23rd, as investors liquidated holdings as the gold price fell. The total held at the end of July 23rd remained at a massive 673.4 tonnes - still well ahead of the holding at the beginning of the month. The fund previously had had holdings of a little over 705 tonnes.

The sell-off demonstrates that even the big ETFs are suffering declines in their gold holdings in the latest gold sell-off precipitated by the sharp fall in oil prices which again, is in turn as western economies are seen to be continuing in decline and consumption likely to fall in the face of increased oil supplies.

The fall off in oil has helped set a firmer tone for the US dollar, but what should be helping gold here is that the firmer dollar makes the likelihood of US interest rate increases weaker. Indeed it may create scope for further reductions in rates to help try and kickstart the economy.

With gold seen as a safety net protecting against rising inflation and economic turmoil it may well be that the declines are shortlived, but with gold seemingly tracking oil minute by minute, and the prospect of further falls in the oil price, the worst may not be over yet for gold investors with further short term falls in prospect.


28.07.2008, 03:55
Gold Market Update - July 27, 2008

By: Clive Maund

While the broad stockmarket has staged a relief rally from deeply oversold in response to the Fannie and Freddie bailout and oil has tumbled over the past week or two, both as predicted, gold has suffered more collateral damage than expected from these factors resulting in quite heavy losses in the Precious Metals sector. Conspiracy theorists are arguing that gold was deliberately targeted in order to help protect the dollar at a time when it is especially vulnerable due to the European Central Bank raising rates. Whatever the truth of this the magnitude of the decline in gold was not actually that great as we will shortly see when we examine the chart, while the danger to the dollar has certainly not been mitigated - on the contrary it has gotten worse.



28.07.2008, 09:45
http://i346.photobucket.com/albums/p434/JiveDadson/1-16.png 950 :rolleyes

28.07.2008, 15:09
:gruebel hoffentlich liegt er daneben :schwitz


Cramer: Gold Played Out

28.07.2008, 21:06
Posted On: Monday, July 28, 2008, 1:55:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan
Author: Dan Norcini

Click chart to enlarge today’s 12 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.
http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58639_July2808Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6404_July2808Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)http://www.jsmineset.com/

29.07.2008, 17:22
LONDON – Goldessential.com – Jul 29 – 13.03GMT

Gold and gold receivables held by the ECB (Asset item 1) fell by 578 mln euros in the week ending Fri July 25th, to stand at 208,368 million euros. The sales were conducted by two Eurozone central bank (consistent with the CBGA).
At an average price of $937 or €594 an ounce, the sales were estimated at 30.2657 metric tonnes.

Official Link: here (http://www.ecb.int/press/pr/wfs/2008/html/fs080729.en.html)

29.07.2008, 17:28


29.07.2008, 17:51
The Morning Gold Report by Peter A. Grant

July 29 a.m. (USAGOLD (http://www.usagold.com/)) -- Gold is maintaining a generally consolidative tone, just below the midpoint of the broad $1,032.20/845.50 range. Consolidative activity in oil and the dollar as well are helping to keep the yellow metal well contained. Important US economic data later in the week may be sufficient to end these summer doldrums. The market will be watching Q2 GDP (advance) on Thursday, along with initial claims for the week ended 26-Jul. On Friday, Jul nonfarm payrolls come out. Any negative data that lend credence to the recessionary scenario is likely to give gold a boost.

Our research (http://www.usagold.com/analysis/doldrums-2008.html) shows that the months of June and July have, with near perfect consistency, allowed investors to buy gold at a price below what is ultimately determined to be the average annual price. Over the past 35-years, more than two-thirds of the average annual gains in the gold market have been notched between August and year-end. With July winding down and August about to begin, now may be a great time to add physical gold to your portfolio.



29.07.2008, 20:19

(North) Jul 29, 13:11
Now we sit in the dogs days of summer
with lots of air conditioning in our hummer.
Don't worry at all we got oil under wraps,
and for GOLD we are wearing our shorting caps.

All around us hedge funds hit the dirt,
with death and destruction the economy flirts,
but we've got GOLD in the cage we desire,
and we can put out any SILVER fire.

We are the masters of the summer heat,
going on vacation, bathing our feet.
Don't make us think too far down the road,
we buy the DOW and we won't unload.

Don't make us think of any fall depressions,
we've got the theatre and therapy sessions.
We are the banksters and lords of the land,
we don't need GOLD and SILVER in hand.

We've got our loans on expensive homes,
if people don't pay, let them learn how to roam.
Don't talk of stringing us up for our lies,
we've got our lawyers and government ties.

You ask when this carnage is going to end.
Don't ask that question my naive friend.
We have our Hamptons and our dogs of summer,
we've got the air conditioning in our hummer.

29.07.2008, 20:37
(http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=6789) Jive Dadson (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=6789)
Registered User

Don't you see it, Ax?



29.07.2008, 22:08
Gold Expected to Hit $1,000

Benjamin Pedley, MD & investment strategist at LGT Investment Management is bullish on gold as he sees spot gold prices reaching above $1,000 a troy ounce by year-end. He makes his case to CNBC's Amanda Drury & Martin Soong.


30.07.2008, 01:20
Posted On: Tuesday, July 29, 2008, 1:52:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan

Author: Dan Norcini

Click chart to enlarge today’s 12 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.
http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58657_July2908Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6406_July2908Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)


30.07.2008, 01:26
Silver: mysterious as ever

Silver ETFs have decoupled from the depressing price movements of increasingly hammered listed silver stocks.

Amid the hammering of listed resources stocks over the past two months, and the more recent heavy sell off of commodities, silver exchange traded funds (ETFs), represented mainly by the US-listed iShares Silver Trust, stand out as one of the most resistant commodity-linked securities. An investment in the iShares Silver Trust, which currently holds USD 3.4bn in silver bullion, is an easily accessible proxy investment in silver bullion.

Amid the souring atmosphere, consolidation opportunities may arise, and accelerate as explorer and development companies across the global resources sector are increasingly shunned by both credit and equity markets. Earlier this week, Pan American Silver CEO Geoff Burns was quoted as saying that "There's certainly a window that is opening that in my view was not open before".

Referring to the recent decline of valuations among silver exploration companies, Burns, quoted by Reuters, said he hopes to take advantage of tight credit conditions by seeking out cash-strapped development-stage projects to augment Pan American Silver's roster of Latin American silver mines.



30.07.2008, 12:17
...ist wirklich mühsam :mad

30.07.2008, 14:11
...ist wirklich mühsam :mad

Zum Original-Beitrag (http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/showthread.php3?p=1170178#post1170178)
Aber immer noch besser als das:

Die vielen Nullen legen die Computer lahm

Angesichts der Hyperinflation in Simbabwe streicht die Zentralbank in Harare zehn Nullen von der Währung. Aus zehn Milliarden Dollar wird ein Dollar.:rolleyes Die IT-Fachleute werden es danken.


Zentralbankgouverneur Gideon Gono erklärte, die hohe Inflationsrate beeinträchtige die Funktionsfähigkeit der Computersysteme. Die Software von Computern, Taschenrechnern, Geldautomaten und elektronischen Buchungssystemen ist für Zahlen mit Dutzenden Nullen nicht ausgelegt. In der vergangenen Woche gab die Zentralbank einen neuen 100-Milliarden-Dollar-Schein aus, der nicht einmal für den Kauf eines Laib Brotes ausreichte. Der neue Wechselkurs soll am 1. August in Kraft treten, dann soll auch eine 500-Dollar-Note erscheinen.


30.07.2008, 15:51
Aber immer noch besser als das:

Die vielen Nullen legen die Computer lahm

Zum Original-Beitrag (http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/showthread.php3?p=1170226#post1170226)
...bei meinen Gold und Silber Calls legt's mein PF lahm :gomad

30.07.2008, 16:44
Zeit für kleines Gegengewicht. :rolleyes

Hey Joe (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBXWNSNOa5o&feature=related)

30.07.2008, 17:12

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8Ebcx-mTns ;)

30.07.2008, 19:00
SWRichmond (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=7193) :verbeug

No one replied to my last post. No one seems to understand. Do you understand what happens when the world loses 20% of its net worth in a single year? The losses are so big that no one gets it. The final bubble is being blown, right now; the final battle, the final reflation attempt, the last hurrah, and all of it out of sight in the derivatives market. Where anyone can write a financial contract and promise anyone anything, as long as it's sometime in the future. I get it now. Normal markets obviously do not behave the way our markets do now. These markets are unreal, ghosts, phantoms, puppets. They are theater, a charade.

Just one example:

Anyone wondering why gold isn't screaming to the sky?

Gold derivatives:
(note: these positions held almost entirely by JPMorganChase and HSBC)

Top 5 banks, Q1 2006: $83,886,000,000
Top 5 banks, Q1 2007: $82,511,000,000
Top 5 banks, Q1 2008: $131,037,000,000

When this is over nothing paper will have any value at all. Absolutely none. It might go on for years, but it can only end one way.

It might be time for me to cash in my retirement savings, take the tax hit, pay off the mortgage, and buy farmland.

What will pull back the curtain? Who knows. Obama winning in November on a promise to raise cap gains might make everyone cash out. That is just one possibility.

Best of luck to you all.

30.07.2008, 21:17
aknot (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=7316) :verbeug

Short-term target: $1200.

This quote is from an excellent, objective report on gold: http://www.erstebank.hr/Press/priopc...port2008en.pdf (http://www.erstebank.hr/Press/priopcenja/Goldreport2008en.pdf). I advice you all to have a look at it.

The following factors support the scenario of a continued rise in the gold price:

-> The tense constellation of supply and demand will not improve in the medium term. Only the dramatic decrease in gold imports from India or a fast expansion of production could change this setting. But from today's perspective, this seems unlikely.
-> The continued fall in primary production and the increased demand from central banks in the emerging markets should lend further support to the price. Jewellery demand from emerging markets should record a long-term increase as well. The gap between supply and demand will widen progressively and cannot be closed by recycling or central bank sales anymore in the future.
-> Due to the massive loss of trust on the capital markets and the still smouldering dangers from inflation, the crisis-proof metal should remain in high demand over the coming months.
-> Gold and precious metals are the only assets class capable of retaining its value in inflationary and deflationary settings on a sustainable basis.
-> The fast expansion of production capacities seems unlikely. Although the gold price has increased by 400% over the past years, many companies still find it hard to achieve profits. The drastic rise in production, energy, and staff costs has more than made up for the gold price increase in some parts. In addition, the easily minable reserves are largely exhausted, which means that mining operations are going deeper and deeper and thus production becomes more expensive. This should provide the gold price with solid support.
-> According to the IMF, foreign exchange reserves increased between 1997 and 2007 from USD 1.4 trillion to USD 6.4 trillion. If the central banks in Russia, China or the Arabic region wish to diversify their portfolio of reserves more aggressively out of their dollar dependence, gold investments should record a considerable inflow.
-> We regard the significant rise in mining costs as robust support against gold price decreases. Many deposits cannot be profitably mined below a price of USD 600 per ounce. This means that any price lower than that would automatically curtail supply.
-> The fact that institutional investors, state funds, and oil-producing countries are still underweighted in commodities and particularly in gold would argue for a sustainable increase in demand. Secular bull market still intact, opportunities outweigh risks
-> Commodities will become more important as asset class within the framework of strategic asset allocation over the next couple of years among private investors as well due to the aforementioned characteristics.
-> The gold price will be supported by a range of additional factors. The credit crisis is not over yet, and the US macroeconomic data are ambivalent. The problems on the US housing markets are actually getting worse.
-> Because of the latest crisis people seem to remember the actual benefits of gold. The remonetarisation of gold has begun.
-> In order to combat the current problems the Fed (and in the event also the ECB) will be forced to cut interest rates even further or keep them at low levels, respectively. Traditionally, negative real interest rates and the gold price have displayed a strong correlation. The opportunity costs of holding gold, i.e. the loss of interest income, decrease as interest rates fall. The lower yields are, the less attractive bonds become vis-à-vis gold. The primary driver of the gold bull market, i.e. negative real interest rates, should therefore constitute a positive basis for the gold price in 2008 and beyond.
Never forget:

"Gold is money, and nothing else!"
JP Morgan, 1913 in front of the US Congress

30.07.2008, 22:36
This quote is from an excellent, objective report on gold: http://www.erstebank.hr/Press/priopc...port2008en.pdf (http://www.erstebank.hr/Press/priopcenja/Goldreport2008en.pdf). I advice you all to have a look at it.

Zum Original-Beitrag (http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/showthread.php3?p=1170409#post1170409)
Amüsante Graphik auf Seite 16. :dumm:dumm

30.07.2008, 22:41
Curing US Inflation, Zimbabwe Style

by Adrian Ash

Four out of the top nine headlines on Yahoo's financial homepage today came straight from the press departments of the US authorities.

Fed Extends Emergency Loan Program for Wall Street
Bush Signs Housing Bill to Provide Mortgage Relief
Government Announces Plans to Borrow $27 Billion
SEC Extends Restrictions on Short-Selling

Throw in Congress locking evil speculators out of the oil markets, and investors can't argue with such massed intervention by Washington's finest PR teams.

So sell commodities, buy financial stocks. Stay in your house, and stay away from those lines at the bank. It's the American way, as approved by the White House in July 2008.

Anyone hoping to defend their savings and wealth might also want to consider the "dilution" now hitting cash owners. It will prove similar in practice – if not greater in impact by a magnitude of size and then some – to the dilution that's already hit or threatening stockholders in Washington Mutual, Citigroup, UBS, Merrill Lynch and Royal Bank of Scotland here in London.

Whatever your money's worth now, it will have to compete with very many more dollars – and soon – when you come to spend it. Again, that spells i-n-f-l-a-t-i-o-n. Rising prices will be the visible cost of less purchasing power.


31.07.2008, 01:05
Future of Financials

Meredith Whitney, executive director of equity research at Oppenheimer, discusses what's in store for the financial sector.


31.07.2008, 01:07
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan

Author: Dan Norcini

Click chart to enlarge today’s 12 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.
http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58668_July3008Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6411_July3008Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)


31.07.2008, 01:14
In the July 29 session on the TOCOM Goldman Sachs COVERED a substantial 233 short contracts to bring their net short position to 5600 contracts. This brings their net short position to the LOWEST EVER in the last 30 months (the time I have been keeping records). The chart below is astonishing. There is almost a perfect descending trend channel in the net short position of Goldman Sachs which it has followed for over two years so it can hardly be called a coincidence. If this trend continues then the very latest that GS can reach a net short position of zero is when the top trend line meets the X axis. That extrapolates to November 25 2008!! Now isn’t that amazing? That is almost exactly the same date as the expiry of the MASSIVE COMEX Call option position in the DEC08 contract. I had already predicted from the Call option structure that gold will make a huge move sometime between now and the expiry of these options. We now have further confirmation because it looks as if Goldman Sachs will no longer be net short gold by that date!


Gold action…
It is very significant that the cartel best efforts to bring down gold on Monday on the day of option expiry failed. They have been able to bring gold down $30 since then, but when it mattered to take call options out of the money the buyers were in control. The massive DEC08 call option position shows there is some very big money moving into gold. They have no interest in stopping the cartel from taking down gold now that the option expiry is over. Their interest will be to pick up as much gold as they can at the bargain basement price financed by the cartel. As I write this we are only $10 above the 200 day MA…we can expect some very strong buying to emerge shortly. This is the killer move down that makes the final capitulation of those who just can’t take it anymore.

Le Metropole Cafe

31.07.2008, 02:13
More Than a Helping Hand

One of the basic functions of a central bank is to act as the 'lender of last resort'. This facility is used to keep banks liquid during a period of distress.

For example, if a bank is experiencing a run on deposits, it will borrow from the central bank instead of trying to liquidate some of its assets to raise the cash it needs to meet its obligations. In other words, the central bank offers a 'helping hand' by providing liquidity to the bank in need.

The following chart is from the Economic Research Department of the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank. Here is the link: http://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2/series/BORROW. This long-term chart illustrates the amount of money banks have borrowed from the Federal Reserve from 1910 to the present.


This chart proves there is truth to the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. It's one thing to say that the present financial crisis is unprecedented, but it is something all together different to provide a picture putting real meaning to the word 'unprecedented'.

It is an understatement to say that the U.S. banking system is in uncharted territory. The Federal Reserve is providing more than just a 'helping hand'.

This chart should alert everyone to the perils of putting your wealth on deposit in a bank. The magnitude of the borrowing by banks shown on this chart is signaling that the banking system is suffering from more than a lack of liquidity. The real question we need to be asking ourselves is whether the banking system is solvent, i.e., whether the assets of banks in the aggregate have greater value than the banking system's liabilities.

I distinguish 'liquidity' from 'solvency' in an article I wrote last year for my monthly column on Kitco.com. Here's the link: http://www.kitco.com/ind/Turk/turk_nov122007.html. In this article I quote Ludwig von Mises as follows: "Finally the masses wake up. They become suddenly aware of the fact that inflation is a deliberate policy and will go on endlessly. The crack-up boom appears. Everybody is anxious to swap his money against 'real' goods, no matter whether he needs them or not, no matter how much money he has to pay for them."

The above chart indicates to me that we are on the cusp of a crack-up boom. Owning gold and silver and avoiding the dollar are now more important than ever.


31.07.2008, 09:13
Amüsante Graphik auf Seite 16. :dumm:dumm

Zum Original-Beitrag (http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/showthread.php3?p=1170433#post1170433)
...die spinnen - die Schweizer :kopf

31.07.2008, 14:49
U.S. 4-week avg. continuing claims up 42,750 to 3.17 mln
8:31 AM ET, Jul 31, 2008

U.S. continuing jobless claims up 185,000 to 3.28 mln
8:31 AM ET, Jul 31, 2008

U.S. 4-week avg. jobless claims up 11,000 to 393,000
8:31 AM ET, Jul 31, 2008

U.S. weekly initial jobless claims up 44,000 to 448,000 :rolleyes
8:31 AM ET, Jul 31, 2008

U.S. Q2 inflation rate ticks up to 4.2%
8:31 AM ET, Jul 31, 2008

:licht aha - ob die PMs darum gestern wieder mal sicherheitshalber gedrückt worden sind :gruebel
http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/attachment.php3?attachmentid=80809&stc=1 http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/attachment.php3?attachmentid=80808&stc=1

31.07.2008, 19:10
The Morning Gold Report by Peter A. Grant

July 31 a.m. (USAGOLD (http://www.usagold.com/)) -- Gold has retraced all of Wednesday's losses and then some, spurred by a much larger than expected surge in initial jobless claims. Yesterday's probe below $900 proved unsustainable as the yellow metal garnered support from strong physical interest and bargain hunting. The rebound above former support at 912/915 is encouraging to the longer-term bullish scenario. A close back above the 50 and 100-day moving averages, at 914.87 and 912.82 respectively, would bode well for the scenario that calls for a return to the 930/950 zone. An eventual push through this area would put the 15-Jul high at 988.00 back in play.

The Fed moved on Wednesday to expand and extend its liquidity facilities, while the SEC extended its emergency limits on short selling of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shares. Meanwhile, the President signed the new housing bill.

All of this provided a measure of comfort to Wall Street and the DJIA closed up 186 points. However, the fact that the Fed and regulators seem to be gearing up for a new phase in the credit/liquidity crisis is certainly cause for concern.

The Fed claims they are just looking to head-off any year-end funding issues, conceding that the financial markets remain "fragile." However, I think the move is probably more attributable to Merrill Lynch's sale of $30.6 bln in CDOs at 22-cents on the dollar earlier in the week, which essentially has established a market price for similar assets.

It is likely that this sale has already dragged down the value of similar assets on the balance sheets of other financial institutions, including Fannie and Freddie. The fact that the Fed is prepared to pump additional liquidity into the market and continue to swap treasuries for increasingly suspect assets does not bode well for the dollar.



01.08.2008, 02:06
Posted On: Thursday, July 31, 2008, 1:44:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan

Author: Dan Norcini

Click chart to enlarge today’s 4 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.
http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58672_July3108Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6415_July3108Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)


01.08.2008, 02:08
Dear Jim,

I am amazed that the news of California cutting all state employee wages to minimum wage for the foreseeable future due to its $15 Billion debt that it cannot handle is no news at all in financial circles.

Is it contagious?

Thanks for watching out for us,

Dear Fred,

I am not surprised.

All the best,


01.08.2008, 02:13
Bank Open Window For Deceit



Try as they may, the power center with the increasingly desperate gold cartel as their agent to suppress the gold price, are losing their grip. The banking system insolvency was bad enough, but now the rescue of Fannie Mae has undermined the already weakened state of the USDollar. Finally, the US homeowners will begin to benefit from the largesse of the USGovt via home loan assistance and other measures soon to be implemented. Up to now, the primary beneficiaries to the USFed bond swaps have been Western banks, in a grand elite welfare program to stave off financial ruin to billionaires. They have the ear of USGovt officials, or else control with puppet strings. Next comes the rescues for the public, who are under siege during the worst Middle Class erosion and depletion in modern history.


Gold will find continued support around 910, even from the 50-day moving average (in blue). On July 30, a remarkable sequence occurred. The silver price did an impressive reversal, going below 17 but closing over the 17.50 mark. See the impressive move on Wednesday. Gold followed silver, a day later. My forecast is for silver to break above the critical 21 resistance level before gold breaks above the critical 1020 level. THE HEAVY CORROSION TO THE USDOLLAR IS ABOUT TO ENTER A VERY DAMAGING PHASE. The autumn season is near, when the gold and silver bull markets realize some seasonal breakouts. By year end, gold should be near 1200 and silver near 25. One big reason why so many shenanigans are being played with banks and the USDollar, is that the gold favorable season is near in arrival. As the USDollar is undermined during a multi-faceted corrosive process and the season arrives, gold & silver will thrive.



01.08.2008, 19:22
:( :schwitz

Hawkeye (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=5258) :verbeug
Midas Member
Back to the 911 chop prolly breakout da last week of Aughttp://goldismoney.info/forums/images/smilies/confused_ma.gif

Gotta go outside and enjoy the rest of this summerhttp://goldismoney.info/forums/images/smilies/bath.gif


01.08.2008, 19:28
Hawkeye (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=5258) :verbeug
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I can just see this thing taking off now that sto is three days imbedded.................but I can't tell you why?http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/smilies/banghead.gifhttp://goldismoney.info/forums/images/smilies/smokin.gif


02.08.2008, 01:29
Posted On: Friday, August 01, 2008, 1:47:00 PM EST
Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan

Author: Dan Norcini

Click chart to enlarge today’s 4 hour action in gold in PDF format as of 12:30 pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini.
http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/inventory/58678_August0108Gold1230pmCDT.jpg (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6419_August0108Gold1230pmCDT.pdf)


02.08.2008, 01:34
INTERVIEW-AngloGold CEO: time for hedge buybacks, eyes M&A

AngloGold has one of the biggest hedgebooks among it peers globally. Steadily rising bullion has turned gold producers away from hedging in favor of direct exposure to spot prices.

AngloGold said it expected to cut its hedgebook a further 0.8 million ounces to 6.1 million ounces by December.

"I think it's a great time (to buy back hedges). The fundamentals are very strong for gold and there is a strong possibility gold will break through the $1,000 mark," Cutifani said.

In addition, AngloGold in mid-July raised $1.7 billion through a rights issue to help cut its forward sales.


Looking forward, Cutifani said the price of gold had an "absolutely" good chance to trade above $1,000 an ounce at year end, and the bullish outlook explained why AngloGold decided to buy back its hedgebook.


02.08.2008, 01:57
Merrill Lynch Sells CDOs at 5.5 cents on the dollar

On July 29th it was reported that Merrill Lynch "raised capital" by selling CDOs. See Ratchet Provisions Soak Merrill Lynch, Will Sink WaMu (http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/2008/07/ratchet-provisions-soak-merrill-lynch.html). Merrill got an initially reported 22 cents on the dollar for this sale. Commentators went "gaga" on the news with another ridiculous round for "bottom calls" from nearly every corner. Well for starters 22 cents on the dollar is one hell of a writedown and nothing to cheer over. And the plain fact of the matter is that Merrill really only got 5.5 cents on the dollar as explained in Merrill Gives Up Gains, Is `On Hook' for CDO Losses (http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=aQRdW28lniUw&refer=home).


02.08.2008, 02:12
Gold Investments Market Update - Greenspan's Issues "Once in a Century Crisis" Warning

By Mark O`Byrne


Greenspan's Issues "Once in a Century Crisis" Warning

Alan Greenspan's frank comments about the grave nature of the growing risks facing the US financial system and economy also contributed to increasing risk aversion as seen in falling equity markets in the US, Asia and in Europe this morning.

Greenspan said that the current financial crisis was continuing and could deepen and it is a "once in a century" crisis tied to the housing market's plunge and that the US teeters on the brink of a recession. Given the extent of the turmoil, he said he would be surprised if there was no recession. Greenspan said that falling home prices were "nowhere near the bottom." He also expressed support for the idea of nationalising mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, saying they were a "major accident waiting to happen."



02.08.2008, 02:29

Jive Dadson (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=6789)

tnx :cool

02.08.2008, 18:09
A Review of the Gold Bull - 2 August 2008 (http://jessescrossroadscafe.blogspot.com/2008/08/review-of-gold-bull-2-august-2008.html)

Here is a long term view of this gold bull market back to the major upturn. Note the periodic corrections and consolidations.

Things happen for a reason. The reason there are corrections and consolidations in these long term trends is that there are contrary opinions among traders. Also, and importantly, different traders have different positions operating on different timeframes.

Within a long term trend there are plenty of opportunities to squeeze the shorts and shake out the weak hands on the long side. With 8000 desperate hedge funds out there, and ten or more outsized banks flush with hot money and a shrinking pool of opportunities, we can expect more short term volatility as traders try to set up gambits, squeezes and traps. Its what they do when they can, but they cannot resist the pressure of the real trend for too long.

http://bp2.blogger.com/_H2DePAZe2gA/SJPbfIIlgcI/AAAAAAAADpA/AKdmNNeIL78/s400/goldweekly.png (http://bp2.blogger.com/_H2DePAZe2gA/SJPbfIIlgcI/AAAAAAAADpA/AKdmNNeIL78/s1600-h/goldweekly.png)


02.08.2008, 19:02
Next crisis: Credit Default Swaps

BBC Newsnight feature




02.08.2008, 19:35


UPDATE of these Great Junior Miner Indices from Mexico Mike at Smartinvestment.ca (http://goldtent.com/wp_gold/2008/08/02/update-of-these-great-junior-miner-indices-from-mexico-mike-at-smartinvestmentca/)

-> Posted by Fullgoldcrown @ 10:56 am on August 2, 2008

02.08.2008, 23:16
NYMEX to Launch Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) CO2 Allowance Futures, Options Contracts as Part of its Green Exchange Venture

NEW YORK, July 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — The New York Mercantile Exchange, Inc., a subsidiary of NYMEX Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: NMX), today announced that it will launch a Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) carbon dioxide allowance futures contract on August 24, for the August 25 trade date. It will also list a RGGI options contract for trade date August 26. The listing of these products on NYMEX is a Green Exchange initiative, which will provide a trading platform for environmental commodities.

The new futures contract, with commodity code RJ, will be physically delivered to the RGGI CO2 Allowance Trading System (RGGI-COATS). It will be available for trading on the CME Globex® electronic trading platform.
Additionally, off-exchange transactions can be submitted for clearing via NYMEX ClearPort®. The size of the futures contract will be 1,000 RGGI CO2 allowances with a minimum price fluctuation of $0.01 per allowance. It will expire at the termination of the third business day prior to the first business day of the contract month.....


107.8682 (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=8471) http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/statusicon/user_online.gif
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Anyone want to buy some of my methane farts? I'll sell them at a good price. http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/smilies/biggrin.gif

03.08.2008, 09:39
Zitat von unkraut :verbeug

Geheime Hilfen für Herrn P. :)

http://www.welt.de/welt_print/arti2...r_Herrn_P..html (http://www.welt.de/welt_print/arti2277035/Geheime_Hilfen_fuer_Herrn_P..html)

Zum Original-Beitrag (http://showthread.php3/?p=1171027#post1171027)

......Wer aber glaubte, dass vor dem Hintergrund der Implosion des US-Finanzsystems in Zeitlupentempo Gold als "harte" Währung steigen würde, sah sich enttäuscht. Der Goldpreis fiel seit der Ankündigung der Rettungsbemühungen durch Paulson um knapp 100 Dollar während der Dollar stieg. Ein Schelm, wer Böses dabei denkt. Natürlich hat Paulson mit den chinesischen Finanzbehörden telefoniert, die sich gezwungen sahen, den Dollar zu stützen. Ihre Treasury-Bestände sind zu gewaltig, um ein schnelles Abschmieren des Dollars zu erlauben.Und wer diese Woche den Wochenausweis des Eurosystems gelesen hat, hat sich, gelinde gesagt, verwundert die Augen gerieben. Just in der Woche nach Paulsons Rettungsaktion verkaufte das Eurosystem (EZB plus alle Notenbanken der EU) Gold und Goldforderungen in Höhe von 578 Mio. Euro. - in einer Woche wohlgemerkt. Dies ist etwa das Vielfache der "normalen" Wochenverkäufe. Auch interessant zu sehen, dass deutsche Finanzpolitiker offensichtlich nicht die geringste Ahnung haben, was hier im Hintergrund gespielt wird, und wo diese Erträge hin fließen.....Darüber hinaus widersprechen sie inhaltlich dem sogenannten "Washington Gold Agreement" (WGA II), denn die EZB hatte nach eigener Aussage die Goldverkäufe in diesem Fiskaljahr (September bis August) bereits abgeschlossen. Aber, wo kein Kläger, da kein Richter :bad Die Politik schläft sowieso.
...:kotz gleiches Recht für alle :ironie

04.08.2008, 09:10
axstone :verbeug (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=2775)

Listen carefully what he says about how long intervention in the Dollar will last

8 Seconds he said

YouTube - Jim Rogers On Kudlow (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHHyjd-RrcI)

04.08.2008, 09:17
Spun Green II (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=7663) :verbeug
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Manipulation + Opportunistic Gratitude = V
http://goldismoney.info/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=50331&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1217823842 (http://goldismoney.info/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=50331&d=1217823842)

04.08.2008, 10:11
Posted On: Sunday, August 03, 2008, 3:18:00 AM EST
Weekly Action In Gold Stocks From Trader Dan
Author: Dan Norcini

Click here for this week's action in the XAU, Royal Gold, El Dorado Gold, Golden Star Resources, Coeur D'Alene, IAMGold, ECU Silver and Seabridge Gold with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini (http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfiles/6420_Charts_for_8-2-2008.pdf)

XAU :schwitz

04.08.2008, 11:54
Ölpreise höher - Tropical Storm Edouard gaining speed over Gulf - € höher - ......und die PMs :gomad


04.08.2008, 17:26
Gold Consolidates After Choppy Week

Posted Monday, 4 August 2008

The Morning Gold Report by Peter A. Grant

Aug 04 a.m. (USAGOLD) -- Gold has adopted a consolidative tone after trading in a rather choppy manner last week as the market keyed on mixed employment data. This week, focus will be on the central banks and interest rates.

The Fed will announce the target for Fed funds on Tuesday. The market is widely expecting the FOMC to leave rates unchanged at 2.0%. With seven consecutive months of job losses and the unemployment rate at 5.7%, there is little chance of a rate hike before Dec. If the economy continues to slow and employment trends remain weak, the Fed is likely to forestall the launch of any tightening campaign into Q1-09.

Of course this does not bode well for inflation. CPI surged 1.1% in Jun, the biggest monthly jump since 1982. The government's measure of inflation is now more than 5% year-on-year, although in reality, inflation is probably more than twice that figure. July CPI comes out late next week and another, albeit more modest, increase is anticipated.


04.08.2008, 17:28

Hawkeye (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=5258)



04.08.2008, 17:40
Yes, That's $2 Trillion of Debt-Related Losses


Barron's : Unfortunately for the rest of us, you have a pretty good track record. How much more misery lies ahead?

Roubini : We are in the second inning of a severe, protracted recession, which started in the first quarter of this year and is going to last at least 18 months, through the middle of next year. A systemic banking crisis will go on for awhile, with hundreds of banks going belly up.

Which banks, specifically, will fail?

I don't want to name names, but many, given the housing bust, will become insolvent. Their losses are mounting because they have written down only their subprime loans so far. They haven't started writing down most of their consumer-credit losses, and reserves for losses are much less than they should have been. The banks are playing all sorts of accounting gimmicks not to recognize them. There are hundreds of millions of dollars outstanding in home-equity loans that eventually could be worth zero, too.



04.08.2008, 20:36
U.S. Factory Orders Rose More Than Forecast on Fuel (Update1)
By Courtney Schlisserman

Aug. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Factory orders (http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/quote?ticker=TMNOCHNG%3AIND) in the U.S. increased more than forecast in June, propelled by gains in petroleum and chemicals that reflected soaring prices



04.08.2008, 20:41
Gold Ready To Rush
Lance Lewis (http://www.minyanville.com/gazette/bios.htm?bio=78)


3. With the U.S. banking system crippled, unemployment continuing to rise and the U.S. sinking ever further into the stagflationary soup, the Fed can’t even begin to think about raising interest rates to combat inflation. That means inflationary pressures will continue to build and support higher gold prices. I don’t care how high oil goes or how low the dollar goes, the Fed has never raised interest rates in its history while U.S. unemployment is rising.

And even if we didn’t know that, the Fed’s primary job is keep the financial system intact (as I've pointed out repeatedly since last August). That means as long as that system is at risk of complete collapse (as it is now), the Fed will continue to ignore rising inflationary pressures in favor of nursing the financial system with low interest rates and easy access to credit.


Lastly, concerning timing: After writing bullish articles on gold and gold mining shares here on Minyanville over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed an interesting pattern regarding reader emails to my llewis@dailymarketsummary.com address. In particular, rare virtual “floods” of gold-related hate mail would seem to stream in near important lows - and then would suddenly stop. So I began to track the instances of mass hate-mailing back in 2007, which I've termed a “Hate Mail Buy Signal.” It's labeled in the chart below.

Click to enlarge (http://image.minyanville.com/assets/FCK_Aug2007/File/Nico/lewis04.jpg)

As you can see, I got two buy signals in a single week last week from this indicator - which is rare. The only other time this happened was in August of 2007, which proved to be a fantastic buying opportunity in both gold and gold mining stocks.

Will history repeat? No indicator is foolproof, but when taken in conjunction with all the other bullish factors currently in play, I tend to think it will.



04.08.2008, 21:25
Gold Ready To Rush

(http://www.minyanville.com/gazette/bios.htm?bio=78)Zum Original-Beitrag (http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/showthread.php3?p=1171365#post1171365)
:schwitz ...dann hoffen wir mal :rolleyes aber es ist schon etwas schwierig geworden :mad immer wieder unter dem :hammer

04.08.2008, 21:33
...und wenn man das ---> http://www.stock-channel.net/stock-board/showpost.php3?p=1171351&postcount=506 gelesen hat :mad da ist doch für Willkür Tür und Tor offen :dumm

04.08.2008, 22:48
Dizzy47 (http://goldismoney.info/forums/member.php?u=8313) http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/statusicon/user_online.gif :verbeug
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The Lunatics Are Running The US Free Market Asylum

There is absolutely no point in reviewing the gold price during Asian trading hours. It means nothing if the London Gold Cartel traders are planning to go into action. Time and time again gold begins to surge until they go to work. Gold rose to $915, about a $7 advance, during those Asian trading hours. By the time I woke up, gold was down $5, even though the euro rallied further from the time I checked out for the night and up .0025 from its 3 PM Friday close in New York.

On Friday it was the US jobs report, and as we know, gold is rarely ever allowed to go up when that contrived report is released. Now we have a Fed meeting coming up tomorrow with the economic news in the US, and from around the world, deteriorating on a daily basis. This morning’s takedown stinks to high heaven, and stands out for its very weak trading vis-à-vis correlated markets like the dollar and oil.

What hits me over the head this morning is the Orwellians are smashing gold, now down nearly $10 ($17 from last night’s high), because the news and market commentary is THAT BAD…

*HSBC reported huge losses in England.

*The Bank of Scotland is expected to do the same.

*The New York Times featured this headlined story today:

Housing Lenders Fear Bigger Wave of Loan Defaults

Reuters - Hundreds of banks will fail, Roubini tells Barron's

*Former White House chief economist, Lawrence Lindsay, was on CNBC and was just as negative. Lindsay, as most of you know, was fired by President Bush for correctly predicting the Iraq War would cost far more than assessed by the Administration at the time.

*And, just in, US spending in June exceeded income by .5%, while Alan Greenspan’s valued indicator of inflation, the PCE Deflator, rose sharply to 4.1%. Some headlines:




Gold had NO chance today as General Paulson ordered his Stormtroopers to take the price down no matter what the outside markets did. Good soldiers that they are, they complied, knowing that the direr the real US economic situation appears on a given day, the more gold must be trashed to lighten the blow. What a sick lot these people are. What they continue to do makes movies like The Matrix and The Stepford Wives seem tame in scope.

Counterintuitive market action was the key to my understanding there was a devious force out there manipulating the price of gold 10 years ago this coming October … soon after I opened the Café. NOTHING HAS CHANGED in all that time. Today is a perfect case in point. The US inflation number this morning was horrendous and the dollar was lower, with the euro up a fair amount from Friday, SO gold was bombed. Makes a lot of sense.

The excuse for the drop will be the price of oil, which fell $3.69 per barrel to $121.41. Had oil been up $4 and the euro down .0060, the pundits would cite the dollar strength as the reason why gold fell. It is this constant drivel-like rationale why gold does what it does that leads us to gold being $500 undervalued vis-a-vis at $100 per barrel.

The DOW was down over 100 earlier. Why is it that oil TANKS just when the Orwellians need help with the stock market? No doubt in my mind that the US Government has moved into bombing oil at strategic points. Paulson said he would do whatever it takes to shore up the dismal state of US financial market affairs and that is just what he is doing. Even some of The Muppets on CNBC are "scratching their heads" why oil is plummeting to the extent it is today.

Again, it is not that the price of oil shouldn’t fall. It is the way it does when it does that is highly suspicious. But, important for us, when oil was soaring, gold often did nothing. Therefore, there is no reason for its price to fall apart on the same days oil does … when most of the correlating gold news is bullish.

And the dollar always seems to strengthen when The Gold Cartel and PPT go into action like this. The euro was 1.5634 this morning. It has fallen to 1.5571, while the DOW rallied 100 points. This is sheer market manipulation lunacy. The "Everything is fine" doctrine rules supreme. Others might call it yet another increase in the Moral Hazard investment doctrine now reigning supreme in America. It is as if the lunatics are running the US free market asylum.

AGAIN, a key to understanding the extent of the coordinated market intervention is to watch how quickly oil tanks, gold tanks, the DOW rallies sharply, while the dollar rallies significantly. Why should the dollar rally on such negative US news because of oil moving up? When oil was rallying the dollar bulls said it was constructive for the dollar because more dollars were needed to buy the oil. Now, they say give opposite reasons for the dollar's strength. Sick, sick, sick!


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Posted On: Monday, August 04, 2008, 8:20:00 PM EST
Gold Action From Trader Dan

Author: Dan Norcini

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'Major Discovery' Primed To Unleash Solar Revolution: Scientists Mimic Essence Of Plants' Energy Storage System
http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases...0731143345.htm (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/07/080731143345.htm)

From the article:
"This is a major discovery with enormous implications for the future prosperity of humankind," said Barber, the Ernst Chain Professor of Biochemistry at Imperial College London. "The importance of their discovery cannot be overstated since it opens up the door for developing new technologies for energy production thus reducing our dependence for fossil fuels and addressing the global climate change problem."
I agree with this statement wholeheartedly if the article indeed reflects what is going on in this corner of science.

I guess the strategy should be: wait a few years for the Depression to play out (in car makers). Then start buying Toyota (Prius) and fuel cell companies at rock bottom prices. Stock up with Palladium on the way.

Finally, I have my strategy for after the gold bull. http://goldismoney.info/forums/images/smilies/biggrin.gif

EDIT: Listen to Prof Nocera himself: http://techtv.mit.edu/file/1243

Thanks to sid from GEI who brought this article to my attention.
http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/...showtopic=3961 (http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=3961)