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Atta-Bande war keine terroristische Vereinigung

Die Gruppe um Mohammed Atta, die am 11. September 2001 die Anschläge auf das World Trade Center und das Pentagon flogen, war nach Ansicht des Hamburger Oberlandesgerichts keine terroristische Vereinigung - zumindest nicht im Sinne des deutschen Strafrechts. Heute bestätigt der Bundesgerichtshof, dass Abdelghani Mzoudi auf freiem Fuß bleibt.


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Angriff der Gen-Krieger

Von Zhou Derong


Text: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 07.01.2004, Nr. 5 / Seite 31 -
Grüße an alle!

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Original geschrieben von carlo
Angriff der Gen-Krieger

mich überrascht das nun wieder gar nicht...kann man auch in meinen älteren Postings nachlesen. Besonders interessant, wie Informationen dass es sich um eine Biowaffe handeln könnte, speziell aus den canadischen Online-medien sofort wieder verschwanden...und in Deutschland bis heute gar nicht auftauchten :
Man muß das Wahre immer wiederholen, weil auch der Irrtum um uns her immer wieder gepredigt wird und zwar nicht von einzelnen, sondern von der Masse, in Zeitungen und Enzyklopädien, auf Schulen und Universitäten. Überall ist der Irrtum obenauf, und es ist ihm wohl und behaglich im Gefühl der Majorität, die auf seiner Seite ist.

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The following links are collected by an earth citizen, Gerard Holmgren, who wants the truth to come out on september 11 events. He doesn't have a web site and posts his link on forums, to mailing lists. I saved his message in html and give it here.

List of links to documented evidence of high level US complicity in the attacks of sept 11 2001.

(The Web pages below have been backed up. If any links are dead, the backed up page can be mailed on request.)


Last updated June 14 2003


Section 1: Airforce stand-down

1:1 It has become popular mythology in the media
that fighter jets were scrambled to intercept the
hijacked planes. This is completely untrue as the
following research shows.
Guilty For 9-11: Bush, Rumsfeld, Myers,
by Illarion Bykov and Jared Israel, 14 Nov 2001

1:2 Mr. Cheney's Cover Story -- Section 2
of Guilty For 9-11, 20 Nov 2001

1:3 9-ll: Nothing Urgent, by George Szamuely,
Research & documentation by Illarion Bykov
and Jared Israel, Jan 2002

1:4 Planes "did scramble " on 9/11,
they just "arrived late"

1:5 Scrambled Messages, by George Szamuely,
12 Dec 2001

1:6 Air National Guard Mission and Vision statements

1:7 Russian Air Force chief says official 9/11 story impossible

Scrambling of fighter jets to intercept stray
aircraft is a routine procedure.
Here's an example of how routine it is.

1.13 Jet Sent to probe Fla. Gov. Plane.
Netscape news. May 15 2003.

The procedures were already in place before
Sept 11 2001. It happened 67 times in the 10 months
between September 2000 and June 2001.

1.8 Use of military jets jumps since 9/11.
Associated Press Aug 13 2002.
1.9 CBS News. Scrambling to prevent another
9/11 Aug 14 2002
1.10 Preventing another 9/11,00.html
1.11 ABC News Jets on high Alert. Aug 13 2002.
1.12 Military now notified immediately of unusual
air traffic events. Fox news Aug 12 2002,2933,60245,00.html#top

So on Sept 11, 2001 - Why were no fighter jets
scrambled, and why has a cover up story been

In the unlikely event that the airforce failed
through incompetence, ( not once but 4 times! )
where is the major inquiry?
I have seen bigger inquiries into car crashes
at race tracks.


Section 2: Complicit behaviour of G.W.Bush

It has become common mythology in the media
that George W. Bush was at Booker Elementary
School when he learned of the first WTC crash.
This is a lie. Why is Bush lying about where he
was, and what he knew?

2:1 Guilty for 9-11 Section 3: Bush in the open
by Illarion Bykov and Jared Israel.

This is not the only lie Bush has told about his
movements that morning. See how many times
he has changed his story.

2:2 Sept 11 attacks- evidence of US collusion
by Steve Grey.
(Read the section called "A tangle of lies")

2.3 Bush gets tangled in his lies Part 1.
A strange press conference. By Jared israel
and Francisco Gil-White Sept 25 2002.

2:4 Bush Gets Tangled in his 9-11 Lies, Part 2:
White House Cover-up Creates More Problems
than it Solves by Jared Israel and Francisco
Gil-White [7 October 2002]

2:5 The President as Incompetent Liar:
Bush's Claim that he Saw TV Footage of 1st
Plane Hitting WTC. Comments by Jared Israel
[Posted 12 September 2002]

Clinton was impeached for lying about an affair.
Bush is lying about where he was, what he was
doing and what he knew, during the crucial
period between 8.45 and 9 AM on Sept 11.


Why did the President - after being told "America
is under attack" continue to listen to schoolchildren
reading for another 25 minutes ? Why was he
cheering, smiling and joking even as it was known
that at least one more hijacked plane was on the
loose ? View the TV footage which proves treason
at the top level.


Section 3: The Fictitious Hijackers

If 19 Arabs hijacked the planes, why are there
no Arabic names on any of the passenger lists?
If they used non-Arabic aliases, which of the
"innocents " on the lists are alleged to be the
Passenger and crew list for AA 11 (first WTC crash.)

AA 77 (Pentagon crash)

UAL 175 (2nd WTC crash)

UAL 93 (Pennsylvania crash)

If they are alleged to have been using non-Arabic
aliases (19 obviously Arabic men got on board
using non-Arabic ID, with 100% success rate ?),
why did the FBI claim that they were traced through
the use of credit cards to buy tickets in their own

If 9 of the alleged hijackers were searched before
boarding, as claimed in this article
why is there no airport security footage of them?
How did they (allegedly) get on board with knives,
guns, AND electronic guidance systems, while being
searched, but avoiding security cameras and not
being on the passenger lists?
What aliases were they alleged to be using when
they were searched,and if they were not using
aliases, why are they not on the passenger lists?

What of reports that some of the alleged hijackers
are still alive, and had nothing to do with the attacks ?

According to this article

the FBI now claims that the hijackers used gas to
subdue the passengers and crew. If they used gas
they would have been affected themselves - unless
they had masks. The story gets better all the time.
They somehow got on board with masks, gas, guns,
knives and electronic guidance systems, in spite of
being searched, didn't show up on the airport security
cameras, and were not on the passenger lists.
They left flight manuals in Arabic in rented cars
outside the airport (last minute brushing up on the
way there, about how to fly the things!) and then
crashed the planes in breath taking displays of
skilled piloting. Just to make sure we knew who
they were, their passports were conveniently found
in spite of fiery crashes which incinerated the planes
and occupants. So they got on board with false
IDs but used their real passports ?

If the mythical Arab hijackers really were on the
planes and airport security systems failed due
to incompetence (not once but 19 times!), where
is the major inquiry? I have seen bigger inquiries
into racehorse doping scandals.


Section 4: More oddities

Why the official story concerning the hijacking
of AA11 (first WTC crash) cannot possibly be true.

4:1 9/11 Redux: (The Observer¹s Cut) American
Airlines Flight 11, Re-examined By David L. Graham

Was an urban rescue team sent to New York
the night before the attacks?

4.4 Former top German Cabinet Minister rejects
official story of 9 11 attacks. Interview with Andreas
von Buelow. Tagesspiegel Jan 13 2002.

National Security Advisor Rice and WhiteHouse
spokesman Fleischer lied in saying that nobody
had ever conceived of planes being used in this
manner, their statements in this article,

Bush Was Warned of Hijackings Before 9/11;
Lawmakers Want Public Inquiry ABC News
May 16 2002

when the 1994 extract from Time magazine,
quoted in article 2:1 demonstrates that the potential
problem had been recognized for decades.
And there are other examples of this possibility
having been widely recognized prior to Sept 11.
4:6 "Omens of terror." by David Wise Oct 7 2001

In article 4:5 Rice also lied in saying that any threat
had been overwhelmingly perceived as being overseas.
The statement she made is in this press briefing.
4:7 Press Briefing by National Security Advisor
Dr. Condoleezza Rice. The James S. Brady Briefing
Room May 16 2002 . 4.10PM EDT

But this is the truth about the memo to which she refers.
4:8 August memo focused on attacks in the U.S. by
Bob Wooward and Dan Eggen. Washington Post
staff writers. May 18 2002. page A01.

What did happen to Flight 93? by Richard Wallace.
The Daily Mirror Sept 13, 2002

Are cell phone calls from planes, of the type
allegedly made by passengers on Sept 11 possible?


Section 5: Where is the evidence against Bin laden?

Why is it that the US government doesn't feel
confident enough of it's case against Bin laden
to lay any formal charges, but keeps " finding"
convenient video " confession" tapes ?
Probably because new video technology makes
it impossible to distinguish between a real video
confession and a fake.

When seeing and hearing isn't believing.
by William M. Arkin. Washington Post Feb 1 1999

Last word in High Tech trickery. by David Higgins
Sydney Morning Herald. may 16 2002

For more detailed evidence of a preplanned
agenda to fabricate evidence against Bin Laden,

Sept 11 attacks- evidence of US collusion by Steve Grey.
(Read the section called "Evidence please !")

It has become a common myth that Bin Laden
has admitted to the attacks. This simply isn't true.

Bin laden denies terror attacks and points
finger at Jews. Annanova news.

Bin laden denies attacks as Taliban talks holy war.
ABC news online Sept 17 2001.

Bin Laden denies being behind attacks. JS ONline
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sept 16 2001

Osama Bin Laden claims terrorist attacks in USA
were committed by some American terrorist group.
Pravda Sept 12 2001

Bin laden Denies US attack says paper. Middle East News

Bin laden says he wasn't behind attacks CNN Sept 17 2001

Bin Laden denies role in attacks. Sept 17 2001

Taliban says Bin Laden denied role in attacks.
Yahoo news Sept 13 2001.


Section 6: Insider trading reveals high level foreknowledge

In the first few hours after the attacks, it was reported
that investigators were already looking into huge
volumes of insider trading on airline stocks in the
weeks leading up to the attacks.
Why has this story since completely disappeared?
Do authorities seriously expect us to believe that
more than a year later, they still do not know who
was responsible? Should not alarm bells have
been ringing BEFORE the attacks with these
record volumes of trading?
If the executive director of the CIA had previously
managed the firm which handled much of the trade,
are we seriously expected to believe that he
doesn't know who was responsible?

Suppressed Details of Criminal Insider Trading
Lead Directly Into The CIA's Highest Ranks --
CIA Executive Director `Buzzy' Krongard Managed
Firm That Handled `Put' Options on UAL,
by Michael C. Ruppert, 9 Oct 2001

Mystery of terror `insider dealers',
by Chris Blackhurst, 14 Oct 2001

Profits of Death -- Insider Trading and 9-11,
by Tom Flocco - Edited by Michael C. Ruppert,
6 Dec 2001

Where is the major inquiry? I have seen bigger
inquiries into local government contract scandals.


Section 7: The pentagon frame up and the WTC
plane switch

It is alleged that American Airlines 77
(a hijacked Boeing 757) crashed into the Pentagon.
A Boeing 757 is a very large aircraft with a wingspan
of 125 ft and a length of 155 ft. So how did it make
an initial hole 12 ft wide, collapsing only about a
35 ft depth of the outer ring of the building -
and not leave any wreckage outside ?

This photo of the damage to the Pentagon wall
proves that whatever crashed into the pentagon
was NOT AA 77, which demonstrates the Pentagon
attack to have been a self-inflicted frame up.

For a quick overview of the impossibility
of the official story

For a full physical analysis of the crash scene

Physical and mathematical analysis of Pentagon
crash. by Gerard Holmgren Oct 2002

Why was there a concerted effort to fabricate
eyewitness evidence for the official story regarding
AA 77?
Did AA 77 hit the Pentagon? Eyewitness accounts
examined. by Gerard Holmgren June 2002

7:5 The Pentagon crash hoax

What hit WTC towers? Were they the planes
we've been told ? ( AA 11 and UAL 175)


Section 8: If the Attack on Afghanistan was a
retaliation for Sept 11, why had it already been
planned months before ?

BBC News report by George Arney.

U.S. Planned for attack on Al -Qaida. White house
given strategy two days before Sept 11.
NBC news. May 16 2002

US planned to hit bin Laden ahead of
September 11. By David Rennie in Washington


US Tells of covert Afghan plans before 9/11
By Bob Drogin LA Times May 18 2002

Why were we originally told that the attack on
Afghanistan was not planned prior to Sept 11,
and was purely a retaliation to a " surprise "
attack, and the story then changed after proof
of the preplanned attack came to light ?


Section 9: U.S. and Bin Laden co-operate behind
the scenes.

The new story is that they allegedly feared Bin Laden
so much that they wanted to get him first. So why
didn't they arrest him when they had the chance
in July 2001?
The CIA met Bin Laden while undergoing treatment
at an American Hospital last July in Dubai, by
Alexandra Richard, Translated courtesy of Tiphaine
Dickson, Le Figaro, 11 Oct 2001

Bin Laden met with the CIA in July and walked
away by Michael C. Ruppert
And why was the Bush family still in business
with the Bin Laden Family, even AFTER Sept 11?

Osama bin Laden's Bush family Business
Connections, Alliance With Pakistan Will Stimulate
Drug Trade, Bring Revenues Under U.S. Control
--Colombian Opium Production Will Soar;
The Taliban's Biggest Economic Attack on the
U.S. Came in February With The Destruction of
Its Opium Crop by Michael C. Ruppert,
18 Sept 2001

Carlyle profit from Afghan war,
by David Lazarus, 2 Dec 2001

Elder Bush in Big G.O.P. Cast Toiling for
Top Equity Firm, by Leslie Wayne, 5 Mar 2001

The George W. Bush Money Tree

Bush Family's dirty little secret: President's oil
companies funded by Bin Laden family and wealthy
Saudis who financed Osama bin Laden,
by Rick Wiles, Sept 2001

Arms Build-up Enriches Carlyle Group,
Bush Sr. is Consultant, by Mark Fineman,
10 Jan 2002

Gaping holes in the CIA V Bin Laden Story by Jared Israel

BushLaden by Jared Israel

Addition to the above article

Judicial Watch: Bush/Bin Laden connection
"has now turned into a scandal" Statement from
Judicial watch with comments by Jared Israel

9:15 Bin laden. Terrorist monster: Take two !
by Jared Israel. Oct 9 2001

9:16 New Chairman of 9/11 Commission had
business ties with Osama's Brother in Law
by Michel Chossudovsky 27 December 2002

And why did the US turn down an offer to
extradite Bin Laden in 1996, AFTER naming
him as wanted for the 1993 WTC bombing?


Section 10: The suspicious collapse
of the World trade centre Towers.

How did the WTC collapse? Why no serious inquiry?
Why was the debris rushed away for recycling
before any examination could be held?

10:1 Muslims suspend laws of physics
by J. McMichael Nov 25 2001

10:2 Muslims suspend laws of Physics. p
art 2 by J.McMichael

"Burning Questions...Need Answers":
Fire Engineering's Bill Manning Calls for
Comprehensive Investigation of WTC Collapse,
4 Jan 2002
10:6 A firefighter says "we think there were
bombs set in the building",00.html

10:7 In Curious Battle: An expert recants on
Why the WTC collapsed by John Flaherty
and Jared Israel

10:8 Documentary footage from the scene
of the WTC attacks, and eyewitness accounts
from firefighters at the scene reveal serious
flaws in the official accounts.

For a series of engineering articles and
informative videos on the WTC collapse, see


10:10 Evidence of explosives in South WTC
Tower collapse

10:11 The World Trade Centre demolition

10:12 Chapter 1 of the FEMA WTC collapse report
(with comment)

10:13 Chapter 2 (with comment)

10.14 The jet fuel. How hot did it heat the World trade Center?

10.15 Proof of controlled demolition at the WTC by Jerry Russell, Ph.D.

10.16 Where's the inferno?

Steel melts at 1539 degrees. Jet fuel (kerosene)
burns at 800 degrees. Are we seriously expected to
believe that burning kerosene towards the top of
the building (heat travels upwards) somehow
caused both towers to neatly implode in a manner
identical to that of a controlled demolition ?
Where is the inquiry? I have seen bigger inquiries
into suburban housefires. Why is discussion of
the possibility of a controlled implosion completely
taboo? Why do authorities keep inventing
ridiculous stories about burning jet fuel melting


Section 11: Hands off Bin Laden !

Why were the FBI told to not investigate
the Bin Laden family links in the US?

Has someone been sitting on the FBI? Transcript
of a BBC Newsnight Report on "the questionable
links of the bin Laden Family," 6 Nov 2001
(added comments by Jared Israel)

Bush thwarted FBI probe against bin Ladens,
Hindustan Times, 7 Nov 2001

US efforts to make peace summed up by `oil',
by Lara Marlowe, 19 Nov 2001

Called Off the Trail? FBI Agents Probing Terror
Links Say They Were Told, ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie’
By Brian Ross and Vic Walker. ABC News
Dec 19 2002

After capturing one of the six most wanted
Taliban leaders, the US then let him go. "By mistake "
of course, because of "flawed intelligence."
11:7 Taliban general 'freed by mistake'
Sunday Times Dec 19 2002

11:8 US accidentally set wanted Taliban
Leader free. Clari news dec 18 2002.

11:9 FBI agent Robert Wright says FBI
assigned to intelligence operations continue
to protect terrorists from criminal investigations
and prosecutions. Judicial Watch Sept 11, 2002.


Section 12: Its really not so surprising.

In 1962, the joint chiefs of staff approved a CIA
plan to commit terrorist acts against the US
and frame Cuba.

Friendly Fire -- Book: U.S. Military Drafted Plans
to Terrorize U.S. Cities to Provoke War With
Cuba, by David Ruppe, 1 May 2001

Pentagon Proposed Pretexts for Cuba Invasion
in 1962, The National Security Archive, 30 Apr 2001

Northwoods - a plan for terror to justify war.
Comments by Jared Israel.

Scanned images of the actual document.
12.4 Page i
12.5 Page ii
12:6 Page iii
12.7 Page 1
12.8 Page 2
12.9 Page 3
12.10 Page 4
12.11 Page 5
12.12 Page 6
12.13 Page 7
12.14 Page 8
12.15 Page 9
12:16 Page 10
12.17 Page 11
12.18 Page 12

US military schemes- ominously like 9/11.

If such tactics were considered normal and
acceptable practice by the Government in 1962,
what evidence is there that things have changed?

Henry Kissinger advocated a similar strategy in 1992

as Did Zbigniew Brzezinski in 1997.
A War in the Planning for Four Years. HOW STUPID
DO THEY THINK WE ARE? Zbigniew Brzezinski
and the CFR Put War Plans In a 1997 Book - It Is
"A Blueprint for World Dictatorship," Says a
Former German Defense and NATO Official Who
Warned of Global Domination in 1984, in an
Exclusive Interview With FTW by Michael C. Ruppert


Section 13: Who created and funded the
Al Qaeda Network?

A Vital Piece of the Puzzle: Dollars for Terror --
The United States and Islam, by Carol Brouillet.

Bin Laden in the Balkans - Collection of mainstream
media articles. Compiled by Jared Israel

The Creation called Osama by Shamsul Islam

"Articles documenting US creation of
Taliban and Bin Laden's terrorist network"
Series of links to different articles

"Osama Bin Laden: Made in USA" by Jared Israel

"Bush and the media cover up the Jihad
schoolbook scandal" by Jared Israel

U.S. Protects Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Kosovo,
by Umberto Pascali, 2 Nov 2001

Which Terrorists are worse? Al Quaeda?
Or the KLA? by Jared Israel


Section14 : Who created the civil war in Afghanistan?

Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski, President
Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser
[Posted 6 October 2001]
Ex- National Security Chief Brzezinski admits:
Afghan war and Islamism were made in Washington


Section 15: Why have the President and Vice
President resisted moves for an inquiry into
Sept 11? Bush asks Daschle to limit Sept. 11
probes -- CNN Jan 29 2002.

Bush, GOP blast calls for 9/11 inquiry. CNN May 17 2002

Daschle: Bush, Cheney Urged No Sept. 11
Inquiry Reuters newswire UK May 26 2002

Bush and Cheney Block 9-11 Investigation
By Mike Hersh Oct 24, 2002, 2:22pm

Bush Was Warned of Hijackings Before 9/11;
Lawmakers Want Public Inquiry ABC News
May 16 2002

15.5 Bush opposes 9/11 query panel.
CBS News. May 23 2002.

15:6 9/11 Panel asks what briefers told Bush.
White House retreats on independent probe.
Dana Priest and Dana Milbank.
Washington Post Sept 21 2002. Page A01

15.7 White House refuses to release Sept 11 info.
by Frank Davies Miami Herald May 5 2003

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mensch, syr, was für ein Posting!
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Neuer Zeuge verzögert Urteilsspruch

Überraschung beim Hamburger Terrorprozess: Die Urteilsverkündung gegen den mutmaßlichen Terrorhelfer Abdelghani Mzoudi wurde verschoben. Ein mysteriöser Zeuge ist aufgetaucht, der den Angeklagten belastet. Der Prozess geht wieder in die Beweisaufnahme.

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"We Should Have Had Orange or Red-Type of Alert in June/July of 2001"

By Eric Boehler

Friday 26 March 2004

A former FBI translator told the 9/11 commission that the bureau had detailed information well before Sept. 11, 2001, that terrorists were likely to attack the U.S. with airplanes.

A former FBI wiretap translator with top-secret security clearance, who has been called "very credible" by Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, has told Salon she recently testified to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States that the FBI had detailed information prior to Sept. 11, 2001, that a terrorist attack involving airplanes was being plotted.

Referring to the Homeland Security Department's color-coded warnings instituted in the wake of 9/11, the former translator, Sibel Edmonds, told Salon, "We should have had orange or red-type of alert in June or July of 2001. There was that much information available." Edmonds is offended by the Bush White House claim that it lacked foreknowledge of the kind of attacks made by al-Qaida on 9/11. "Especially after reading National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice where she said, we had no specific information whatsoever of domestic threat or that they might use airplanes. That's an outrageous lie. And documents can prove it's a lie."

Edmonds' charge comes when the Bush White House is trying to fend off former counterterrorism chief Richard A. Clarke's testimony that it did not take serious measures to combat the threat of Islamic terrorism, and al-Qaida specifically, in the months leading up to 9/11.

Edmonds, who is Turkish-American, is a 10-year U.S. citizen who has passed a polygraph examination conducted by FBI investigators. She speaks fluent Farsi, Arabic and Turkish and worked part-time for the FBI, making $32 an hour for six months, beginning Sept. 20, 2001. She was assigned to the FBI's investigation into Sept. 11 attacks and other counterterrorism and counterintelligence cases, where she translated reams of documents seized by agents who, for the previous year, had been rounding up suspected terrorists.

She says those tapes, often connected to terrorism, money laundering or other criminal activity, provide evidence that should have made apparent that an al- Qaida plot was in the works. Edmonds cannot talk in detail about the tapes publicly because she's been under a Justice Department gag order since 2002.

"President Bush said they had no specific information about Sept. 11, and that's accurate," says Edmonds. "But there was specific information about use of airplanes, that an attack was on the way two or three months beforehand and that several people were already in the country by May of 2001. They should've alerted the people to the threat we're facing."

Edmonds testified before 9/11 commission staffers in February for more than three hours, providing detailed information about FBI investigations, documents and dates. This week Edmonds attended the commission hearings and plans to return in April when FBI Director Robert Mueller is scheduled to testify. "I'm hoping the commission asks him real questions -- like, in April 2001, did an FBI field office receive legitimate information indicating the use of airplanes for an attack on major cities? And is it true that through an FBI informant, who'd been used [by the Bureau] for 10 years, did you get information about specific terrorist plans and specific cells in this country? He couldn't say no," she insists.

Edmonds first made headlines in 2002 when she blew the whistle on the FBI's translation department, which was suddenly thrown into the spotlight as investigators clamored for original terrorist-related information, often in Arabic. Edmonds made several reports of serious misconduct, security lapses and gross incompetence in the FBI translations unit, including supervisors who told translators to work slowly during the crucial post-9/11 period to ensure the agency would get more funds for its next annual budget. As a result of her reports, Edmonds says she was harassed at the FBI. She was fired in March 2002.

Litigation followed, and in October 2002, Attorney General John Ashcroft asked the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to dismiss the Edmonds case, taking the extraordinary step of invoking the rarely used state secrets privilege in order "to protect the foreign policy and national security interests of the United States." Ashcroft's move was made at the request of Mueller.

During a 2002 segment on "60 Minutes" exploring Edmonds' initial charges of FBI internal abuses, Sen. Grassley was asked if Edmonds is credible. "She's credible and the reason I feel she's very credible is because people within the FBI have corroborated a lot of her story," he said.

The Inspector General's office then launched an investigation into Edmonds' charges and told her to expect a finding in the fall of 2002. The report has yet to be released. Edmonds suspects if it is ever publicly released Ashcroft will demand that it be immediately classified. "They're pushing everything under the blanket of secrecy," she says.

That's why she felt it was so important to appear before the 9/11 commission: "It's the only hope I have left to get this issue added to the public domain."


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Goldexperte befürchtet Terroranschlag in Europa

Ein führender Börsenanalytiker teilte soeben mit, dass er bei Gold und Dollar verdächtige Bewegungen entdeckt habe. Dies könne seinen Worten zufolge auf einen großen Terroranschlag in Europa oder dem mittleren Osten hindeuten .

Jim Sinclair glaubt, die gleichen Marktbewegungen wie vor dem elften September zu entdecken. Als der Hamasführer getötet wurde, sah er ein markttechnisches Verhalten, welches darauf hindeutet, dass eine neue Gruppe oder neue Strategie als Player auf den Weltbörsen aktiv ist.

Viele gut informierte Börseninsider erinnern sich noch an die ominösen Chartbewegungen der Luftfahrtgesellschaften kurz vor dem elften September, die bislang nie untersucht wurden. Sinclair erinnert sich noch gut daran. Er war früher Berater der " Hunt Oil" sowie persönlicher Berater der Familie Hunt, denen er beim Verkauf ihres gehorteten Silberschatzes half, und ist ein weltbekannter Experte für den Goldmarkt.

Die vor kurzem einsetzenden Interventionen am Markt treiben den Dollar und das Gold nach oben. Sinclair fürchtet, dies geschieht um aus einem möglichen Terroranschlag großen Ausmaßes in Europa zu profitieren, sollte ein solcher stattfinden, würde es eine Flucht in den Dollar und das Gold geben. Der Ölpreis könnte auf 60 \$ pro Barrel steigen. Das Bild, das durch sein Analyse gezeichnet wird, erschreckt Sinclair eigenen Worten zufolge zu Tode.

Sinclair fordert die Geheimdienste auf, unverzüglich die außergewöhnlichen Bewegungen beim Dollar und Gold zu untersuchen, um herauszufinden, ob die Machenschaften am Markt mit denen vor dem elften September übereinstimmen.

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Pharao siegte immer

Tausende Jahre vor Al Dschasira: Die alten Ägypter erfanden die Propaganda. Selbst verlorene Kriege wurden von ihnen aus religiösen Gründen zu glorreichen Triumphen umgedeutet

von Doris Marszk


"Pharao siegt immer", heißt deshalb eine Dokumentation der Ausstellungsmacher.
Grüße an alle!
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9/11, news from Israel ......

Mon., May 31, 2004 Sivan 11, 5764
Israel Time: 15:32 (GMT+3)

Odigo says workers were warned of attack

By Yuval Dror

Odigo, the instant messaging service, says that two of its workers received messages two hours before the Twin Towers attack on September 11 predicting the attack would happen, and the company has been cooperating with Israeli and American law enforcement, including the FBI, in trying to find the original sender of the message predicting the attack.

Micha Macover, CEO of the company, said the two workers received the messages and immediately after the terror attack informed the company's management, which immediately contacted the Israeli security services, which brought in the FBI.

"I have no idea why the message was sent to these two workers, who don't know the sender. It may just have been someone who was joking and turned out they accidentally got it right. And I don't know if our information was useful in any of the arrests the FBI has made," said Macover. Odigo is a U.S.-based company whose headquarters are in New York, with offices in Herzliya.

As an instant messaging service, Odigo users are not limited to sending messages only to people on their "buddy" list, as is the case with ICQ, the other well-known Israeli instant messaging application.

Odigo usually zealously protects the privacy of its registered users, said Macover, but in this case the company took the initiative to provide the law enforcement services with the originating Internet Presence address of the message, so the FBI could track down the Internet Service Provider, and the actual sender of the original message.

Haaretz Daily / Israel

syr :
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weiß doch schon jeder :

Übernahmeschlacht um Mannesmann soll inszeniert gewesen sein

Die Schlacht zwischen Mannesmann und Vodafone soll ein Scheinkampf gewesen sein, um den Aktienkurs der Unternehmen in die Höhe zu treiben. Das behauptet jetzt die Kanzlei, die den Mannesmann-Prozess mit Strafanzeigen ins Rollen brachte. Der Verteidiger von Ex-Konzernchef Esser sprach von einer abwegigen Verschwörungstheorie.

Grundlage für die spektakuläre Behauptung sei ein angeblich auf einer Herrentoilette geführtes Gespräch eines Unternehmers mit einem Investmentbanker, sagte Sven Thomas, Verteidiger von Ex-Mannesmann-Chef Klaus Esser. Der Banker, ein Übernahme-Experte des Bankhauses Goldman-Sachs, sei an dem Übernahmekampf beteiligt gewesen. Die Staatsanwaltschaft will ihn jetzt als Zeuge vor Gericht laden.

Verteidiger Thomas warf der Staatsanwaltschaft vor, mit der Vorladung das Verfahren unnötig in die Länge ziehen zu wollen. Die Ladung des Experten über ein Rechtshilfeersuchen an Großbritannien könne Monate dauern. So wolle man den Prozess verschleppen.

Eine Sprecherin der Staatsanwaltschaft widersprach dem Vorwurf. Die Ermittler hätten bereits vor Wochen Maßnahmen zur Vernehmung des Bankers eingeleitet. Unmittelbar nach einem Rechtsgespräch, das weiteren Beweisbedarf für die Anklage offenbart habe, sei damit begonnen worden.

"Ankläger schießen gern Eigentore"

Unterdessen breitete heute ausgerechnet ein Düsseldorfer Staatsanwalt im Gerichtssaal Argumente für die Unschuld der Angeklagten aus. Oberstaatsanwalt Hans-Otto Sallmann erläuterte als Zeuge dem Düsseldorfer Landgericht, warum er im Jahr 2000 ein Ermittlungsverfahren wegen der umstrittenen Millionenprämien abgelehnt hatte. Seine Entscheidung war später aufgehoben worden.

"Dreh- und Angelpunkt war für mich die Frage der Angemessenheit der Sondervergütung", sagte Sallmann. Angesichts einer Börsenkurssteigerung von 155 Milliarden Mark habe er die Prämie für den damaligen Mannesmann-Chef Esser als vertretbar beurteilt. Da die Zuwendungen von der Arbeitgeberin Essers kamen, sei die Frage der Bestechlichkeit ohnehin ausgeschlossen gewesen. "Das war's. Da habe ich gesagt: Das ist nicht strafbar", so Sallmann, der auf Antrag der Staatsanwaltschaft geladen worden war.

Gründe, warum schließlich doch ein Verfahren eingeleitet wurde, durfte Sallmann nicht nennen: Sein Behördenleiter hatte ihm nur eine eingeschränkte Aussagegenehmigung erteilt. "Die Ankläger schießen gerne Eigentore", kommentierte Klaus Volk, Verteidiger von Deutsche-Bank-Chef Josef Ackermann, die Aussage des Anklägers.

Dagegen sah eine Sprecherin der Staatsanwaltschaft die Anklage durch die Aussage des Beamten gestärkt: Sallmann habe deutlich gemacht, dass er seine Entscheidung auf der Grundlage von Informationen gefällt habe, die er von Mannesmann erhalten hatte. Diese Informationen hätten sich inzwischen in zentralen Punkten als falsch erwiesen.

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Al-Qaida bekennt sich zu Überfall in Saudi-Arabien

Die saudische Filiale des Terrornetzwerks al-Qaida hat sich heute im Internet zu einem Anschlag auf US-Militärs in der Nähe von Riad bekannt. Der Feuerüberfall fand gestern statt. Nach Auskunft der US-Botschaft gab es dabei keine Opfer. Al-Qaida spricht dagegen von zwei Toten.

In einem Internetforum , in dem regelmäßig Bekennerschreiben der al-Qaida einlaufen, hat die saudische Filiale : die Verantwortung für einen Angriff auf US-Militärs in der Nähe der saudischen Hauptstadt Riad übernommen, der gestern stattfand. "In Riad, genauer gesagt im Bahariya-Viertel ... haben die Mudschahidin der Falludscha-Einheit mit der Erlaubnis Gottes einen Angriff aus dem Hinterhalt auf eine Gruppe amerikanischer Offiziere ausgeführt, die in drei zivilen Fahrzeugen unterwegs waren", heißt es in dem Bekennerschreiben.

Diplomatenkreise hatten gestern einen entsprechenden Anschlag auf US-Militärs bestätigt. Zwei Männer haben demzufolge mit Sturmgewehren das Feuer auf einen Konvoi von drei Fahrzeugen eröffnet, als dieser eine schwer bewachte US-Militäranlage im Süden Riads verlassen hatte. Andere Berichte sprachen von lediglich zwei Fahrzeugen.

"Dieser Angriff", heißt es in dem mit "Organisation der al-Qaida auf der arabischen Halbinsel" unterzeichneten Schreiben, "führte zu Treffern, die den Tod von Zweien und die Verwundung eines Dritten" verursacht hätten. Den Angreifern sei anschließend die Flucht gelungen. Angaben des US-Militärs zu Folge wurde indes niemand getötet; lediglich ein Fahrer sei verletzt worden.

In dem Bekennerschreiben heißt es weiter: "Wir versprechen den Amerikanern und denen, die hinter ihnen stehen, den ungläubigen Christen und Juden sowie den vom Glauben Abgefallenen noch weitere Todesarten". Mit derselben Unterschrift und in ähnlicher Form hatte sich die saudische Filiale bereits zu dem Anschlag im ostsaudischen Chobar bekannt, dem am vergangenen Wochenende 22 Menschen, darunter etliche westliche Ausländer, zum Opfer gefallen waren.

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Einsätze der US-Soldaten werden verlängert

Die US-Armee setzt in Irak und Afghanistan auf sogenannte «Stopp-loss»-Befehle. Auf diese Weise will sie ihre Truppenstärke in den beiden Krisengebieten halten.

Amerikanische Soldaten müssen länger in Afghanistan und im Irak bleiben. Am Mittwoch hat die amerikanische Regierung nach Angaben der «Los Angeles Times» sogenannte «stop-loss» Befehle erlassen. Demnach dürfen die Soldaten die Armee 90 Tage vor und 90 Tage nach einem Einsatz nicht verlassen. Das gilt auch für Soldaten, deren freiwillige Verpflichtung bereits abgelaufen ist.

Mit diesen Maßnahmen wollen die USA die Truppenstärke in Afghanistan und im Irak halten. Zudem sollen bestehende Truppeneinheiten erhalten bleiben. Ohne «Stop-loss»-Befehle werden in einer Division von 20.000 Mann während eines Einsatzes 25% der Soldaten ausgetauscht. Die Militärexpertin Cindy Williams erklärte, die neue Regelung solle das Vertrauen innerhalb der Truppen stärken.

Die Befehle haben bereits Kontroversen innerhalb der Armee ausgelöst. Zahlreiche Soldaten beschwerten sich. Der Kongressabgeordnete Jack Reed warnte vor einer Verschlechterung der Stimmung der Soldaten im Irak. Die Regierung hätte das amerikanische Volk über die Entbehrungen für die Soldaten und deren Familien im Unklaren gelassen.

Der Personalchef der US-Armee, General Franklin L. Hagenbeck, entgegnete, die Befehle würden das Vertrauen der Soldaten in die Armee nicht beeinträchtigen. Die Maßnahmen seien auch keine Verzweiflungstat sondern eine Methode, Engpässe zu überwinden.

In letzter Zeit hat die amerikanische Armee auf unterschiedliche Weise versucht, ihre Truppenstärke zu halten. Divisionen, die bereits in Afghanistan und im Irak gekämpft hatten, wurden erneut im Irak eingesetzt. Zudem zog die Armee Soldaten aus Trainingseinheiten und Studenten ein.

«Stop-loss»-Befehle wurden zum ersten Mal im Vietnam Krieg erlassen. 1990 kamen sie im Golf-Krieg erneut zum Einsatz. Nach dem 11. September setzte die US-Armee ebenfalls diese Anordnungen in Kraft. Sie waren bisher allerdings nur auf Spezialeinheiten angewendet worden.

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There have been 930 coalition deaths, 820 Americans, 59 Britons, six Bulgarians, one Dane, one Dutch, one Estonian, 18 Italians, four Poles, one Salvadoran, 11 Spaniards, two Thai and six Ukrainians, in the war as of June 3, 2004.
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Ich kopier hier mal eine Diskussion aus dem Germa-Thread rein, die eigentlich hier hingehört:

Original geschrieben von faszination

General Alert: Something Bad Coming In June?

June 4, 2004

There are ominous signs flooding the internet that our government has foreknowledge of a major attack or disaster set to occur toward the middle to end of June. The fact that Attorney General Ashcroft and FBI Director Mueller issued a high profile terrorist attack warning last week, without approval from either Homeland Security or the White House, may indicate they had insider knowledge of upcoming secret plans to stage another high profile attack on America. Letís look at some of the evidence of forewarnings and their implications:

1) A department of a major corporation in the NYC area, with close ties to Tom Ridge, is issuing warnings to employees to expect "something big" in NY this summer. They are instructed not to ride the subways and trains during rush hour, and to avoid the tunnels.

2) The credit card fraud division of a major bank in the Western US received a visit from the Treasury Department warning them of a startling increase in credit card fraud that funnels large amounts of cash to certain individuals. This same pattern occurred 3 months prior to 9/11.

3) A ham radio operator recorded a sensitive transmission from a military radio net (code named Snowball) that was mistakenly transmitted in the clear: "Snowball Net, comm check. All stations, clock sync, (pause) impact at minus 146 days, 5 hours UTC. Standby for ACD link (Burst of digital dataÖ)" Snowball was interrupted by "Burro," a member of the net: "Snowball, this is Burro. You are not secureÖrepeat not secureÖgo greenÖgo greenÖ (Bursts of white noise follow for approximately 3 minutes)." [White noise sounds like static, but is coded digital data.]

4) Robert McHugh of reports, "The Federal Reserve has confirmed our Stock Market Crash forecast by raising the Money Supply (M-3) by crisis proportions, up another 46.8 billion this past week. What awful calamity do they see? Something is up. This is unprecedented, unheard-of pre-catastrophe M-3 expansion. M-3 is up an amount that we've never seen before without a crisis - $155 billion over the past 4 weeks, a $2.0 trillion annualized pace, a 22.2 percent annualized rate of growth." The "money supply" consists of three figures. M-1 is money that can be spent immediately. It includes cash, checking accounts, and NOW accounts. M-2 consists of assets invested for the short term: money-market accounts and money-market mutual funds. M-3 consists of big institutional deposits and money movements: money-market funds and cross lending agreements among banks. A sudden rise in M-3 indicates large scale movements of money into major banks and investment houses to increase future liquidity in speculative option and money markets. The big questions is: Why would the Fed be pumping up the money supply if they're concerned about inflation and are having to raise interest rates to suppress the rise?

5) Certain individuals in the speculative markets also think something big is in the offing. The following commentary was posted on the website: "I've seen something in the CBOE [Chicago Board of Exchange] put/call ratio over the past month that I've never seen before in nearly 10 years of following the markets. The put/call ratio has closed at 1.0 or higher on 13 of the past 22 trading days, stretching back to late April. There are two things unusual about this: First of all, I can't recall the put/call ratio closing over 1.0 for more than 3 or 4 days in any 1 month, even after the market reopened after September 11, 2001. Someone somewhere is buying a heck of a lot of bearish options contracts... and they have been loading up on them for the past month. This time, it doesn't appear to be the PUBLIC loading but instead, someone else... But whom? And why?"

6) An unprecedented total of seven aircraft carrier strike groups are being deployed simultaneously during June for "training/readiness" exercises. The official story is that all of these carrier groups are participating in Summer Pulse 04, through August, conducting joint exercises and international exercises with allies from the Americas, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. However, skeptics point out that this is strange given the heavy commitments of ships and forces in the Middle East, the dwindling spare parts inventory and the already scare fuel resources being consumed by our military forces. While most of the carriers are powered by nuclear energy, each strike group has 10-12 support and defensive ships that burn tons of diesel fuel.

7) China and Russia are planning major exercises during this same time period. Chinaís war games are aimed at "taking control of the Taiwan Strait," according to official sources, and will include some 18,000 troops, over a hundred ships, and amphibious landing craft. Taiwan is responding with live firing exercises in a show of force of its own.

8) Rev. Moon is leaving the US after 24 years. Moon is head of the Unification Church and owner of the slavishly pro-Bush Washington Times. He has long been suspected of fronting for the CIA and of using his news organizations to influence the right-wing conservative movement to accept globalists like Bush as one of their own. As a person with hidden influence in the US, his decision to go back to Korea in June dovetails with the other worrisome signs mentioned above.

9) Russian President Putin has announced he will stay away from the NATO summit meeting in Turkey this monthóand will send a lower echelon diplomat instead. If a major conflict is in the offing, Putin will want to be back in Moscow directing his forces.

Analysis: None of these alone is particularly significant, and all of these events may not be related. But taken as a group, it appears as if something major is set to happen in June, and that some people in government have prior knowledge. Letís look at the four major possibilities, separately and jointly:

1) High profile terrorist event. When another high profile event occurs, it will most likely target a broader area than the World Trade Center. According to INN news, "The goal of these operations would be to produce a worldwide shock several orders of magnitude greater than the original 9-11, with a view to stopping the collapse of the Bush administration, the Wall Street-centered financial structures, and the US-UK strategic position generally. The attacks would be attributed by US/UK intelligence to controlled patsy terrorist groups who would be linked by the media to countries like Iran, Syria, Cuba, or North Korea [thus, giving the US/UK an excuse to attack another country]."

a. This possibility is generally supported by local warnings in the NYC area, as well as the desperate need for the establishment to make good on their deteriorating credibility on terror warnings. However, Ashcroftís warning was supposedly based on "no specific intelligence," and some of the actions currently being taken by government are far too specific for the government not to have more specific information. These actionsóin particular, the military coded radio messageómight also point to specific government foreknowledge of, or actual involvement in, an impending attack, as in 9/11.

2) Natural disaster from space. The intercepted radio message, assuming it was not a hoax, spoke of a specifically timed impact event calculated to occur on June 20 (near the summer solstice). Coincidentally, the 14th World Conference on Disaster Management will be held in Toronto on June 20-23, 2004. Some are speculating that NASA may know in advance of an asteroid strike or comet interaction with earth predicted to occur on that date. The Puget Sound area around Seattle is already experiencing increased meteor sightings--extra large ones--accompanied by loud explosions, for which no one has come up with any definitive explanation other than larger than normal meteors exploding in the atmosphere. According to the AP, "Witnesses along a 60-mile swath of the Puget Sound region from the Tacoma area to Whidbey Island and as far as 260 miles to the east said the sky lit up brilliantly, and many reported booms as if from one or more explosions."

a. This type of speculation is already reviving the large following of Planet X believers and the ZetaTalk forum idea that there is another planet in the solar system that threatens to cause a pole shift in the earth, leading to a major melting of the ice caps. Various of the time-date warnings this group has published have come and gone without effect, so this movement has been increasingly discredited. Much of it is based on New Age revelations as well, which are fraudulent.

b. Already hoaxes are appearing: "Associated Press editors were forced to retract an earlier report that a meteorite might have hit near Olympia, Wash., this morning after discovering that a source, one Bradley Hammermaster, claiming to be an astronomy professor, had perpetrated a hoax."

3) Major economic crash. This is a real possibility at any time given the shaky fundamentals underlying the government-manipulated recovery. The increased put/call ratio is particularly interesting given that there is no general public bearishness in the same markets. Most are hopeful of a recovery and are starting to get back into the markets. Insiders may know something differentóhence the large distribution by the Fed of monetary instruments to the institutional side of the ledger (M-3). The Fed may also know that the rising interest rates will trigger numerous distresses in the real estate bubble, and may threaten the highly leveraged derivative positions of the major banksóhence the flood of cash, either to buy out distressed properties or to salvage derivative positions which may already be going south.

4) Foreknowledge of a major war move. Moving the majority of our naval task forces out to sea could be based on intelligence indicating that China is finally going to make its move on Taiwanóusing the upcoming exercises as a ruse. This would be a potential trigger event for a pre-emptive nuclear attack on America by China and Russiaóthe real axis of evil. Both nations are preparing for such an attack eventually. Conversely, moving the American fleet could merely be intended to trigger a Chinese and Russia defensive reaction so that US satellites can gauge how these two would-be-predators would respond to the appearance of a US pre-emptive move.

Here are some other combinations of possibilities. The US may be planning on attacking another country in the aftermath of a coming terrorist attack, of which the US has more foreknowledge than they are letting on. Another move to war in todayís fragile economic condition could cause the markets to take a nose diveóhence the prior move to increase the money supply. The US could be using the fleetsí movements as a deterrent to Chinese mischief in the Straits of Taiwan as well.

Summary: Frankly, Iím not convinced that we are on the verge of WWIII, but there is a slight possibility of that extreme case. Make sure your preparations are in order as outlined in my previous briefings. I would be remiss not to encourage you to be watchful. Check the archives on or my various books on preparedness listed at

More realistically, I do think the dark side of the US government is going to pull off something big in June, related to terrorism or the economy or both, so Iím issuing this general alert. I would avoid long distance travel away from home during June. It is highly probable that any of the above events will have major economic consequences, so increase your cash holdings now. Have enough cash on hand to pay a couple of monthsí expenses. Do have enough food, water and fuel stored to last you at least a month. If you live in any of the major metro areas, prepare to implement a sealed safe room in case of localized chemical or biological attack. Although a terrorist attack would only affect a small portion of one or two cities (most likely Washington DC, NY, or LA) an over-reaction by Homeland Security in shutting down the transportation net is a real possibility, causing massive shortages and economic distress.

Original geschrieben von mfabian

Folgende Überlegungen:

Angenommen, ich wäre ein reicher gut informierter Investor und wüsste, wass passieren wird. Wie würde ich in jeweils reagieren?

a) Terror-Anschlag grösseren Ausmasses:
Hier wären Put-Optionen angebracht, evtl. auch Einstieg in Gold aber Puts bringen kurzfristig viel mehr Gewinn.

b) Asteroid
Hier bringen Put überhaupt nichts. Da würde ich - wenn schon - Gold und Rohstoffe bunkern sowie long gehen in Zement-Produzenten.

c) Angriff Russlands/Chinas auf Taiwan
Jetzt würde ich vor allem Gold und Silber kaufen, die klassischen Krisenmetalle.

d) Finanzkrise
Puts haben hier den grössten Hebel allerdings muss ich auch damit rechnen, dass - wenn die Krise ausser Kontrolle gerät - meine Puts wertlos werden weil das Derivatesystem zusammenbricht.

Ich schliesse b und c aus, weil es hier keinen Sinn machen würde, Puts zu kaufen. In beiden Fällen hätte Gold extrem steigen müssen.

In bezug auf die Puts und den immer noch niedrigen Goldpreis scheinen mir a und d realistischer.
Bei d stellt sich die Frage, welchen Sinn es macht, 7 von 12 Flugzeugträgerverbänden ausrücken zu lassen.

Ein Terroranschlag, also "a", wäre alles in allem am realistischsten. Doch bleibt hier die Frage, wie es möglich sein soll, dass ein Terroranschlag nicht nur die USA sondern auch China und Russland bedroht :

Original geschrieben von yggdrasil

Solche Überlegungen habe ich momentan auch. Mein Favorit ist der 11.6.2004. Ich habe schon einen ganzen Artikel darüber geschrieben, traue mich aber nicht ihn reinzusetzte wegen Volksaufklärung(Volksverhetzung).

Kurzfassung: Im Falle, daß die Al-Kaida eine von Spitzel des Mossads und des CIA durchsetzte Organisation ist - wofür es beim 11. Sep einen ganzen Haufen Beweise gab -, wird ein Anschlag im Sommer stattfinden. Weil Bush im Moment nicht wiedergewählt würde. Er würde allerdings wiedergewählt, wenn im Sommer ein Anschlag stattfinden würde und die Amis im November zur Wahl einen Krieg gegen Syrien oder Saudiarabien führen würde. Dieser Anschlag müßte dann so groß sein, daß der einfache Amerikaner das totale Abkacken der Wirtschaft den Araber in die Schuhe schieben würde.

Annahme, daß die Al-kaida eine weitesgehend unabhängie Organisation ist. Dann würde ein Anschlag ebenfalls im Sommer passieren. Die Al-kaida hätte nicht den 11. Sept. organisiert, wenn sie Angst vor den Amis hätte. Sie wollen den pan-arabischen Gottesstaat. Ein Überfall der Amis auf die Heiligen Stätten käme ihnen gerade Recht.
Bush und seine jüdischen Berater sind Narren, daß wissen auch die Al-Kaidas. Sonst hätten sie den Irakkrieg nicht so versaut. Auch die Al-Kaida ist an einer Wiederwahl Bushs interessiert, denke ich mal. Sie wissen, daß Israels Schutzmacht Amerika zerstört werden muß, um Palestina zu befreien. Darum geht es ihnen hauptsächlich. Denke ich mal.

Der Anschlag wird wieder zu einem Verfallstag hin stattfinden, damit irgend wer groß absahnen kann.

Ein Anschlag, der China und die USA und Rußland gleichzeitig treffen würde wäre z.B. ein Anschlag auf das Internet. Es gibt 12 Root-Domain-Name-Server auf der Welt. Alle in den USA. Würden die zerstört werden, oder die Leitungen gekappt werden, dann wäre Ende im Gelände. Du könntest zwar eine Seite noch per IP-adresse erreichen aber nicht mit DNS namen. Also nix, nur noch http//:

Auch ein Anschlag auf die Raffinerieen würde China, aber nicht Rußland treffen.

Original geschrieben von mfabian

Ich hab mal hier irgendwo gelesen, dass aus numerologischer Sicht der 11.6. das "ideale" Datum wäre.
Weiss jemand, was an diesem Tag so besonders ist und warum?

Original geschrieben von yggdrasil

11.9.2001 war der WTC dran
11.3.2004 Anschlag in Spanien, bei dem verkündet wurde, daß der Anschlag in den
USA zu 90% Fertig ist Ganau 2,5 Jahre später, das sind 912 Tage =90%. Dann sind die fehlenden 10% genau 92 Tage = 3 Monate = 11.6.2004
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